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8 Must-know Instagram analytics tools

8 Must-know Instagram analytics tools

22 Nov 2019 Business, Instagram news

Are you seeking to grow a successful business? Well, Instagram is one of the platforms that you can effectively market your business. All that you need to do is open a business profile, and you will get access to free analytics tools to help you with the marketing process. In this article, I have combined a list of analytics tools that will help you monitor the activities of your account and competitors. In turn, such information will be helpful in the creation of marketing strategies to beat the competition. 


Sprout Social


Another interesting and one of the most popular Instagram analytic tools is Sprout Social. The tool has an editorial calendar, which allows the profile owner to schedule fresh content across the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a marketer, you need to ensure that such content targets the right audience. Experts from will help you in writing the best content that will build engagement with your audience. Besides, Sprout Social has features that enable you to track the analytics of the various content creators and the management of the tools. Having the tool will make it easy for you to get a closer insight into the locations of your preferred posts and the performance of different hashtags. Such would be a great way to manage the activities of your Instagram business profile, right?


Instagram Insights


The Instagram analytics tool is free for business profiles. It is accessible once you have created a business profile. The tolls allow the owner of the account to get insights on profile views, followers, reach, and impressions. Besides, the tool is accessible through your profile, and you can also view the various Instagram insights on the stories. The best part of the Instagram analytics tool is that it allows the profile's owner to gain information about their audience. Among such information is their busiest time and location. As a marketer, this is some of the information that would help you in marketing your brand.


Social Bakers


Are you seeking to know some of the most views commented on and likes posts? Do you want to know the various most popular tags on your business profile? Well, the good news is that the SocialBaker analytic tool will help in doing so. The tools display a chart indicating the distribution of posts over a year. Besides, the tool will allow you to analyze the performance of your posts. In turn, it will be easy for you to compare it with the performance of your competitors using the Instagram report. As a marketer, this would offer a good opportunity for you to identify the weak points, and in turn, come up with improved strategies.  has plenty of experts who can write you some of the ways to beat your competitors.





The tool, previously known as Statigram, is one of the oldest Instagram analytic tools. The tools help the profile owner understand the impact that frequent posting has on the loss or gaining of new followers. It also enables an individual to post on different channels at the same time. Thus, this would ensure that your marketing information reaches as many audiences as possible. Besides, Iconosquare shows the various interactions and comments in every post. Such information keeps the conversation going. The best part of the tool is that it holds a library with readily available content that business Instagram users can access. Besides, the tool also enables one to compare influencers regarding their engagement details and followers. 




If you are seeking to have a one-stop solution for your Instagram marketing issues, then the Owlmetrics is the best tool to use. It is one of the best Instagram analytics that can perform many helpful functions at a time. The tool keeps track of the essential accounts data pointers such as hashtag activities, CTRs, followers, and competitor accounts. Therefore, with all this information at hand, it becomes easy to manage the operations of your Instagram business account. It is one of the essential tools that you should think of including in your list. It is excellent for tracking engagement, which, in turn, gives you an insight into various things. For instance, you get to know about video and photo interactions as well as the different sources of the engagements. 




Phlanx is a marketing platform which allows the user to get in contact with influencers, measure engagement, create contracts as well as working with brands. It is a full-service platform used by brands to market their businesses. The platform offers the user with a 30-day free trial. You can always cancel the trial in the case where you no longer want to use it.




Just as the name suggests, InstaFollow is one of the must-have analytic tools. The tool will help you track the number of followers and unfollows. As a result, you will be able to come up with ways of managing your account in the case where you have many unfollows. Your business profile aims to get as many active followers as possible. Hence, a high number of unfollows is not a positive indication of the success of your business. The interesting part of the tool is that it can track the profiles that you have followed, and the owners have not followed you back. Besides, using the tool allows the profile owner to identify the people who build an engagement with. It also enables you to identify the specific content that deviates followers from your account. 




The tool allows you to determine the amount of impact that each of the influencers has on your company. The impact is in terms of meeting brand goals and insights. It also allows an individual to access different insights to come up with ways of increasing their engagement suggests the use of this tool as a way of monitoring your marketing strategies. 

Concisely, you know have an insight on some of the analytic tools that you probably never knew of their existence. Therefore, all that is left is for you to make maximum use of them to grow your business through Instagram. The best thing about tools is that they are free. However, it is important to observe the dos and don'ts of social media while using the tools for your marketing strategies. If you are still looking for plus followers, it is recommended that you make good use of these tools to learn what it takes to become a good marketer. Instagram analytics tools are essential to individuals who seek to expand their business by marketing on Instagram.

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