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How to become a partner and earn Zen-promo on engaging the audience.

How to become a partner and earn Zen-promo on engaging the audience.

Guide to creating an online store with good traffic from Instagram.

Zen-promo service features.

Using this program you will be able to automate the promotion of social network Instagram and increase your earnings thanks to a well-configured targeting. You will get promotion in Instagram in the form of increasing the number of subscribers, likes and comments, which means that you will perfectly advertise the product and increase the demand and sales volume. As you can see, the software is very useful, so those who do not need the promotion of the account, can take advantage of earnings thanks to Zen-promo, using the affiliate program. If to consider more, take a few sections to work with Zen-promo in Insta.

  1. Mark " like".

If we talk about likes, you can find some interesting features that do not have similar services.

  • Mutual-if a user likes your publication, the system puts a like to this user automatically.
  • "For the" – new photos subscribers will automatically policany, which will cause the approval and loyalty of people signed, and they will often come to your page.
  • On the comments – sometimes it's better to like comment and not a photo, and with that we will be able to help Zen-promo.

Imagine how much time you will save if you entrust it to the service, and will not do it manually.

How to use subscribing for hashtags in Instagram.

  1. Subscriptions.

Certainly an effective way to promote.


It is possible to add ten or more comments, which the system itself will send under the photo to users according to certain criteria. You can write "I liked your photo" or "Interesting content, I have something in my profile that will interest you". No one will delete comments, but what the page owner and his subscribers will see is guaranteed. This increases the chances of promotion, so do not neglect such a tool of promotion.

  1. Parsing.

The ability to gather the necessary audience manually makes the work easier and cleaner, read about this opportunity here.

  1. Cleaning from bots.

It is very important to remove the target audience or bots, as the conversion will be small against the background of indicators. For example, you have 8,000 subscribers, but most of them are bots, and your posts are viewed by only 400 of those 8,000. As you can see, good is not enough.

Additional service specialized in cleaning: Spamguard, learn more about new features here.

Benefits of affiliate program.

Profitable and well-developed partner program to Zen-promo has a number of advantages:

  • Great working functionality.
  • Stable payments once a month to e-wallets and the card of Sberbank (there is a possibility of withdrawal of funds ahead of time in the amount of 1000 rubles).
  • Excellent support, which quickly solves problems and answers all questions.
  • High percentage of deductions (up to 20 %).
  • Multi-level referral system.
  • No SOFTWARE installation.
  • 7 days trial period.
  • Payment from 3 days to 365.
  • No account locks.
  • Contests and promotions.

Secrets of promoting a personal brand in the Instagram

The process of earnings on the affiliate program.

In order to start making money on the affiliate program, you need to register.

register instagram

On the official website, select the "Registration" section, enter the data and click on the "Affiliate program"that appears.

register instagram

Next, you should choose which method you want to work with.

register instagram

Here you will see the differences between the two types of affiliate programs. They are distinguished by the presence / absence of levels, as well as interest payments.

Regular programme. This is a standard payment model, where you get a fixed amount of deductions from each person in the system. This scheme is very popular.

Multilevel program. The offer is attractive, but mostly for good webmasters. If you are a competent specialist, you will be able to receive interest from your referrals (15 %), and from the referrals of the second level (10 %), and even from the referral of the third level (5 %). This model is not as common as the first one, but with proper setup and involvement you can get a good passive income.

register instagram

As with the usual program everything is clear, we will show you how to register for a multi-level program.

Instagram API News

We have a contract offer software Zen-promo.

AgrWorking money-making scheme in a multi-level system.

The key to success in earning on partner programs is Convertable traffic from the platforms to generate income. To make money on Zen-promo, we have certain tools.

register instagram

Promotional material. From the promotional materials we have a referral link that you can send to your email, insert into your article or leave it under the video. With this simple method, you can easily get your Commission. You will also find banners that can be placed in your social media profile or on a large portal (for money).ee and proceed to the methods of earnings.

Referrals. In order to keep track of statistics and get updated information constantly, there is a special section. Statistics are needed to track the progress and analysis of the audience, to know from what source comes the most people, and expand in this direction.

"For dessert" I want to show one of the working schemes, which has repeatedly helped and paid off more than 100% ALWAYS!

  • To start, we will post a referral link in all available sources (i.e. all thematic forums). At first, the results will be close to zero, but we will find out from what source the traffic is best. Over time, you will find the right site for yourself, and the result will be obvious.
  • Now there are two ways, when you managed to achieve good results. The first is to keep the income on the bar that you are satisfied. The second – to continue to expand, invest and find even more traffic, advertising the product sold on YouTube, Inste, VK, FB and other large-scale projects Runet.
  • The main methods, which begins with the separation from zero - placing links, comments, creating your site / landing, building a database. The closer the theme of the site / account, which is advertising, to the theme of the site, the more likely to get new referrals. By the way, we do not knowingly referred to a landing page. If you want to present the information so that it is exactly like customers, create your landing page, ie landing page that will promote the product for you. When making a text on the page, pay attention to keywords or LSI-phrases that will help to bring the site to the top of the search engine. And, of course, do not forget about the other methods – the more people you cover, the higher your income.
  • Do not be afraid to invest in promotion, the more you spend on advertising, the potential customers will see the ad and register on the service
  • Over time, you will reach passive income when you have a lot of active referrals. There is something to strive for!

How to use AutoDirect in Zen-promo.com for Instagram promotion

Now you have read about the really working scheme, so do not waste time and start implementing it right now.

If you have any suggestions for placement on Your resources, please contact our Manager for the development of the affiliate network: support@zen-promo.com

Review the detailed instructions for working with the service Zen-promo

Service Zen-promo spins your account in Instagram (c) using a variety of automatic actions toward other users from your account name (laiki, replies, comments) on your settings and filters. Interested users meet the Huskies subscriptions and comments.

Immediately after registration you will be paid the balance in 7 days, during which you will have access to almost all features of the service.

Instagram Stories promotion through images

How many accounts can I add and how payment is debited?

You buy the time at which the service commits specified actions. During the pause the service account (for example, at night) is not written off balance. You can add an unlimited number of accounts. The balance will be amortized to each of them separately. For example, if two accounts have worked simultaneously for two hours, you will be charged for four hours, etc. during test period time is charged regardless of whether the accounts.

Secure access and the solution frequently encountered errors

Zen-promo adheres to the official limits on the number of Instagrama action in all settings. We recommend you to adjust the speed of action, on the basis of age, fullness and previous experience. To promotion in via Instagram was even easier and more efficient, please read our recommendations and solutions to common errors.

By using Zen-promo you get real subscribers. Who really like your photo and what you are doing in via Instagram.

And it will be the inhabitants of your city!

We work with people with brands, agencies ... with all who need subscribers in via instagram. With Zen-promo you will quickly become popular in via Instagram!

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