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Auto Messages in direct - Zen-promo update

Auto Messages in direct - Zen-promo update

10 Oct 2017 Business, Zen-Promo news

Hello everybody! You can turn on an automatic messages delivery for your new followers with help of Zen-promo. We introduce a new feature called AutoDirect, feel free to test it now. We tried our best to deliver it for you.


Why do you need AutoDirect?

Pay attention to everybody

We are all for communication, but a regular subscription usually means to stay silent and watch. There is no need to keep it this way. Greet your followers, tell them what’s going on here right now, thank them for following you. They’ll be more likely to interact with your posts after that, because it’s going to look as if you’ve met before.

Tell the most important things

Do you have a promo, a contest or a new product arrival? Keep your new followers constantly updated with your special offers.

Active links

There is not much space for active links =) And we all know that Direct is that exact place you need. Introduce users to your website, invite them to get familiar with your product list, and history of your company.

To enable this new feature, you should go straight to your personal account, and to launch account promotion (unless you’ve done it before) to find a new button on the control panel and then click “Enable”.

Then go straight to configuring auto messages delivery on Instagram.

  1. Chose whether all users receive messages or pick your own settings.
  2. Set a filter for amount of followers, outcoming followings and posts, to filter bots (robots) and massfollowers.
  3. Chose the account language, not to waste limited actions for foreigners who randomly started following your account.

Next step - create a message for delivery

What can you write about?

  1. Send greetings to a person and let him know that you’ve spotted him and praise him. Even if you don’t have discounts or promos, attention is always welcome.
  2. Introduce yourself, tell about yourself and your account with more details, just in case you have some tradition and rules) Let a user be informed, he’ll be more likely to remember you and won’t skip your posts in the newsfeed.
  3. Discounts, promos, special offers, order details, everything you want.


! Stick to technical specifications:

  1. For messaging your new followers on Instagram you should create a few templates, so you won’t be flagged with spam. Here you can create up to 20 templates, and every user will receive just one message.
  2. Maximum message limit is 500 letters. Not much, but enough to say the most important things. Least of all if a user opens a 500 letters message he’ll be more likely to read it till the end because it won’t take that long.

Security measures

If more than 50 people a day start following your account, we recommend to set the followers’ filter the way so it won’t send more than 50 messages.

After a few days you can change settings by increasing the amount by 10-20 messages daily.

We don’t recommend to reach the limit of 200 messages a day.

Save settings and launch the service. Tell us about your success and we’ll be happy to hear about it.

A new AutoDirect function will be available in a few days and only for those users, who confirmed their email addresses. You should confirm it now unless you've done it already - Hurry up, don't miss it!  

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