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Do you need viral content for PR

Do you need viral content for PR

28 Oct 2020 Business

We often hear controversy about how the buzzer generation went missing from people who see actual content of controversial content. The era of the younger generation is condemned for the interest in videos, where there is complete trash and stupidity. Is viral content that "dulls" today's youth so relevant now?

What content is going viral

It is worth investigating, is modern viral content so bad?

The famous in their absurdity Youtube trends immediately come to mind, which were once heavily bombed by everyone. Now, however, the situation is no better - in the first places are the same videos for children and senseless experiments, diluted with promoted stars and, which is rare, really good content. Alas, the network algorithms are not working as well as we would like. However, you shouldn't jump to conclusions by looking at the indicators - perhaps Google itself puts us in the worst light.

What about other social networks? Partly the same. Very controversial people who have made a bad reputation for themselves climb to the top of trends, and just as quickly fall from it, passing the baton. As a result, only those who deserve the hatred of the public are discussed, and there are many examples of this.

But all is not lost! Sometimes absolutely random things get viral, including good ones. For example, Robert Pattinson, with his funny statements and funny photography, was able to raise a buzz and had so many new fans that any other Hollywood actor would envy. The hashtag with his name is alive and well!

How to make viral content yourself

It is almost impossible to give an answer to this question. You won't be able to virus the content on purpose by planning everything in advance. Even popular bloggers who are focused on hitting the target audience using clickbaits and other dishonest methods cannot say which video will be popular. They can place bets on one thing, but something completely different will “blow up the Internet”.

However, no one bothers to try to raise an information wave around you. Below are a few principles by which such content is built.

  • Breaking expectations

Quite a simple principle, but very risky: you just look at the classic content of competitors and do everything possible to be of high quality, but not in the same way as theirs. In order to move away from the usual understanding of things, you need a special view of the world and your work in general.

  • For a wide audience

The more people share your content, the more it gets viral. And for the desire to share with friends to arise more often, you need to make it universal. A person will not need to have any special knowledge to understand the essence, and this is wonderful.

  • Visually strong

We have to admit that text rarely goes viral on Instagram, it usually happens on Twitter. A different platform needs a different approach, with more emphasis on the picture. Something aesthetic with a beautiful design, useful and practical with a lot of numbers - anything will do. The main thing is that it is readable and looks good from afar, so that more people click on the picture.

  • Trendiness

Of course, viral content should be in the subject of current events! Or at least somehow complement them. Or as a last resort, meet the needs of this wide audience.

  • Don't interfere too much

If your content is still infected, then do not make unnecessary movements. Any kind of excessive activity can knock down the barrage of activity that rushes to you. It is better to wait out the peak of your popularity, and only then fill in something else with the expectation of the same result. There should be measure and proportion.

As content makers, whose work almost always ends in hype, you can bring the Little Big group. Bright, shocking and once underground, now they have broken out to a wide audience, their songs are heard everywhere, because they are unique in their harmonious thrash metal.


Viral content is a mixture of quality, context and randomness. Whatever your content, circumstances may prevent it from being actively distributed. But this is not as bad as it might seem at first glance.

Viral content is forgotten quickly, just like bloggers who took off in scandals. By spending energy on attempts to “blow up the Internet”, you leave nothing for your target audience, people who could stay with you for a long time. And sometimes it is better to really move slowly, build a good reputation and win subscribers in an honest way, than try to hyip on any news feed, just to get the content viral.

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