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Celebrities' Instagram strategies: what can we learn from them

Celebrities' Instagram strategies: what can we learn from them

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo have 152 million followers on Instagram, and you have a little less? It is impossible to deny that the best way to be popular on Instagram is to be a celebrity. People are already interested in celebrities, and Instagram gives them a platform where they can stay in contact with their fans.

Presence on social media and especially on Instagram has become a very important part of being a celebrity. A whole team of professionals works on perfect selfies: stylists, makeup artists, photographers and even social media managers. However envy will not give you new subscribers. Take a closer look at celebrities’ successful Instagram strategies and try to make them part of your life.

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Celebrity Instagram rule # 1: Post beautiful photos

It sounds obvious, isn’t it? Celebrities understand the power of the visual component very well. Celebrity with a significant follow-up does not place banal, fuzzy, repetitive pictures. No, they always look their best, wear the best clothes, and choose great lighting. Do you think all this is achieved simply? No way. Let us recall at least Kylie Jenner's cry in her short lived reality show “Life of Kylie”: the girl complained to her best friend Jordyn Woods about pressure she constantly feels. Kylie's photos on Instagram must be perfect, original, and appear regularly.

Kylie Jenner's Instagram page

We can understand Kylie’s despair. Stakes are high for her: this social platform gave her the one billion dollar business. Go big or go home.

Rule for you: be attentive to what you post in your account. No bad photos. Take the time to make the best shot: change the angle, think about the composition, find good lighting and do not forget about the processing of the finished photo. If the picture can not be called interesting and high quality - simply do not post it in Instagram.

Celebrity Instagram rule # 2: Be consistent

Only celebrities who achieve a certain status can neglect this rule. Beyonce does not need to post her personal photos on Instagram every day. She can take pauses and come back when she needs to promote a product. When her fans receive the news about a new album or a new collection of her sports brand, they will immediately buy the first and second.

Jamie Oliver updates his Instagram page daily

Beyonce is the only one in its category, she has no competitors. However, consistency cannot be forgotten those who have competitors. For example, famous chefs. Subscribing to their Instagram accounts, you will provide yourself with at least a daily portion of inspiration. Some post even more often. Nigella Lawson posts her #recipeoftheday regardless of how she feels, or if she has inspiration for work. And she is a famous chef with more than a dozen bestsellers and 1.6 followers on Instagram! Jamie Oliver does the same: a beautiful inspirational photo appears on in his account daily.

Rule for you: do not let followers forget about you. Figure out how many high-quality photos you can post per week, and do exactly that.

Celebrity Instagram rule # 3: Be unique

Kim Kardashian's Instagram page

Nowadays those, who can create their own brand and support them, win. Do you think that the Kardashian-Jenner sisters cannot be distinguished from each other? You are wrong. Each of them has found her own niche and does not step on the territory of other sisters without invitation. Kim’s brand is everyday glamour. Her Instagram account is a step-by-step guide on how to look your 200% at every moment of your life.

Khloe Kardashian's Instagram page

Khloe promotes fitness and inclusivity. Her account is full of motivating workouts, beautiful photos of women of all shapes.

Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram page

Kourtney’s brand is healthy food and natural cosmetics. She talks about how to take care of yourself without harming your health. Kylie promotes cosmetics as a way of express yourself. Her Instagram is an ode to crazy makeup and over the top looks. And Kendall is a model.

Rule for you: identify your strengths. If Kardashian-Jenner sisters were able to diversify their images, so can you. Does anyone remember that five years ago or so they were 3-for-1? Brands paid Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe to advertise clothing and cosmetics. It was a losing strategy for sisters. When the girls realized that separately they can earn more, they were able to make multi-million estates.

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Do not pursue at all at once. Find your strengths. It can be crazy makeup or invention of new green smoothies recipes. Write down 3-5 types of content that will be relevant as an accompaniment for your main specialty. For example, if you cook decadent chocolate desserts, do not post salads in the same account. Or if your brand is glamorous makeup, don't post aт after jogging selfie. You subscribers follow you because they want to see certain content.

Celebrity Instagram rule # 4: Be relatable

Thanks to Instagram, we all know what our favorite stars looked in their childhood and adolescence. A very smart strategy is behind cute photos of the era of braces: people want to know that you are like them, so give them a proof of that.

Photo from Miley Curus' Instagram page

We all wore braces and followed stupid fashion trends, we did bad makeup, and thought that it was flattering. We all have parents, friends, family. Celebrities share their personal photographs so that we understand that they did not came from space. Their fans look at photos of their idols in silly clothes, with crazy make-up and think: “Oh, I looked exactly the same!”

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Rule for you: feel free to share personal information with your followers. Determine what are the lines you do not want to cross. For example, not all family members want to see their photos in the public domain. Or you feel uncomfortable talking about some events in your life. However, it is important to give your subscribers the opportunity to take a break from perfect photos. When they see you in childhood, they will think, “Oh, we are so alike.”

Celebrity Instagram rule # 5: Know why you're here

The goals of celebrities may be different. For example, Natalie Portman maintains her Instagram account to stay in touch with her fans. She does not sell them vitamins, clothes or cars. Natalie talks about things important to her: feminism and fight for equality in the film industry. Posting posters for films made by women, covers of books that she found interesting and screenshots of articles that she advises to read, help to educate her audience.

Natalie Portman's Instagram page

Kardashian-Jenner sisters are at the opposite pole. They promote their own brands of cosmetics, clothing, their reality show. And they don't let you forget about it. A beautiful photo of Kim goes with a list of her brand's products used to create her makeup look. The caption under a photograph of Khloe in jeans will tell you what model of her brand she is wearing.

Kim Kardashian promotes products of her brands: KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance

Rule for you: we already know that maintaining a successful Instagram account is a difficult and permanent job. Why do you need to do it? Answer this question honestly. Perhaps you want to make your business profitable. Maybe you want to become a celebrity and get ad contracts? When you understand exactly what do you want from Instagram, it’s will be easier to drop all unnecessary, and leave content that is interesting to your followers and will contribute to achieving your goal.

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