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26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Don't play a role whether you create a profile for business or personal goals.

We have some tips.

1: Understand Instagram benefits for your brand

Businesses have flocked to Instagram massively. In reply, Instagram has launched dedicated to the business blog which offers lifehacks, brand reviews, API examples and news from Instagram headquarters.

2: Add comic images to photos of your business

Anthropology has found a good balance with their content. Their readers love entertaining pictures and not only business ones. A puppy photo received 7,640 likes, and the photo of their personal buyers, posing at a corporate dinner received 3,457.

3: Develop a following

Tim Sae Koo has 3 essential tips for increasing the number of fans on Instagram:

  • Add your Facebook account
  • Utilize appropriate, common hashtags
  • Attract following others and liking their pictures.

4: Come out videos

Video on Instagram feature is a serious Vine competitor. The most remarkable is 15-second editable video feature with filtering turned on, compared to Vine's 6.5 seconds.

Jordan Crook shows the contrast between Instagram and Vine in the picture below:

5: Insert a video from Instagram to your blog or website

Because you never know who will notice your shares on the social network, add your Instagram video to your blogging platform to expand your content coverage.

6: Follow your followers in return

The users you follow on social networks are of great importance in the world. Surprisingly, many companies on Instagram (some with a very big number of followers) don't follow in return.

10 Tricks to Increase Instagram Engagement Rates

To build necessary connections on Instagram, find the brands and users that you like in your followers' list and follow them in return.

7: Create a flexible posting schedule

Carley Keenan offers the next advice about Instagram sharing frequency:

“There is no need to post every day. The "feed rate" is still mostly calm there. If you begin to publish a lot, you can overfill your readers’ feeds, and you don't desire to push yourself to make noise too frequently. Determine what you are ready to publish, and make a plan that will assist you to learn what and when to publish, and to watch what works when you are working.”

8: Use the apps capability

Kay Tan has compiled a list of 20 apps that will improve your photo-posting experience. There are tools that allow you to print pictures, find tags and keywords, follow Instagram profiles by email, download all Instagram photos at once and much more.

9: Encourage possible clients

Anna Kolibri offers you to publish photos that are related to your brand and potential buyers.

How to properly use Instagram Quick Replies

Whole Foods Market publishes illustrative photos to advance healthy, nutritious foods, shop events, resilience and an enthusiastic community of clients and employees.

10: Balance the use of filter images and no-filters types

Research carried by Simply Measured last year revealed that 59% of the world's leading companies are currently operating on Instagram.

Their results also shed light on the selection of filtered photos: “Lo-fi use around 14 percent of filtered brand photos, Valencia use 12 percent, Rise also 12 percent, Amaro shows 11 percent, Hudson and Sierra — 9 percent, X-Pro II — 8 percent and Hefe — 7 percent."

11: Induce Instagram struggles with changes in perspective

Russ Meyer suggests that to be successful on Instagram companies should overcome their interest in e-commerce and rather:

  • Share a peculiar view of the world
  • Develop a different visual sense
  • Capture things that are enjoyable for the brand and for the main target buyer
  • Train your gaze to concentrate on what makes an impressive, intriguing, attractive image.

The top Instagram hashtags

Entrust your presence on Instagram to someone in the company who knows how to align pictures in accordance with the interests of your target client.

12: Organize Instagram photo contests with Facebook

Companies can hold photo contests on Instagram using hashtags to arrange submissions and an RSS feed to keep track of new photos as they are added.

Use Facebook status updates to stimulate your followers to enter your Instagram photo competition.

13: Promote your company by using trends

Find a trending hashtag meeting your marketing strategy and use images of your brand.

14: Network on Instagram

Like photos of others and give comments.

Keep track of your already established readers from other social networks.

The most popular apps to enhance your Instagram profile

Add your hashtags. If your brand uses certain hashtags on Twitter or Google+, use them also on Instagram.

15: Set up your profile

Instagram profiles, like their colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, should include brand information in a particular way (maximum number of characters, specific picture dimensions, attention to branding).

16: Advance your brand on Facebook and Instagram

Big things can happen when an organization like Facebook purchases a platform. Both Instagram and Facebook offer brands a unique opportunity for advertising.

Use Instagram integration with Facebook to reach a broader public.

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17: Quantify and Qualify

Are you curious about how your company is going Instagram? There are picture analysis instruments like BlitzMetrics and Curalate that will give complete information.

Use picture analytics to recognize content that resonates with your fans.

18: Give prizes to your followers

Give privileges to your fans so they will make seeing your feed posts a priority.

19: Post photos of representatives

Showing your workers at work not only gives an idea of ​​your company but also allows you to thank the employees and show them how valuable they are. A great example is Beaucoup Bakery, which shares photos of their workers.

20: Pleasure followers with a visual experience.

Get an original way to show the application of your company's products and services.

21: Apply company-related hashtags

See the importance of your Instagram hashtags with Nitrogram, an analytics and interaction platform that gives key metrics on hashtags including participants, content, interaction, and context.

22: Video valuable company moments

Record your company's significant moments in 15-second videos and show them to your followers so that they feel involved.

23: Extend your influence to other brands

Statigram is a great tool for discovering companies and hashtags that correlate with your business. Just type the company name or hashtag in the search field and click Search.

Use this tool to find, track and research your opponents on Instagram.

24: Show something different

Use Instagram to give your fans a first look or a preview of an event, product, or news feature.

25: Humble yourself

All the work and the lack of a game will make your company a boring one on Instagram. Mix images that show your human side to build stronger links with your fans.

26: Zap between Instagrammer's photos and edit for a longer movie

Turn images from crowdsourcing into a bizarre video message that distinguishes the creativity of your faithful followers.

Up to you

These were some recommendations on how to build a strong brand name on Instagram. Practice them and see what serves best to improve your business.

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