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10 Tricks to Increase Instagram Engagement Rates

10 Tricks to Increase Instagram Engagement Rates

It is difficult to overestimate the role of Instagram in social media marketing. This platform is widely used by everyone from world corporations to small businesses, for sample, beauty studious and cafes. Instagram campaign with its thousands of likes, shares and comments is one of the most effective methods to bring in a large percent of new customers.

In order to let you show the same results, we collaborated with Later’s expert, Taylor Loren, and produced 10 amazing tips how to multiply efficiency of Instagram engagement. So, let’s go on!

How to properly use Instagram Quick Replies

Apply all the variety of Instagram options

As told by our expert, the algorithms of social network give the priority to pages with diversified content. Instagram have given you all these features and tools – that’s obvious they want you to use them!

 Use business version of account

“Business” accounts are created for professionals and include such options as analytic instruments, special ads and improved outlook. Besides, users of this version get two important functions: links in stories and a “contact” button which allows redirecting traffic to your own site.

Diversify your content!

Effective marketing is to be up to date. Today you have an astonishing arsenal of forms to present your information: stories, usual posts and highlights rub shoulders with videos and ads. Change the format of your posts, try something new and apply the whole app – so you will hold your audience’s attention and contribute to your engagement!

The top Instagram hashtags

Benefit from analytics!

Users of business accounts get access to multiple analytics, such as:

  • location of your subscribers,
  • their gender,
  • information on the efficiency of each post, ect.

Post new Stories every day

With the changes in robots it became more difficult to have the same engagement rates as before only with usual instruments. Henceforth, some posts get the priority in followers’ feeds for the whole pack of reasons, and the others don’t. However, there’s a way to keep necessary information at the top of your audience’s feeds. Of course, we are talking about stories.

The most popular apps to enhance your Instagram profile

They are situated on the best place and evoke completely different feelings of your followers. Stories disappear in 24 hours, so you can behave more natural and relaxed to attract some part of your auditory far more. And your feed will be full of excellent content for others.

Don’t be afraid of experiments with video formats!

Statistically, videos are 24% more effective in engagement than usual images – that’s a good reason to start using them.

There are two ways you can post a video: in your feed or in your stories. The first variant is permanent and suitable for tutorials, adverts of new products and important campaigns which require high quality and unique material to stay valuable and attractive for your followers to come back and share. You can apply such a format not very often. There’s an important tip: make sure you are using hashtags to help new audience find necessary content.

Instagram promotion on weekends: should I turn it off?

Videos in stories can be presented in a simpler way and have no need to be as perfect as their long-term analogues. Life announcements, reports about new events, snapshots that allow your followers to have a glance behind the curtain – everything will fit.

Use peak times to show your content

You can simply google the best moments for posts on each important social network and share killer content when it is the most effective for your goals. That’s good news there’s no need being online during peak times to press the button “send” anymore: due to such instruments as HubSpot, Later or Buffer you can schedule posts for ideal moments and profit from quick engagement. And, as the best time depends on each follower, you can spot it using Later’s tool. It’s a real way to hack the robots for your goals!

The key is in the proper amount of regular posts

On the one hand, if your usual post equals 10 likes or 5 visits to your site, simple multiplying of the number of posts won’t lead to similar results. On the other hand, posting weekly obviously won’t increase your engagement rates.

It is necessary to know the optimal frequency of posts and stick to it. If you share something new daily, try posting content two times a week, estimate the results and choose the rate which is better for you.

Restaurant interior design for promoting in Instagram. Infographics

Regularly include polls in Stories

Polls and contests are great at involving your subscribers in the Story. Both variants lead to better engagement, but the first one is much easier to use as there is no need in choosing awards and selecting winners. Voting in a pole, your subscribers contribute in the result, so your profile gains more attention as they are eager to see the outcome.

There’s no need in any special reasons or questions to create a poll. These are just some variants what are easy to use day by day:

  • Which of our upcoming products is the most interesting for you?
  • What kinds of our posts do you prefer?
  • Which of two variants do you like?

Let your followers become more effective

Some of your followers spend much more time scrolling your feed and waiting each of your updates. It’s possible to have more of them!

According to Tailor, the best way to do this is Stories Highlights as they motivate auditory to visit your page and explore it. Highlights allow uniting the whole categories of posts like information about seasonal products, specific topics or content for different parts of your auditory.

Packing Services on Instagram

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