Business promotion on Instagram through a blogger

Business promotion on Instagram through a blogger

Now it’s not so difficult to find a blogger to advertise a product. There are many services thanks to which you can find a popular instagrammer who is ready to advertise a product. But still the question remains - how to choose one from this variety, and at the same time not to screw it up, having a bad reputation?

We have identified several parameters that, in our opinion, should be relied upon when choosing an advertising person.

Try to find someone popular from your city

If you are not from big city, then the search for "fellow villagers" can become problematic. In extreme cases, you can order advertising from those who lived in your city once before. In this case, at least there is a chance, and not a small one, that among its subscribers there will be people from the same city, full of patriotism and pride in the outstanding personality of their native land.

Keep a close eye on their reputation

Choose the tactics that seem right to you. Someone prefers to act peacefully and honestly, and someone collaborates with the infamous bloggers precisely because of the word “scandalous”. There is nothing to be ashamed of in either case, but be sure that you have not missed. 

Analyze your target audience

Who is watching this blogger exactly - children or adults? What common hobby do they have? Perhaps the leader of opinions conveys a special mood with his work, and he, too, can somehow be involved in the promotion? All these points must be clarified at the stage of choice - if you miss the target audience, then the investment may not pay off.

Check if he is working with your competitor

Such cooperation most often does not allow the blogger himself - it affects the reputation disadvantageously. But check will not always be superfluous. Believe me, this will not benefit anyone: if a blogger already has people who are interested in your product, but are already exposed to a competitor’s advertising, then they are unlikely to be interested in yours.

And do not forget: bloggers are also people, and you need to communicate with them politely. Build friendships with the chosen person. The more he likes you and your product, the more he will try to do everything well.


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