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FAQ  how to use ZenApp

FAQ how to use ZenApp

06 Nov 2017 Zen-Promo news

1. On what device may I install Zen App on?

Zen App  could be installed on smartphones and tablets running on Android OS, as well as on PCs running on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) OS.

On devices running IOS and Mac OS, the application is currently not planned because of Apple's policy, we recommend that owners use the version for the PC.

2. Should Zen App be constantly active or I should only authorize and logout?

Zen App should run in the background while Zen-promo is working. For your convenience and if it is possible, you can install the application on both the PC and the smartphone/tablet. You can launch Zen App on the device that is more convenient to use at the moment.

If you launch Zen App on the smartphone, tablet and PC at the same time, then the connection via the PC will have top priority, and the work on accounts would be divided among the devices.

Also, you can launch the application on several PCs or smartphones, work on accounts would be also divided between them.

3. How much traffic will one account spend?

Amount of the traffic that Zen App uses is extremely small and is approximately 1.4-1.7 Mb per hour.

The work of the application is invisible and does not affect the overall performance of the computer in any way. In other words - you possibly won’t even notice ZenÁpp’s presence.

4. If I turn off the computer, smartphone/ tablet or my internet connection would interupted?

If you turn off your computer, smartphone or tablet, close the program or there would be problems with the Internet (i.e., Zen App would not be available), the work will automatically start through the Zen-promo server. However, our service would constantly try to contact your device, through which the work was performed. And as soon you make Zen App available on this device again - work will start again through it.

If you work simultaneously through several devices, when communication with the application on a PC disappears, all accounts will automatically switch to the application on a smartphone or tablet. In this case, Zen-promo will try to communicate with a higher priority application on PC.

In case of success, the priority device will again become the PC, in case of failure the work will be conducted via the application on Android before reauthorizing the disabled application on PC.

5. I have several Instagram  accounts. Is your new application from Zen-promo fine for me?

Yes, certainly.

Work through the application will be conducted on all accounts that are added to the cabinet on Zen-promo.com.

If you run Zen App on multiple devices, the work on accounts would be distributed between them.

In the nearest future, we plan to implement the ability to manually bind each account to a specific device with installed Zen App.

6. Is it safe?

This application ABSOLUTELY does not carry a threat for any data stored on your device. It does not receive, store, or transmit any data other than service requests to Instagram.

Zen App is checked by the most known licensed anti-virus programs (Kaspersky, Avast, Eset, Dr.Web, etc.). The Zen-promo team guarantees the safety of using the original application.

7. I didn’t like the Zen App. How can I disable the work through it?

You can disable the work through the application at any time  (please write us why you decided not to use the application).

To stop using the application, you need to log out from the application or simply delete it your device.

You can turn this feature back on at any time just by synchronising the application and your personal cabinet again.


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