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Analysis of USP by competitors via Instagram

Analysis of USP by competitors via Instagram

31 Aug 2020 Business

Online promotion is becoming easier, and paradoxically, more difficult at the same time. Instagram algorithms are improving, and the users' feed is becoming more and more interesting for themselves, as it takes into account all the features and wishes of a person. But the competition is getting bigger because of this. Someone turns out to be so good at internet marketing that they grow from a small business to grow an extensive network.

What is USP

USP is a unique selling proposition. In simple terms, what comes to your product of uniqueness makes it different from others. It can be an innovation (something that is not yet on the market, lack of competition as such) or a special value (for example, a brand) or, which happens much more often, a more profitable offer in some aspect. The main question asked when analyzing his USP is: "Why should the client choose me?" And really why?

We all know how value for money works for people. Sometimes they try to save money in even the most absurd things.

How to analyze competitors' USP

To analyze your competitors, you need to find them first, right?

Determining your target audience helps you determine which of the variety of similar businesses is actually your competitor. First of all, you need to take into account general potential or actual customers. Everything is important - gender, age, place of residence, marital status, hobbies and hobbies ... every detail in the portrait will come in handy.

Next, pay attention to their profile header. Most often, this is where business account owners disclose their advantages over others.

We put all this in the table and check who has what and who does not. At the same time, check if you yourself have this "feature".

What's new to add if everything has already been invented for you

As you explore all of these unique selling propositions, you may have a problem with a lack of creativity. It seems that everything has already been done, and you will not bring anything new.

Unique design

In fact, many people overpay for a product just because of its beautiful appearance. And the Instagram account also plays a role - a good structured design attracts people. By the way, the way you pack the goods can also be your distinguishing feature! You can decorate it with some kind of engraving, put a beautiful stamp, stick stickers ... scrapbooking is a very exciting activity that can be especially useful for small business owners.

Individual approach

Few companies can boast of truly competent consultants who are ready for a long dialogue with an individual approach. Communication with clients can also become your USP. The help of a popular specialist will undoubtedly be your advantage in comparison with those who cannot boast of such luxury.

Delivery, fast checkout, the ability to borrow ...

Yes, and such little things can be USP. Because someone does not have them either.

What should not be considered USP

A unique selling proposition is not something that should be the default. For example, if you have a tattoo parlor, then you should not write in the profile header that everything is sterile. Every self-respecting tattoo parlor should have everything clean and safe for clients, because otherwise they would go to their friend's conditional friend who will draw a masterpiece at home for a hundred square meters.

It is important to create your own unique offer for absolutely every store. Someone has a unique design and their own production, someone has a speed of service and a large catalog. Without a distinctive feature, it will be very difficult to survive in the market in the face of intense competition.

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