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A guide to creative options of Instagram Stories

A guide to creative options of Instagram Stories

A guide to creative options of Instagram Stories

If you played enough with SnapChat time has come to try something better! Unleash your creativity! Instagram Stories should be part of your strategy, no matter you use the application for business or just to communicate with friends.

Today Instagram Stories is revealing its creative secrets for you. You cannot imagine how many options are hidden inside. Welcome to the world of infinite creative possibilities!
What is really important is the fact that Instagram Stories are Discoverable. We will explain to you what we mean. Clients who are not your followers can see your posts too!!! So you will make your Stories last for 24 /7 and your business will work for you even when you sleep.

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And for those who use IG Stories to socialize with friends, this is a marvelous chance to attract new raving admirers to your group. Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories is kinda new, but hashtags make you even more discoverable.

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Wanna make the world know about your project? Then tell your story and use our tools to help you. We elaborated a guide for you, which helps you to bring to life boldest of your ideas.
Are you on the threshold of entering the magic world of IG Stories? We will share the hacks with you! Magic eraser, rainbow text – there are dozens of tricks you will want to try and enjoy. This is only the beginning of the list...

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Take a seat, get your smartphone ready and have a look at some secret hacks. We’ ll tell you about the tools and how to use them. Be cautious! Our magic world causes addiction ;)
We will help u choose exact hue for telling ur story. To match font color to the one that already exists, one needs to tap the tools named ‘color eyedropper’. You will find the latter tool extremely convenient if there is much text put in.

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Suppose your intention is to impress your buyers with the effect of rainbow text ... For this first of all, you will have to select ‘all the text’. With finger 1 tap any hue and hold it. With the second finger tap and hold blue text selector line.

All is needed to drag two fingers without changing the speed and the text will appear in all rainbow colors. Get a full-screen color effect by holding your finger down for a few seconds to make the screen one color.
The tool called “marker brush” provides you nontransparent color
Please apply this hack to create a post that is text only.

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And one more bonus tip for you’re your every step of your work with IG Stories needs to be saved.

There are so many more interesting effects here. Did you know that Live Photos can turn into ‘Boomerangs’ at one single tap?! To make use of this option, first of all, u need to open your cam and to change a mode to ‘Live’. The next step will be taking pictures of an object in motion. Then all is left is upload the photos to your gallery. Once it is uploaded hold down on the photo.

IG is constantly changing the ways how creators, brands & people connect with the world on IG by expanding the creative repertoire of our community through tools i.e. stickers, emojis, interactive polling etc. Developers never cease to create for mobile!
Don’t procrastinate! Start using IG Stories today!!!

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