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8 Ways to Hack Your Way Into Instagram Stardom

8 Ways to Hack Your Way Into Instagram Stardom

Previously, to become famous, family ties or the support of the important people were needed. The stars came across this fact in obtaining a good role in the film, musicians and singers when recording in a good recording studio, athletes in the competitive struggle for participation in a professional sports league.

Now everything has changed. The high popularity of social networks has spawned many ways to become famous. So, Instagram is the very popular instrument with which you can become a star without even speaking on television, radio or the big stage.

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Previously, to become famous and achieve the desired, family ties or the support of the right people were needed. Now everything has changed. The emergence of social networks and their high popularity has facilitated this difficult path to success and fame. So, Instagram offers a lot of opportunities to become a star. No need to speak on television — now Instagram is television. The information here is distributed at the speed of light, the main thing is to submit it correctly.

It all starts with getting an extensive target audience of subscribers and maintaining their interest. To do this, you need to have a beautiful, well-groomed, thoughtful account. Below we have led 8 steps that will lead your account through hardships to the stars.

1. Take a free niche, comfortable for you

You will achieve success only when you choose a unique field of activity that will attract the target audience that will support you. It is not necessary to invent something new and reinvent the wheel — develop a unique selling proposition. Give customers something that competitors don't have — and people will reach for you.


A trade name is a valuable asset that affects the choice of the buyer. Users love brands that are popular and in demand in their line of business.

How to choose your unique niche? Choose an interesting exciting activity. Do not engage in activities just because someone has already achieved success here. If the work does not bring pleasure, then the desire to do it disappears. Your subscribers will notice this and lose interest in you.

2. Your main goal is to find 10,000 subscribers.

The most difficult part of the journey is the beginning. Businessmen who promote their business using Instagram, note that the most difficult thing is to recruit the first 10,000 subscribers. No one knows you, so make yourself known, show yourself in action, demonstrate your strengths, show yourself and your business successful.

Everything will change when your account dials 10 thousand subscribers. Do not relax, but continue to work on further promotion. Go ahead, be consistent, use all your capabilities to maximize the reach of your target audience. So you will get more subscribers.

Continuously improve your account. Perform the following actions:

  • use automation, services of automatic promotion and postponing;
  • regularly post new entries;
  • publish different types of content: informational, entertainment, advertising;
  • alternate photos, do not lay out the same type of images next, make a photo in a single tape;
  • repost someone else's materials;
  • look for advertising opportunities;
  • Join the Instagram interaction groups;
  • publish the content that other users have created;
  • analyze the activities of competitors, implement their best achievements.

Use these and other effective strategies that will interest new subscribers and firmly retain existing ones.

3. Optimize your Instagram profile description

Properly describe your account to make a favorable impression on subscribers. This is especially important at the stage when you switched your personal account to business mode.

Your nickname and the first line is taken into account in the search. Choose your nickname, which is easy to read, clearly perceived by the ear, reflects your brand. It may even be your own name and surname. If they are difficult to read, cut them down. Avoid names and digital add-ons if they do not carry useful information. In the status line indicate the type of your activity in a few words. For example, “I teach copywriting”, “I write scientific works and articles”, “ladies' handbags shop”.

An avatar is the face of your brand by which it will be recognized. Choose a clear contrast image — company logo, personal photo.

The text for the description is only 150 characters. This is enough to talk about your business and convince a person to subscribe to your account. There is no place for unnecessary words — only dry specifics.

What information to place in the description of your profile? Write what you do, type of your activity, what benefits will bring customers. Describe your business as if you had already achieved success. Write confidently and to the point. Use keywords so your entry can be easily found via the search bar. Do you have a website or blog? Insert a link to it. So you will expand the reach of the target audience, and at the same time promote your online resource.

4. Captions of your photos should tell about your brand

If the pictures on your page attract the attention of users, then the captions under the pictures make them love your business, if the text of these signatures is branded. Impersonal brands confuse and repel your subscribers, motivating them to forget and lose you. Therefore, create a complete image with keywords and key phrases, hashtags and features reflecting your trade name.

5. Develop yourself and your brand

Brands change when their owners understand that the old ways do not work, but there is another, more successful way. Feel free to make any changes if you are confident in their expediency, correctness and usefulness for your business, but remember that the meaning of your activity should remain clear. Before making changes, think about their appropriateness. Poor decisions can worsen the situation and alienate users.

6. Improve your image skills

Stylish pictures on your page increase your fame. Professional photographic equipment, high-quality lens, artistic taste, the ability to choose the appropriate angle and skills of working with graphic editor increase the difference between a simple picture and a cool photo. A high-quality image is more likely that the user will like it and share the photo with their friends and acquaintances, and this increases the number of potential customers.

High-quality image editor, competent work with filters increase the number of likes on Instagram. After all, many users of this social network are registered here to view beautiful photos.

7. Use Instagram Stories

Communicate with users using Instagram Stories. This increases the level of interaction with users, optimizes advertising costs. The service algorithm gives preference to those companies that use this opportunity.

Stories provides the following features:

  • live video broadcast;
  • boomerang — looped video in GIF format;
  • handwritten notes;
  • photo with captions;
  • current filters;
  • polls and voting;
  • swipe up — if a visitor likes your post, then swipe up allows you to go directly to the description of your account, where you will get acquainted with the materials of your page.

Stories live only 24 hours, but this time is enough to communicate with customers, interest content, find out their opinions and interests, talk about promotions, discounts, bonuses. Improve your storytelling skills and it will bear fruit.

8. Pick up powerful hashtags

Hashtags reflect the exact content of the information for easy retrieval. Think over groups of hashtags for your posts and images. Be sure to include a personal hashtag to keep track of your own posts. When you become popular, users themselves will publish their posts with the necessary hashtags.

Use popular phrases — this will increase the chances of your posting to the top. Be careful when choosing such descriptions — the popularity of the search phrase indicates a tough competition. This means that your record will be lost against the background of others. Therefore, choose hashtags with the number of requests in the range from 10 thousand to 1 million. Using these recommendations will allow you to beat the competition.

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