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How Instagram Affects Trends for Other Social Networks

How Instagram Affects Trends for Other Social Networks

20 Jul 2020 Business

Social media is now deeply ingrained into most users' daily lives so much so that they are constantly checking their social media feeds by the hour. Considering the importance of social networks in the lives of consumers', marketers and businesses strategize using social media advertising to connect with their target audience.

There are several social media sites, and undoubtedly, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc. are leading the pack. However, Instagram has also gained much popularity since its launch in 2010. It has grabbed the attention of over one billion active monthly users. Besides that, any significant trends and changes on the platform can influence the social media landscape. Thus, we'll be looking at how Instagram can affect social media trends on other social networks.

The Power of Storytelling

The average consumer always feels more connected to brands that can share its authentic stories. Naturally, more businesses are compelled to embrace storytelling in engaging their target audience. And there's no better social network than Instagram when it comes to having a platform that allows you to tell your story fluidly.

Since 2016 the Instagram Stories feature has snowballed. As of early 2019, Instagram reportedly reached 500 million active daily users, most of whom make use of the Instagram stories feature.

In recent times more platforms have caught onto this social media trend. For example, early this year, Twitter announced it'll start the trial of a new feature it calls fleets. Twitter's Fleets, just like Instagram stories, will disappear entirely after 24 hours. Spotify recently announced it would carry out a stories-like feature test on its platform, and even platforms like YouTube and WhatsApp have hopped on this trend.



Using your Instagram stories and highlight feature is a great way to post your content and cross-promote your content directly to Facebook for more engagement. Brands are cutting back on regular feed posts while posting more Instagram stories daily using highlights that keep them even after 24hours.

Proper Use of Influencers

Although we have seen the social media trend of influencer marketing on other social sites, Instagram has taken it a notch higher. Over 69% of marketers are willing to spend more on Instagram influencers this year. That's over six times the numbers for YouTube (11%), a social media advertising hub for influencers.

Additionally, the influencer statistics show that 78% of marketers prefer Instagram content posts as the most effective form of influencer marketing. Instagram leads the trend in influencer marketing also because of the universal nature of its sponsored posts. It is easy to produce, approve, and publish. Therefore it also becomes easy to scale up your content. More users are prone to following influencers they relate to in contrast to those who live a picture-perfect lifestyle. Thus, when targeting a specific audience for your brand, you need to work with an influencer that they can easily relate to. Don't focus only on the big influencers. Your brand can find more value partnerships with their micro or nano-influencers because they attract more engagement and are more likely to engage users.


Twitter on Instagram 

In 2019 Screenshots of viral tweets were a huge trend, and it doesn't look like it will be going away anytime soon. It started on Instagram, and now we see other social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube following this trend.

If you have a tweet that has gone viral, you can embed it in a grid post or publish it in your Stories and direct people to the post. You can also share the tweets from users in your community, interacting with your brand's message. Remember to credit their tweets!

The Relevancy of Content and Hashtags 

 In a recent survey, Instagram emerged as the leader of all social media sites in terms of the most effective social engagement. Where words and image size limits often restrict other platforms, Instagram has always set the trend in providing unlimited content posting capabilities.

Authentic and unfiltered content is a trend that never gets old. Instagram enables users to have a balance when posting fresh and honest content in the form of visuals and texts. Because user interest is piqued beyond the image, they want to know the story behind it. Considering the stiff competition that comes with Instagram algorithms, marketers and businesses need to create relevant posts that enable their content to appear more frequently in a user's feed.



Although popular hashtags that generate immediate activity on a single post are more synonymous with Twitter, Instagram hashtags are also making their impact in the industry. Skilfully using these hashtags is another way to enable the Instagram algorithm to push your content for increased visibility. Remember to use these hashtags in relevant and timely posts. Use specific hashtags when you are focusing on a target audience or multiple hashtags for a mixed audience.   

Disappearance of Bots

Bots were a prevalent and controversial strategy before the purge in 2018. It was hard to tell organic profiles from paid comments, likes, and followers on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, Instagram has gone hard on the fight against accounts using Bots generated engagements. And more platforms are catching up with this trend to keep accounts organic and authentic. You can bet more Bots across several social platforms are bound to disappear in the coming months.


Activism Mobilization

With the power of visual content and millions of users, Instagram has also helped trend-worthy causes to the fore. Activists use this powerful tool that is imagery on Instagram to tell real stories and device the spread of inspiring messages far and wide.

Through the connective awareness-building users get on Instagram, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing other social platforms focus on imagery to enable their users to advocate for courses dear to their hearts. For instance, the #CookForSyria imitative on Instagram became a global fundraising movement that encouraged everyone to cook with Syrian ingredients to help raise money to support the humanitarian crisis victims. These victims cover those in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and beyond.


Instagram has grown beyond the typical social media platform for pictures and likes. It is now one of the top marketing engines for both big and small brands globally. Instagram is poised to grow into a bigger e-commerce platform, providing businesses with innovative tools and trends for fresh and highly interactive content.


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