Beautiful Instagram photos are easy

Beautiful Instagram photos are easy

29 May 2020 Business

Instagram is primarily a visually rich social network. And this means that you should take your customers with a beautiful picture. But far from always the problem is solved by the presence of a good camera.

A very common Instagram photo practice is flat lay. This can be called a composition of objects, which attracts with its aesthetics. You can enter any product into the picture, from cosmetics to cans of milk, the main thing is only to choose the right environment for it.


Shoot on top

The best angle for shooting the product is a horizontal position and a top view, so that light hits the front of the package. And it is good if it is daylight - every photographer knows that the sun is the best type of lighting. Take pictures outdoors or near a window, and try to use less lamps, especially unprofessional ones.



Light background

Studies on this topic have confirmed that your total viewers pay attention to products photographed against a light background. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in this case, nothing distracts their attention, does not attract the eye. However, you should not take this rule as a basis - sometimes it is better to take a photo against a background of saturated colors, or in general with a black background. Everything is individual here.


It will not be enough just to photograph the subject. It is necessary, as mentioned above, to add an environment of the same subject to it. Do not forget to do it organically - objects of different shapes and sizes should become one picture. Imagine that you are still life.




Color combinations are a very important aspect of the picture. Here you need inspiration! And the theory, of course, too - you should familiarize yourself with it even before the shooting process in order to try different options. At a minimum, it is worth knowing how monochrome combinations differ from related ones, how to make contrast or related contrast, look at the color wheel. Borrow any suitable color schemes and palettes to create something unique and eye-catching.



Look around more and think about associations. The photographer must know what emotions the picture should evoke - whether it will be cosiness, brilliance of luxury or attraction to a gloomy image.

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