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Business Grow Guide: Instagram 101 and Beyond

Business Grow Guide: Instagram 101 and Beyond

Instagram is a popular social net, where users can share their photos. Now the net uses like ad platform too. Many businessmen make ad here. It helps to increase the popularity of brand. According to research, about 35% of adult US citizens use Instagram. That’s why it’s a great chance to get more money due to ad here. But there are some rules to be successful on Instagram and you should know this to avoid spending money without any effect.

Why Instagram


This is the most dynamic social net. There are more than 1 billion users today and the amount is always increasing. It can get the same popularity with Facebook. 25 million of business accounts and several thousands new users every day. That is a great result!

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According to the statistics, just Facebook and YouTube have more active accounts today. Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and other nets are not so popular. That’s why you should start working with Instagram if you want to be successful in your business.

The platform lets to show your ideas, goods, company and so on. Just manage your subscribers to make account interesting. It’s chance to increase your profit.

Instagram And Its Beauty

So, let’s check the social net’s features.

Profile Image

It’s the first picture people can see on Instagram. It should be attractive to make a wish to look at your posts. Make sure you put your best foot forward to be successful.

Also you can make a short bio. Here you may write something about you, your company or brand. Try to make it interesting. Many users read it to understand weather they need to subscribe or not. So, bio is a hook, which can give you more clients.

The most popular apps to enhance your Instagram profile

Links and Tags In Your Profile

Try to use @ or # to add some links to your account. It will help another people find you on the social net. The more links you have, the more visitors would be on your account. Use Linktree or other apps to make it correct. There is a system of true tags, which can make you really popular on Instagram.


It is vital to use it when you make a new post. It will help users understand what do you mean while making the photo.

  • Keep it short and catchy. It will affect to the user’s emotions. The titles should remind the person about you. That’s why try to use
    • slogans. When people look through the news, they don’t stop on the current photo. But if the post is really attractive and it has a good and short caption, user can even visit your website or online-store. By the way, the chance for making a deal is increasing.
    • Long captions are also necessary in some cases. You can write till 2200 symbols. It is looking like a wall of letters. So, that is a chance to write something important and interesting. But you should be sure that the info is really useful. Many people, when they see the huge text, unsubscribe or just skip it. That’s why try to avoid long captions or use it rare.

    So, captions attract people and they increase the amount of your followers.


Nitty Griddy Grids

The grid is what everyone can see after entering your account. You should post an interesting photos to attract other users. Use grids with nine photos to make people understand, what they can see if they subscribe you.

The top Instagram hashtags

The app Preview can help to solve the problem. It proposes:

  • rows with a current color filter;
  • diagonal – the most popular grid strategy;
  • titles – correct and attractive;
  • row by row is a way to introduce your brand or even yourself in a range of photos;
  • line in the middle lets to hide the whole info and ,make users learn more if they want;
  • rainbow feed is a filter for some persons and companies;
  • borders make your account more attractive;
  • puzzle is the professional grid;
  • mix – the mixture of the grids above.

The Aestetic

Your account should be attractive to be popular. That’s why you have to choose photos carefully. Think about your posts as about the part of the grid. If your grid is with another theme, it is better to avoid the post or include it into another grid.

Every post is a story. If someone solve to combine it, the person could get the information about the account owner.


That is a popular way to make your content stand out while associating it with some keywords. For instant, if you have posted the photo with a castle and forest, you may write #nature, #castle, #forest. Users, who will search such photos, could find it due to hashtags.

Note. You can’t use more than 30 hashtags for one post. According to research, five hashtags is the best amount.

How to properly use Instagram Quick Replies

You may follow hashtag to get news and to know the trends. So, if you have the unique word combination, users will follow your posts. The example of such hashtag is CompanyX.


There are a lot of pictures and smiles on Instagram. If you want to make a description to your photo, use it. The pictures will make people clear what is your mood, when you post it. In this case, they could understand how to react to your picture.

E-commerce on Instagram

Commercial accounts are legal on the social net. You should create your account correct:

  • give your contacts;
  • write the name of your company;
  • show your official website;
  • post your goods and services.

While looking through your photos, some people will understand that they need the goods. So, they will go to your website and buy it.

Content Calendar

There is no need to make a posts every day. You can use the feature to make people know, when you will make a new post. The calendar is a good way to fill your grid for the current period of time.

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Note. You can break your calendar. For example, you will make serious posts according to the data, but there would be some interesting and funny posts on the other days.

Attracting Followers

You should follow some rules to attract real users:

  • make an interesting content;
  • use the calendar;
  • involve your followers to the dialogue.

It will make you really popular on Instagram.

Use Stories

It is a new form of posting several photos. The instrument helps to promote your account in 24 hours. Try to use something interesting to make stories. Don’t forget to make it short and interesting. You can use:

  • breaking to make some news;
  • summary, where you will say or write something short.

Both the features can make your account more popular.


Some stories are really interesting and you don’t want to lose it. By the way, Instagram proposes the feature to save it in your account. It will be on your main page while you want it and it is possible to delete the stories whenever you want.

Apps and Tools

There are a lot of different apps to make your photos more attractive. Use filters and special features to edit your posts. Unique and beautiful photos will increase the follower’s amount.

Ads and Relation Tips

Ads on Instagram is the way to make your goods or services popular. If you need to increase your profit, book the ad on Instagram. There are many articles about options for making successful ad here. Try to red it or you can even ask specialist to launch it.

26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

To increase you popularity make the following:

  • show your way of working with clients or even your goods;
  • if your goods are not beautiful, you can show how you help cats and dogs from a human shelter.

Try to make polls and contests. It helps to get new users really fast. Moreover, you will get the loyal clients for your company.

So, if you use all the Instagram features correct, you’ll be a popular here. According to the statistics, some companies get about 30% of their client from the social net. Don’t forget to loot at your competitors. Perhaps, you will some interesting ideas to update your account.

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