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Free instagram promotion - the phase of active actions

Free instagram promotion - the phase of active actions

18 Dec 2017 Tutorial

And now let's talk about what to do so that your account is promoted as efficiently as possible and free of charge. Well, almost free. We remember about free cheese, right?

Regular posts

Yes, we’ve been telling you about that throughout the article. Because you need posts not just for your current followers entertainment, but also to attract new people.

A smart newsfeed will “suggest” your content to people with common interests in recommended section on its own.     

Instagram tools for free account promotion

As we mentioned earlier, that followers can find you by hashtags. This selection we placed for preparation because it’s a big chance to mess up here.

New followers also can find you by geotags. Here are two variants: to tag your location with every post, or find prosperous for you geotags and add them. Here is a good example of using geotags for an internet-store.

Use stories. It’s your daily chance to be noticed by all of active followers. Always use geolocation in stories, because that’s mostly how random stories get selected. Now you can get stories by hashtag, that’s why don’t miss your chance to get excessive attention for yourself.

Broadcasts. This tool is effective when you already got your active audience with a few thousands followers. Since that moment you can lure new followers from outside, because broadcasts can appear as recommended too. Broadcasts also solve loyalty issues, withdraw objections and many other things, but that’s a topic for a different article. Use broadcasts =)

Other free instagram promotion schemes

Subscription, likes and comments.

It’s all pretty simple. You find similar accounts, start following their followers and like them. Yes, manually if you need it to be completely free. Moreover it’s even better for new accounts, because you have less chances to reach the limit and get caught with suspicious activity.

Activity in TA places

You find accounts with similar topics, like users’ comments and reply to topics/discussions. But don’t go to business opponents, you’ll be neutralized there at once, and you won’t have a chance to analyse your business opponent anymore which is not unimportant. Also find bloggers, here you have a chance to win over active users.

Also you can like, start following and commenting by hashtags and by geotags.


There are not many contests types on instagram. Some popular are – to ask in comments in contest post to tag your friends or ask them to post a photo with a hashtag plus to mention your account. Because by telling their friends about you they have a chance to win a prize.

There are also contests with reposts, you’d better avoid them. Unless you offer something really valuably, people won’t participate, because users don’t like to spam their newsfeed indiscriminately.

Let’s have a closer look at “gives”, because they are usually not free. It goes like that: sponsors get together, give money, then the organizer buys a gift, and contacts a blogger who hosts a contest with a required condition to be subscribed to every sponsor. We won’t discuss it with details, because it’s all not free and usually doesn’t work the way you want.


Spam for spam is one of a mutual promotion ways. You publish an ad-post, where you mention the time frame, summing-up date and conditions. They are usually as follows:

  1. A participant grabs any photo from your profile, posts it mentioning your account and tells his followers about you.
  2. Types “ready” in the comment section of your post.
  3. Next you choose profiles you like in comments and tell about them in your profile.

You don’t have many followers for now, your SFS can’t get many participants, that’s why we recommend looking for bloggers and other profiles with your TA, which host SFS and try to participate in them. But you should realize at once, that you might be not even selected, however if a blogger with hundred thousand followers mentions you then it can give you a good result.

A free common instagram promotion

It’s a good variant, when you have an active audience of a few thousands. Find those who have similar TA as you have, but not your business opponents and agree on common promotion. For example, children clothes – toys for kids, manaquire master – a hairdresser, bakery blog – a blog about cuisine and etc.


Find a few bloggers with your TA, but not with excessive amount of followers. There are not spoiled by ads yet, and their audience is not sick of ads, you can suggest to make a review-post in return for a product. At least one of them most likely will agree.

Private communication

If your conscience allows you, grab active commentators from your business opponents, but consider that users might complain to the account owner and it won’t look good. Better find posts, where people discuss something connected with your topic then send a private message to active commentators.

Also you can greet your every new follower, it’s always pleasant and people become more active with your posts.

Next step - automatization and promotion on instagram

It’s always good to start doing all manually by your own, but to make it regularly – is not logical. You can automatize the most of free instagram promotion schemes, you can automatize it and free up lots of time.

For example there are many possibilities in our service. You can set likes and followings by business opponents, by geolocation, by hashtags and by users’ lists, here you can analyse your opponents and your account, and also control the quality of your followings list.

The last one is especially important, because you will get spam following requests, and you don’t need them, because no matter how hard you try making a quality content, you won’t get a single like neither somebody to buy it. In other words to ear to the ground by your own is very difficult, but luckily we have everything informative and in graphs.

The price for that starts with less then $1 a day, what we can easily consider almost a free variant for instagram promotion on your own.

What shouldn’t you do when you promote your profile on your own?

To have a private account.

People are lazy, and if a person after everything you tried, visited your profile, then he’ll just leave without waiting for you accepting him as a follower.

To find better time for posts

Yes, it’s quite logical, to refer to instagram statistics, which tells you about time your followers are the most active, but only smart newsfeed and your close connections with followers really matter. Not everybody check instagram every day, but if a user liked your posts previously, commented or chatted with you in the direct, then this user will see your post sooner or later. For example you posted on Wednesday, then there is a chance that your post will be seen, especially if a user had an interest before.

Suspicious contests and SFS

We’ve already mentioned “gives” earlier. Contests with many sponsors won’t bring you TA, you’ll only have mass unfollowings, and then you’ll waste lots of time dragging your account out this deep sh*t.   

Talking about SFS here we mean spam hashtags #sfs, #like4like and others, which also mean common likes and followings. It won’t get you any profit, in practice you just wind up the amount of likes.    

Collect bots and then look for real people.

There is an opinion that people evaluate the amount of your followers before starting following you, that’s why people start with winding up “robots” bots for a better look at once, and then try to develop their account.

No need to be like that, you need to be interesting for people, period. Bots will ruin your results and will influence on posts grading among followers.

It’s better to ask your friends to start following you and to be active there for some time. It’s more useful and more effective.

To use borrowed reputation badly

Look here at first.

It’s posts screenshot of one bar by geolocation.

Do you see any bar here? We don’t, but it has to be here. Business profiles spammed results for this geolocation, people don’t visit it anymore. They continue visiting the bar, but not the geoolaction.

That’s why it’s not effective to do like that. And those who visit such place, come here to know the bar better or to check how it is there, and here you are with your spam. If it was a pastry-cook or something connected, that’s logical just a bit, but nobody is gonna look for clothes, hats, perfume, cases and skin of a unicorn by bar geolocation. Most likely people will just scroll it down without even looking because it’s not connected anyhow with their interest and the reason they typed in such geolocation at the first place.  

We’ve posted the link to good geolocation examples above, and here was the example how not to do. It’s spam.

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