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Astrologist profile on Instagram

Astrologist profile on Instagram

Managing and promoting an astrologer account on Instagram

Instagram is considered a very convenient platform for the work of an astrologer. Using this service provides an ability to attrat potential customers, place and accept orders in direct and to structure information conveniantly.

To make an astrologer account popular and useful for audience and to make it financially successfull, it's recommended to follow the next steps.

Checklist for developing an astrologer profile

Step 1. Explore similar accounts and target audience

In order to determine the target audience and set up advertising properly, you need to study similar accounts. This will be useful in order to create ideas and inspiration for your profile. We'll provide the most popular astrologer accounts on Instagram:

The target audience for the astrologer are ladies of 25-45 years old. They are interested in self-development, esotericism and psychology. Marital and finansial status may vary.

Step 2. Plan of posts

In order to create an interesting, attractive and popular account, you should regularly add information in the form of thematic posts and notes. Smart feed of Instagram will advance your profile in case of constant information updates. New publications should be posted regularly, at least two or three times per week. It's better to make a schedule and stick to it. Try to share your personal axperiences in your posts.

Step 3. Design and visualisation

Attractive visual design will draw attention to your profile and help to navigate users in the information searching process. The presence of your private photos will increase your credibility. The design may include images of stars, natal chart, constellations, triangles etc. The best way for creating an interesting astrologer profile is by using cool and saturated shades of purple and blue.

Step 4. Easy navigation

Easy navigation is a very important part in creating of a good astrologer account. Structured information is perceived much better. Navigation can be configured using eternal stories, hashtags and links in the profile header.

Step 5. Increase your accound popularity and sales on Instagram using special services and advertising

An account with a lot of rewievs, likes and subscriptions is more credible.

In order to get followers to your account you can use Zengram service. Using this service will help you to attract the attention of potential customers. Zengram uses tools such as story viewing and sending messages in direct to the new followers. The service has flexible filter settings, therefore it will attract target audience to your account. These tools will ensure you that all your subscribers have enough attention.

Step 6. Feedback

Don't forget, that in order to have popular profile, it needs your everyday attention. Try to respond to all incoming requests on time. Browse stories and like your subscribers' posts using special service. Your attention will please your audience. Think in advance how the feedback form will look like. Your astrological reports and conclusions have to be designed beautifully and efficiently.

Step 7. Maintaining interest to your account

Not all people are ready to use astrologer services immediately. First of all they monitor the profile, read notes and posts. In order to keep these people interested, try to update your profile information in a regular manner. There are various tools for framing information nowadays. It can be marathons, live broadcasts, joint projects with other astrologers etc.

Advertisings in accounts with similar audiences and with bloggers will also help to maintain the interest of existing followers and attract new ones.

Step 8. Check your profile

Checking and looking from the side will be helpful for paying attention to some important details. This check can be done with the help of special agencies or by contacting your friends and acquaintances who are fond of astrology and Instagram. Analyse activity and collect statistics regularly.

Account development will take some time. Be patient, give a try and your astrologer profile will become popular and useful for people, and you will get financial success and self-realization.

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