Everything You Need to Know About IGTV on Instagram for Your Business

Everything You Need to Know About IGTV on Instagram for Your Business

IGTV: Let’s Start?

Today, many people call this video hosting a direct competitor of YouTube because it has gained momentum and continues to work. It is worth noting that for a long time there were no such sites that could compete with YouTube. And this new platform is already stepping on its heels. 

Why did this platform appear? Because according to various forecasts, the video will make up most of the mobile traffic. Actually, this is the reason why you should not pass by the IGTV if you want to stay afloat in the conditions of the online market.

Well, you probably already know that the IGTV allows you to set videos that can last up to 60 minutes. And this is a great opportunity to provide your audience with high-quality content, in contrast to clips of 1-minute length or cutting it into several pages.

But there are also some nuances here. If you want to set the video with the maximum length, then this option is available to large accounts. But most likely this moment will be fixed soon, so you can start with small ones. By the way, major players in world markets do not use all hours. For example, on the Apple page, you can find a video posted on IGTV in just 1:35 minutes. The same thing applies to Fox, a global producer of fishing products, and they posted a 1:24 video on their page.

What to Do with IGTV

Based on the name of the TV, this means that the content should be released on a system basis. And this is a great business opportunity to "hook" your audience into the content.

For each of your videos, you can select a specific cover. And this means that you can make the design of your channel that will be recognizable by your audience.

To start, you will need either your smartphone or computer. Creating a channel is possible on all gadgets and it is very convenient. In the upper right corner, there is an image of the TV, where the interaction with this video platform begins.


How to Attract Subscribers to the IGTV Channel?

Unfortunately, attracting an audience to the channel is not such an easy task as we would like. However, as well as attracting attention to your account. But there is a special advantage if you have a small business and your niche does not have competitors in the IGTV, you have every chance of exploding like a bomb. Well, those who are less fortunate will have to work out the quality of the video content.

Let's look at the main methods of attracting an audience. By the way, they do not require financial investments, which is very important at the start.

  • Just like text content, the time when you post a video plays a role. If you have already actively promoted text content, you probably noticed peaks in the activity of your audience. Therefore, when posting a video, you can go the same way. And of course, do not forget about regularity, because you have to accustom your audience to wait for your new content in a fixed time.
  • Uniqueness plays a key role not only in the text but also in your videos. Watching the same videos is just as not as interesting as reading the copied text. If you have no idea how to create quality content, then you can turn to The Word Point translation, localization and proofreading service, but with IGTV you need a lot of purely personal practice. Therefore, train yourself to feed your viewers with unique content. By the way, the vertical format is a kind of protection against plagiarism. But still, we are talking about the ideas and concepts of the video too.
  • Use clickable links. Most likely this is one of the favorite features of the IGTV for many, so do not neglect the use of this tool either.
  • Add a call to action and remember to engage with the audience in the comments. This is especially important in the first period of work with IGTV in order to attract as many subscribers as possible and create trusting relationships.

How About Analytics?

You can analyze the statistics of your video as well. You can view the number of likes, comments, and views. In other words, it is an indicator of the engagement of your audience.

What is more, now you can see the ratio of people who watched your video to the number of people who subscribed to your channel. With the help of these statistical data, you will be able to quickly correct mistakes and not get distracted by the fact that your audience is not watching the video. In the end, analytics is needed not only to just look at it but to introduce improvements. 

IGTV Video Ideas for Increasing Traffic

If you still do not know what you could offer your audience in this video hosting, then there are a couple of ideas. Take a look and maybe find exactly what you needed.

  • Unpacking goods

This is one of the most popular directions, and most interestingly, it does not cease to lose its relevance. If your business needs traffic, then consider whether this option is suitable for your company. A feature in this form is the emphasis on detail, quality, color and even smell.

  •  Video reviews

Users like to watch reviews, especially before buying a product. So you can kill two birds with one stone: increase traffic and increase sales of your goods.

  • Video instruction

This type of video is suitable for a product that may be incomprehensible or difficult to use for the first time. For example, a humidifier which has the function of an aroma lamp. Show users how to use each function correctly.

  • Video offer

This approach is similar to the previous one but has some differences. You must demonstrate before and after. That is, the emphasis is on the results of using the product.

  • Manufacturing process

If you are a manufacturer of a product or you provide a service, then show people how you do it. Such videos are very popular not only among the already loyal audience but also will be useful for new consumers.


Despite the fact that  IGTV is not a new innovation to this date, many companies still ignore this platform. And they make a real mistake. Therefore, if this is about you, then it's time to change it!  If you don’t start doing video content in a quiet mode now, then in the future you will have to do it quickly, and expensively. Otherwise, you will not be able to play by the rules of online business.        


  Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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