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How to add another account on Instagram

How to add another account on Instagram

How to add another account on Instagram

Instagram is an impressive, bright and encouraging Internet site which is in rising interest among users. What is the secret of its mad success? With all the interface simplicity, this resource provides a lot of exciting possibilities not only for self-development but also for managing a prosperous business. After all, having an account, or even a few, will help create an excellent launching pad for product advancement, as well as embody a wide variety of advertising moves. As you can see, selfie posting isn't the platform capability limit.

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It's worth noting that there are a great many different courses, training seminars and other schools for promoting your account on Instagram and for every taste and color, as they say.

Books are also being actively written in which already famous stars with a million followers are teaching beginners how to succeed in their Instagram profile.

But all this is worth the time, money and some effort. The question is, why to hurry to sign up for the next useless webinar if you just have to do some work and create the very basis for promoting your account. After all, if you wish, this isn't difficult, and various additional web applications will attract followers to you and let you automate advancing of your profile.

In our article, we will give the most useful recommendations and see how to add a second account to Instagram. We will also provide an app overview that will help manage it, and subsequently promote both profiles, bypassing competitors.

Start with the simplest and create a new account. This is not so hard to do. It's required to do the next scheme:

  • Go to the Instagram application and log out of an existing account.
  • A bit lower, choose the “No profile on Instagram” option and create a new one.

  • There are three options for creating it: Facebook, email, or using a phone number.

  • Please note that it's better to choose the mail option because it's the easiest. Some don't like Facebook and registering through a phone number often fails. Sometimes the verification code just doesn't come.

Let's take a more comprehended look at creating a profile using e-mail. We advise you to choose your own and not fake mail. After all, there will be sent a link to confirm your created account.

  • Specify the mail and click the standard "Next" button.
  • Create a memorable login and password.

  • Then you will get a confirmation link that will direct you to the created profile.
  • Congratulations, you have become the happy owner of another account. Now you will undoubtedly come in handy if you want to use one as a personal and the other for business purposes.

How to manage two accounts on Instagram?

To merge two profiles and not to re-enter your data each time, it's enough to exit the newly created account and go to the old one.

  • In the standard settings a bit lover, select the “Add account” option.

  • Tap on it and type the earlier generated username and password.

  • Now two accounts become available for you to manage.
  • If one of them for any reason ceases to be relevant, click "Logout", and you will only have one valid Instagram profile.

Compared to Facebook and other similar resources, Instagram is simple in its design and lack of complex functionality. But this is its feature and success. Even a novice can simply manage and switch between profiles. It isn't difficult.

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What is required to easily change one account to another? Just follow the next guidelines:

  • When you created an additional profile, below it will be a small arrow.

  • Choose it, and a tiny window will open.

  • Select one of the current accounts and easily view all relevant information.

As for important notifications, they can also be tracked in two different profiles.

Each event is signed by the name of the account, and they can be easily sorted if necessary.

Similarly, you can keep track of important and necessary comments from followers or other Instagram users.

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Using Zen-promo as a promotion and management tool

There is one curious and promising service that helps in the conquest of Instagram.

It's called Zen-promo and can also facilitate the management of two accounts at once. It also creates excellent opportunities for their promotion and advertising. Suitable for people who want to promote their business pages in a short time and aren't afraid to experiment in the field of marketing and PR.

This web application has a lot of helpful features and "chips" that will be valuable for young entrepreneurs.

Using them, you will attract many followers to both accounts. And you will certainly be aware of your posts won't go unnoticed.

In addition, Zen-promo applies a recognition system for bots and abandoned profiles. It only interacts with active users, who will accurately comment on your posts almost every day.

Also, this web resource helps to analyze the work done to attract followers and promote their accounts. Statistics of your monthly followers are sent to you in the form of an accessible and understandable schedule.

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You can also see their activity in your profile.

We finish the app mini-review and go directly to how you can manage two accounts at once with the help of Zen-promo. It's very convenient and functional.

  • It's required to have a personal account on the service. Let's go to it.
  • When you create a new account, an additional window appears with the "Add account" message.
  • Click on this button and enter your login and password, created for the new profile.
  • Zen-promo system gets access to your data for more successful work with accounts.
  • You should not worry. The app uses various encryption methods and advanced technologies to protect your virtual data.
  • The service starts to like and attract followers to the selected profile.

Sometimes Instagram may require a verification code. This is not the scammers' machinations but an extra measure to protect your page. On your mail or phone, you'll see a code which must be entered in order to further work with your profile.

Entering the code, you can safely get to work in Zen-promo. As you can see, all the circumstances have been planned for the quick realization of your business ideas. And managing two accounts at once doesn’t require much free time.


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