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How can you find your target followers?

How can you find your target followers?

When you develop an Instagram strategy, first of all you should think about research of target audience.

• Great content – to know favorite things in user feeds;

• Right captions – to know what they want to hear;

• Post time – to know when most users are online.

So the most important things are preferences and interests of your audience.

How can you find your target followers?

Try to make your own customer

When you start a business, you have to definite the ideal customer. Answer the questions:

1. What are my goods?

2. Who will buy my goods?

3. What do my customers try to find?

4. What should I do to attract them?

Remember! Your offline customers and online ones could be too various. Try to please both.

Network demographics

Check fundamental statistics of your subscribes: age, gender and location.

You should realize who is looking for your goods. After that try to find such an audience and make an offer.


Try to stalk your users. Check last posts, hashtags they use, find out their interests and preferences. If you find that they use some abbreviations like YOLO, LOL, etc., you can add them into your posts and comments to attract them.

It is also useful to check their followings, maybe you find your competitors. Add something interesting from them to your profile.

This information about the audience can help you make your content more attractive.

Direct messages

Don’t forget about private communication. You can ask what new followers want to see in your account and why they decided to visit you. Always thank most active users by causal messages.

Competitors content

Stealing is not very good, but it is just business. Your more successful competitors can have really good ideas. Use it to attract your own audience. Mix it with your minds; add something new to make unique content.

Another point is looking for your followers in the competitors profiles. You will be surprised when you see how many users are ready to answer your following, especially if you can offer them something new in this area.

Don’t forget about self-promotion, but try to be not very aggressive with it.

Direct communication in the feed

Do you know the real power of question-answer form? We think not exist. Feedback of your followers is very important. And the best way to know mood and wishes of the audience it is to ask them!

Find out what format is most attractive to them, what kind of content they want to see. They gift you a lot of interesting answers.

Instagram polls

Another way to have a feedback is making polls. You can ask the same questions – format and kind of content, what you should add, what maybe it is better to release. For example, some travel-focused accounts ask users about next destination to reach.

Last two points and feedback in general can really improve your strategy and choose the most attractive format of account to old and new followers.

Useful hashtags

Hashtags can easily increase number of your followers. It is the most popular (or close to it) way to find goods, news, etc. in Instagram.

Find out the target hashtag that will be a symbol of you. This one your audience will use themselves that stress common interests with you.

Replicate the success

In the beginning you leave a lot of various posts to find the best format. And finally you realized that you identified it. Don’t be shy and replicate this one. You can add something new and diversify it, but the base should be the same. It doesn’t means that you text messages should be identical, it means that if your users most like short videos with funny stories about something, and you should use this format further.

Right time to post

It is obvious that if you want the best engagement, your posts should be placed on the prime-time. More followers are online, more activity, answers, comments you receive. The previous information about location and age can really help you to find out the most effective time to post.

It is important to follow this principle to make users sure about posting new content constantly.


It maybe looks easy to research the target audience after reading this article. But it only seems to be simple. There is no the only right strategy, you have to work a lot to promote the profile and find the audience. But we tried to help you avoid some mistakes and pace your job. And don’t forget about the most important point: all these advices will be useless without really good, attractive and quite unique content. Make it interesting and be on the top!

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