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Free Templates for Instagram

Free Templates for Instagram

Templates for Instagram – what is it?

This is not a new feature. Actually, many have already used them and did not know about it. Many users of the Facebook social network told interesting facts about themselves in status? We now turn to the discussion of the following points.

Who is the target client in Instagram

Many Instagram account holders are wondering about the proper promotion of their services. After @thesundaychapter (this fashion and lifestyle blog) published the one-of-a-kind templates starting this year, the number of its subscribers increased from 25,000 to a whopping 446 thousand in just a week! Is this not an obvious example of how patterns affect account popularity?

Instagram Templates can help increase brand popularity

The best method to attract your loyal followers is to keep to an equally style in the chosen niche. If the information in your account match the overall aesthetics of your brand, followers will want to see more. Consequently, this method will increase the popularity of your account and the quantity of subscribers will increase.

Engaging Instagram Followers Using Zen-promo

Draw your attention at the astrologer patterns @notallgeminis called «Circle What Applies»:

You understand your audience better

When followers share your posts, you can learn more about them! Instagram patterns help you understand whims of your followers and what they don't like. There is also the possibility customize your content using photos and videos that your subscribers like.

Using covers in Instagram account are excellent chance to understand why the quietest subscriber is watching you first. Not everyone will answer the question or vote.

Creating a unique patterns for Instagram account

Do not forget that imitation is the best sincere form of flattery. Let's figure out how to make your account unique. Generate a template suitable for the target audience. Show your subscribers that you know their flavors.

A guide to creative options of Instagram Stories

Travel blog tells subscribers about the places you want to visit.

You can post a response from one of the subscribers in the stories. So other users will understand that you are paying attention to your followers. Remember, even the relationship between creators and consumers is a two-way street.

What is the Highlights on Instagram?

Instagram content are a high – powered tool for communicating with subscribers and prospective customers. Now everyone can add unique moments of his life in Instagram history, which will be visible for more than 24 hours.

You can grouped several materials into one story. Now, any subscriber can view your history at a convenient time and not miss anything important.

Special moments are displayed in the form of a series of icons that are located above the photo and video:

Add materials to the album special moments easily. This is done after the material is published (even if it is still active within 24 hours).

Just click on the corresponding icon (or just a part):

Each story is accompanied by a unique heading. It must not contain more than 16 characters. Try not to exceed 10-11 characters. So in your profile, users can read it entirely.

When someone clicks the icon of your special moments, or Highlights, he can look through the content of the story that you added to this album. If you do not create and use covers for special moments, Instagram will automatically select a random screenshot of one of the stories, which is almost always blurry and of poor quality. Even with a bright title such automatic covers look ugly.

Newsfeed or Stories? Instagram features that are important for marketers

Using high-quality and unusual covers for Stories Highlights will make your Instagram profile bright and recognizable... So why not spend a few minutes editing it?

Examples of well-designed templates for Unique Moments


The Osbourne Residents makes excellent use of the Instagram special moments feature displays the whole life of the restaurant including the menu.

This is how Osbourne uses Highlights, which includes albums with titles:

  • Arrangements – Christmas, Birthday, wine tasting, opening a new restaurant and much more.
  • Back Side life – cooking head cook lunch, presentation brand – new dishes and practice personnel.
  • Choose our team – Hotel personnel offered subscribers a vote in the food and drink competition. Company held a contest asking for participants confirming your voting with screenshots.
  • The dishes of our restaurant – Innovative delicious and drinks, demonstrated in an extraordinary way!

Of all the participants, the most competent in the Instagram design Vannila: they are experts in the field of color combinations and improve the aesthetics of the news show. Photos in their Instagram are full of candy and delicious, and the templates of the Instagram are designed in strict accordance with the theme of the institution.

New features for shopping on Instagram


Team of these guys knows everything about maintaining aesthetics of the company. Their page just oozes with bold, bright and cheerful shades. In their account, not only the logo glows with a rainbow - Highlights icons have the same bright colors as the entire account!


This woman adhere to a rather light minimalistic color solution using velvet backdrop and white cover for special moment album. This is not a bad decision, since subscribers will better remember the account and will more often view the profile, which will positively affect its promotion. Turn your attention that Katie’s album titles are relatively compact and informative.

The benefits of stories in your account

Special moments increase the quantity of views of your photo and video in social network. Therefore, their design should be treated very carefully:

Zen-promo Parser for Instagram

  • When someone views a story from special moments, service independently plays the following from the list. More people will appreciate your account!
  • You additionally share information about your crew and company, and not just share information about your life. If this information is in the interests of your audience, then save it for a long memory in the album "Special moments".
  • Be creative when adding materials to your Instagram album. This may be a backstage life, a presentation of a new product, a short tale or an interesting proposal. Show your subscribers an important event or a set of useful life hacks / assemblies. Let your imagination go!

Now that you are ready to show yourself to the world, how to do it? Try to decorate album in your account of stories with amazing cover!

To apply the cover to the album Instagram Stories Highlights, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Save them to your phone.

After you have created covers (or downloaded for free), transfer them to your phone. Try using Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply email yourself.

2. Share the story

First you must have a published story. For this purpose go to the news feed and click the camera icon in the upper left corner. After completing the story, click the button with the arrow in the lower right corner, then the blue “Send” button next to the “Your story” parameter. Confirm the action.

An effective promotion strategy: Zen-promo and Spamguard

Repeat the process for each photo.

4. Add content to a new or existing moment.

Replay your story on Instagram and click the “Highlight” button in the lower right corner (it looks like a small heart with a circled circle).

A slider appears with the words "Add to Current". Choose an existing moment or create a new one. Then you will be prompted to name the album. Keep in mind that the headers will be cropped, so they should be short! Then click "Add."

4. Set the cover

Go to your profile page. If you want to change the album cover, click on it to start playing the content, and then click “Advanced” in the lower right corner. Select "Edit Cover".

Then add an image from the contents of the moment using the menu below. Edit the scale, and change the position of the image inside the circle to your liking. When you are satisfied with what the cover looks like, click Finish. Confirm the action.

Repeat this process for each moment. All is ready!

So that you do not need to bother with the design of the cover, we have prepared several free templates:

  • Cover with icons for all occasions of two colors. Download here
  • Cover for lovers of healthy food and accounts on vegetarianism.
  • Download here
  • Perfect covers for girls
  • . Download here
  • Cover for a blog about beauty and lifestyle. Download here
  • Icons for blog about travel and leisure. Download here
  • Icons for a blog about healthy lifestyle and sports. Download here
  • Icons pack for beauty salon owners. Download here
  • Marble icons for Instagram. Download here

Icons of pleasant pastel shades for your blog.

Download here

Instagram promotion results and client touchpoints in Zen-promo

All templates can be downloaded for free. On these sites you will find the cover under the theme of your account. They will delight you and your subscribers.

So let's summarize. Using covers for stories in instagram will allow you not only to make your pages brighter, but also attract the attention of other users who have not been subscribed to you on your page. Especially this is an important point in the promotion of business accounts. Remember that covers should be harmonious, without defiant colors and ridiculous colors. The subject of the picture should coincide with the information on the activities of the instagram account. Properly built profile allows you to raise the number of subscribers several times. Customers trust beautiful accounts.

By following our tips you will make your profile interesting and unique. Connect your fantasy and increase your chances of success!

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