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Content strategy for promotion on Instagram

Content strategy for promotion on Instagram

02 Sep 2020 Business

Content plan - a pre-compiled schedule of posts with specific content for a specific time. Thanks to him, the business will know what to post tomorrow and will be able to analyze what went well and what the audience did not like at all. Below you will learn how to write a content plan and understand how people perceive Instagram posts.

How to make a content plan

For effective promotion on Instagram, it is recommended to switch your profile to business mode. This will enable you to fully track statistics and coverage. Further:

  • Come up with a main profile theme. Users must clearly understand it. Find out what people are most interested in.

  • Decide on your target audience. Successful account promotion will depend on this moment. Understand how your profile will help people solve some of their problems. For example, how to apply for a visa, where to find inexpensive food at the airport, etc.

  • Collect information for future posts. The publications must be informative, entertaining and selling.

Use specialized services to compose publications. For example, SMMPlanner, Hootsuit or SmmBox.

After that, you need to analyze the content. The best time for this is a week. During this time, you will understand what users really like. In addition, you will have time to react to negative responses and any events in time.

The analysis looks like this:

  1. highlight a couple of the most popular publications and two of the least popular;

  2. think about what the posts people like in common;

  3. think about what is common in posts that are less liked by users;

  4. analyze how much the number of likes on selling posts decreased by the end of the week.

Next, you need to write a content plan for the next week. In doing so, rely on the analysis of the first 7 days.

Features of the perception of content by Instagram users

People primarily perceive content as follows:

  • 41% use Instagram to access discounts and sales on luxury goods

  • 49% of people follow brands to get a closer connection with them;

  • 55% prefer to subscribe to celebrity accounts to always be in trend;

  • 65% follow the travels of bloggers and their friends. Also, these people want to be charged with positive and get motivated.

Types of accounts and differences in their content plans

All Instagram profiles can be divided into personal and business accounts.

In personal blogs, people share their own experiences, ideas and feelings. Therefore, it is important to select here:

  • content format;

  • in what style to arrange it;

  • colors;

  • using filters;

  • availability of suitable hashtags, etc.

Thanks to this, it will be better to win over readers. The first lines of posts should be engaging and clickable. Video content is very popular.

Business accounts usually contain:

  • information about the company, events taking place in it and data on rates (if any);

  • interview;

  • stories about what problems arise and how you solve them;

  • journalist notes about you;

  • any helpful instructions to help users interact with the brand.

For the most part, a content plan focuses on selling posts. Don't forget to post reviews as well.


If you draw up a content plan correctly, then you will notice that your activities become more organized. In addition, efficiency will be greatly improved.

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