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Engaging Instagram Followers Using Zen-promo

Engaging Instagram Followers Using Zen-promo

Instagram users spend in this network 15% more time than in other social media, showing 25% higher activity. On the average, each user enters his/her profile approximately 13 times a day. The audience mainly consists of women (73%), most of the users being young people between 18 and 27 years old.

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Possible Promotion Approaches

Based on the statistics provided in the beginning of this article, one can conclude that Instagram is an excellent platform for people seeking to promote their product, brand, services or even themselves. But what should be done to always stay on the top? Let's consider.

LiveJournal Audience

Many girls who are popular today (for example, Yulia Sherif or Tanya Lieberman) initially gained their popularity floating around such a social network as LiveJournal. Consequently, the same admirers of them moved to Instagram too to keep abreast of news related to their idols. This is an alternative way to promote your Instagram account quickly.

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This is a reciprocal approach to promotion. You publish a blogger’s picture on your account, If he/she likes it, they post your photo on their account in exchange. Many novice bloggers and "old-timers" successfully used this method to promote themselves and engage additional audience.

Now, however, people are mostly bored with this method, so it is not actually used any more.

An abstract of Tanya Lieberman’s interview on SFS.


Once the interest of many users to the SFS receded, bloggers began to come up with other engagement approaches. It was suggested to mark several friends on a picture, and then click ‘Like’ on the blogger’s last photo. The method worked for the benefit of those performing the liketime: the algorithmic system, thanks to these marks and likes, began showing the content to more people; and the coverage grew.

But now, this tactics is away too.


Giveaway is a kind of a lottery. The process is simple: just post on your page a picture of a gift provided with a certain hashtag, mark an organizer of the contest on the picture and wait. The method works well only with expensive gifts.

I has disadvantages too. Getting an expensive gift sometimes requires pretty many actions. Let’s consider this using as an example the account of Anna Khilkevich, a Russian actress.

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She conducts the lottery often. However, each drawing suggests some conditions:

  • Subscribing to her account;
  • Marks in your publications;
  • Several likes;
  • Subscribing to all relevant sponsors.

Typically, there are about 70 to 90 sponsors, while chances of winning are extremely low. If a condition is not met, you will not receive the prize. The celebrity do pay the money reward and sends a gift to the winner. However, the contest is open a month in advance, and you cannot unsubscribe from sponsors until the drawing date. In the end, you will hardly remember which subscriptions are unnecessary.

People using this method sometimes lack benefits too. Possible reasons are:

  • Organizational issues – sponsors are to be found;
  • An investment in gifts is required to make users interested;
  • The idea does not pay off every time;
  • Mass liking / mass following.

Another traditional technique looks like this: you put likes and subscribe to your competitor subscribers manually, using your smartphone or PC. If such a person will be interested in your profile, he/she will subscribe in exchanger and click ‘Like’ on a couple of your pictures. If done smartly, up to 600 new live users per day can be engaged.

Lately, the Instagram administration has introduced measures that restrict manual mass following. Also, users, as they see online stores subscribing to their accounts, tend to not respond with a reciprocal subscription. Still, this is an efficient method.

Zen-promo Parser for Instagram

Circular Mechanics

Once SFS and liketime almost ceased to bring new subscribers, bloggers decided to act jointly and implement traditional schemes in a new format. Today, everything described above is performed by groups of bloggers.

Thanks to this movement, there are more drawings now, while their effectiveness has increased. For how long though?

Cool Videos

Yes, a cool content can be helpful and highly profitable. An obvious example of this is Nastia Ivleeva, who, thanks to her charisma, was able to quickly attract 9.3 million subscribers to her account.

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If used properly, the targeting can effectively help you correct reach and launch your advertising campaign. While paid, this is a relevant endeavor. It has a drawback though: the function is useless to people who do not have any idea about what it really is and how the adjustment is done.

Why Zen-promo Is a Better Option?

While we have discussed numerous approaches to promoting your Instagram account in this article, you probably realize that each of them has its own disadvantages, which can spoil all your efforts. So what can you do?

Zen-promo is a great service, which has been around for several years and gained huge popularity by now. It features a number of distinct advantages. When using it, you obtain:

Automated promotion, practically without any efforts from your part. All you need to do is just to make the necessary settings. Then, just sit back and let the application work!

Your target audience and subscribers. With a convenient targeting adjustment section and special filters, you can promote your account offering your services / products to those who are really interested in them.

The more followers, the higher your sales rate. As the number of your subscribers grows, your sales are deemed to grow too. Why? Because the subscribers will belong to your target audience.

Instagram promotion results and client touchpoints in Zen-promo

Convenient adjustment. Using your personal assistant and tips available on our service’s website, you will be able to tune your advertising campaign in a fast and hassle-free way.

100% security. We are interested in keeping our customers always satisfied with both our service’s performance and the quality of the services we provide. For this end, we do our best to be always available and protect your account from unauthorized access by any third parties.

Communication with our technical support department. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team, which will be happy to help solve any problems that may arise.

For those who still hesitate, there is a great way to make sure that our service brings really good results:

  • Complete our registration procedure;
  • Choose this section in your account.
  • Fulfill the provided requirements and obtain free time, which will be enough to perform primary testing.

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