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10 reasons why you need business account in Instagram

10 reasons why you need business account in Instagram

06 Feb 2020 Business

Many businessmen are very distrustful of social networks as a tool to promote their business. “This isn’t serious”, better go the old-fashioned way -- make crooked site and be surprised, why customers don’t come. Meanwhile, Instagram advantages should be soberly recognized, because thanks to that, companies have the opportunity to spend less power and money. And result isn’t worse, it could be even better.

If you still not sure whether will power, money and time pay off or not, here some arguments:

1. More people will find out about you

A competent approach to commercial and design of your shop can attract a lot of new customers. Instagram is a huge platform, and you can’t ignore it. Especially if your company is small and unknown. This situation has long been common in all areas, from schools to sales of cosmetic couches. The main thing is competent SMM manager.

Self-employed people also can use business account for PR of their services, creations and other products. Instagram is good for these goals, so success will depend only on advertising.

2. On the same page with other

It’s not difficult to be closer to your audience. All you need to do is to devote enough time to study trends. Don’t be inaccessible and too much serious, it repels customers. They are much more pleased to watch and read advertisements that speak their language in a simple and understandable way. The arrogance in promoting your products and services is unnecessary. It’s much more difficult to surprise than to win audience. And you may be sure that you will not lose if you go the second way.

Creating a loyal audience is a related reason. If customers feel part of the company and receive a friendly attitude towards themselves, they will become loyal. And it’s very good for you, don't overlook their importance. Even when your business go badly, some temporary difficulties and problems will happen, especially loyal to you people will remain and help to support future activities.

3. Easy to show yourself

Instagram is an ideal way to make company portfolio. Use the fact that the platform aims to publish photos and videos, to attract customers. If you have small restaurant, you can share photos of interior and menu. Viewers are more likely want to see what awaits them in your shop. And if you make nails at home, it’s pretty cool to show your best works to potential customers.

Posts can also help you in your business. Don’t afraid to talk about yourself: the more you “communicate” with customers, the more trust you will gain. Post some interest fact about your work, or some helpful information. It will present you as a specialist.

4. Always informed

Stories in Instagram are very popular and useful, also for business accounts. They are great at informing people about sales. No one would visit store’s site every day to know about news, but people open Instagram app for few times a day. That keep traffic stably high. Also, it’s more effective than notifications to e-mail.

5. Active feedback

Likes, comments, reviews -- that’s all helps companies grow and develop. Instagram provides a special feature to business accounts that tracks activity. It makes analysis of audience more easy and faster. You always can look what post people like more. In contrast, you can find the most negatively perceived post. It’s very important to your activity.

6. It (almost) free

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your own site if your company is too small. You also don’t need people to site support. Business account in Instagram is a saving money and power, and result isn’t worse.

All scripts are already written, all you need to do is paste your posts, photos and products. Design will always be user-friendly, viewers don’t need to adapt to it. But don’t think that because of this it won’t be possible to design the page in an original and bright way - on the contrary, there are a lot of possibilities for this on Instagram. You can find out another companies to see how did they make their price.

7. It’s stable

This platform has been actively updated and developed for a long time. Every day more and more people come here and trust site their personal data. This site is far from being forgotten, unlike Vkontakte or Facebook, so you shouldn’t spare resources for promotion on this network -- they will pay off.

We should also mention safety and reliability. Instagram takes care about people’s data very well, it’s not in vain they trust it. Of course, there were incidents of data leakage, but this happens to everyone: alas, nothing is perfect, including security systems.

8. Collaboration with bloggers

Collaboration is also a good way to promote, especially if you are lucky to do this with some well-known blogger or other larger company. Everything is very simple: you pay not just anybody, but to famous people whom you can choose, and they become the face of your product. You will have the opportunity to watch their past collaborations and commercials, assess their quality and decide whether you want it or not.

9. Any audience

Even if your product has a very narrow focus, you can find customers thanks to hashtags and reposts. 

Social networks were always convenient thanks to that, but Instagram was especially remarkable by its recommendations and tags, thereby helping to unite people. And blogs as well.

This will definitely be a big plus for retailers, because it would be easier to find. But you can easily find potential customers on Instagram by yourself, if you learn to use the search wisely.

10. It’s easier than you think

Many people are simply afraid, they think it’s hard. First, this applies to people without Internet marketing experience, who don’t know all the benefits of using the platform yet. But we assure you that there is nothing complicated, just the opposite -- Instagram will teach you, will support you and help in your endeavours. Posts always can be deleted and edited, strategies can be changed, and mistakes can be taken into account and avoided in the future, after all.

Did we assure you? If it so, be sure to look at our articles.

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