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Detailed overview of Instagram parsing service: how to parse the target audience

Detailed overview of Instagram parsing service: how to parse the target audience

Parser is an effective tool for development and promotion of Instagram-account. This mechanism allows you to quickly get plenty of devoted subscribers, promote your personal or commercial page and attract the target audience.

How useful is the finished audience base? All performed actions to promote your account become more efficient. At the same time, the chances of getting banned by the administration of Instagram are reduced.

What is this method and how does it work?

Parsing is a definition from the programming area that implies a sequential analysis of data. The mechanism achieves high performance. It provides fast and high-quality data processing, as well as copying information on web resources. Parsers are special automated tools for collecting and analyzing data according to specified criteria.

The original purpose of parsing in Instagram is promotion of specialized sites. To accomplish the task people with the necessary skills and experience were involved. Today, some platforms, such as Zen-promo Parser, allow users to use this method on their own, the client only has to choose the appropriate filters.

Parser collects and analyzes the information according to the specified parameters:

  • geolocation;
  • hashtags;
  • subscriptions and subscribers.

Who needs parsing, what problems does it solve?

Instagram Parser will be useful both for the development of accounts with large-scale business, and for the promotion of profiles created for the author's self-expression.

This method allows you to solve two serious problems. Firstly, parsers help you to find real subscribers that are interested in your services and gather an audience in Instagram. For example, an Instagram profile sells cosmetics and skincare products for girls. In this case, the mechanism will select women who have signed up for public pages about beauty and self-care, who live near your office or often visit places nearby. Hashtags will also be used to analyze the data.

Secondly, parsers provide information about the competitors. The program will collect data from successful profiles with the similar sphere of business. For example, the owner of an Instagram shop will be able to compare his assortment, descriptions of positions, prices, services, reviews of buyers with his thriving competitors. This will allow you to establish the most appropriate prices, improve the quality of services offered, learn the real needs of the target audience, and attract potential buyers.

Parsing can be used for a variety of purposes. This method is also useful for personal page holders who want to find interested followers and increase the number of subscribers. The mechanism will find suitable people by their subscriptions, interests, location. For example, if you want to create an account for a TV series you can use parsers to learn the necessary information from the profiles of actors and other public pages with similar topics.

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Zen-promo Parser instructions

Zen-promo Parser is an efficient and easy way to automatically create user bases. This information can be used for further promotion activities, which Zen-promo can also help with. The interface of Zen-promo Parser is quite simple and intuitive. The service quickly and efficiently analyzes all the information, and the user is only required to enter the necessary filters for more successful work of the program.

There is a bonus for new clients - test parsing. The number of free fees depends on the volume of lists of accounts in the work. Let's consider each step of work with the service in detail.

The first thing you need to do is to register on the Zen-promo website (if you haven't done so before). To do this, you need to write a valid e-mail address and come up with a password. After that, try looking for Zen-promo Parser among the services offered by the service on the homepage. The program selection window is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

To start the process of collecting and filtering user bases, add an account that will be used for parsing. You will be asked to enter your login and password. Make sure that at the moment of adding an account you are not logged in to other applications. It is also necessary to temporarily disable two-phase authentication in the profile, if it was turned on. Please note that the attached page should not be the account you plan to develop.

Zen-promo Parser allows you to collect data in three areas:

  • competitors;
  • hashtags;
  • geolocation.

During the data collection of competitors, you can group their subscriptions and/or subscribers.

When working with hashtags, you can enable the function to exclude duplicates. It is necessary for excluding profiles with duplicate hashtags.

Search by keyword is available when parsing by geolocation.

This allows you to collect more useful and narrowly directed bases of accounts to increase the efficiency of work with them in the future.

Along with the main purpose of parsing, there is an additional possibility to collect contacts (phone, email, profile description and site) from the analyzed pages. This function opens new opportunities for users of the service for communication and successful work with the analyzed accounts. Please note that if you use this option, the service’s price is three times higher.

After selecting the desired targeting direction, click on the start icon. Gathering the audience may take some time. The speed depends on the number of profiles to be processed, which usually takes a few minutes. The user can stop the process at any time, start filtering or upload the database immediately.

After you finish collecting the base, you can start the filter process of the collected information by certain criteria, download it in the file (.txt) or start parsing again (be careful, all previous parameters and results will be deleted).

From the received accounts you can filter and select groups with specific criteria by the following parameters:

  • gender;
  • number of subscriptions and account subscribers;
  • commercial accounts;
  • private accounts.

Exact criteria allow you to filter out unnecessary accounts that will not be useful in the future. You will receive the base, collected exactly for your purposes and according to your parameters.

After selecting the necessary items, you just need to press the button to start the filtering and wait a bit until the end of the process.

At the end of the service’s work, you will have a useful base at your disposal. The purpose of using the service depends on your wishes and the selected criteria: unsubscribe from the received accounts, subscribe to them, be active in the form of likes and comments, or choose a potential target audience and directly start communication (for this purpose, you can use the option of collecting contacts of the analyzed accounts).

In order to download the ready-made base you should press the download button and save the upcoming file in a CSV format. The collected data will appear in your computer in the form of a convenient table.

Zen-promo Parser is an effective and easy-to-use tool for collecting and processing information about the target audience. The service allows you to promote your profile faster, more pleasantly, safer and more efficiently. Parsing is absolutely safe for accounts and is aimed at maximizing the most precise selection of data according to the necessary criteria.

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