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How to choose an Instagram blogger for advertising and why influencer marketing is so effective

How to choose an Instagram blogger for advertising and why influencer marketing is so effective

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

Today, influencer marketing is becoming very popular. The boom started about 3 years ago. Conducted since that time studies show that over 70 percent of people are ready to listen to bloggers when they advertise something. In general, here play a role two factors:

  • People become tired from the widespread attempts of imposing the goods and services in an aggressive form;
  • The tendency of a person to believe well known or public people who are sympathetic to him.

Also, the popularity of marketing impact can be tracked, taking into account the data about the growing number of apps which block advertising in a browser. Ads aren't shown for every fifth online user.

On the other hand, video blogging on YouTube and Instagram, as well as following the opinions of popular bloggers, gives certain opportunities to your products and services Internet promotion. Followers, especially young people, try to imitate their idols in many ways and trust them. Native (organically placed) advertising doesn't cause irritation, but on the contrary, interests them.

Instagram purchases statisctics and setting of a targeted advertising

How it works today

At the beginning of advertising on Instagram were used other methods. In particular, the most important criterion was the number of followers. Now, this is outdated. Of course, the blogger popularity is also important. However, the "race" over quantity at that time led to the appearance of fast boosting and bots. So, attention should now be paid to other features.

One way is to search for a blogger by geolocation. You can quickly find out who is popular in a particular city/region. Each blogger has some kind of direction: cooking, travel, sports and so on. Based on these two criteria, you can already identify the range of people who interest advertisers.

In the future, it's worth looking at the statistics by gender. If a blogger has more than 60 percent of male followers, then it makes no sense to order expensive advertising of women's things.

It's worth assessing the involvement of followers in your profile. With the help of bots, not only the number of followers is increasing, but also the "likes". A good result is 300 likes and about 10 comments per post for every 10,000 users. In principle, such content can be considered honest.

You need to pay attention to the content by itself. Suppose, according to New-York geolocation, there are popular bloggers but the first places are occupied by people whose content consists of half-naked young people and girls, kittens and puppies or other abstract things. Such profiles can be popular, honest, but useless to advertisers. The main contingent will not be interested in considering any ads because they visit a favorite blogger just for the sake of beautiful pictures. The content must be yours, then it will work at full capacity, which will give the necessary result.

These are the basic principles of influencer marketing that apply to all bloggers. Now we turn to the topic of choosing a blogger, based on the nature of his activities.

Niches within Instagram

How to collaborate with professionals and amateurs

Bloggers, in general, are divided into two types - professionals and amateurs. For a professional, keeping an account is the main activity and earning. Such bloggers devote to this all their time. Amateurs can be called popular people, for whom communication with followers on Instagram can be called a hobby. The number of fans both types have is quite large, but still, the professionals are much less likely to encounter bots, as they monitor the quality and reputation. Although there are exceptions.

Where to get ideas for Instagram posts

Work with professionals

Such bloggers have the following advantages:

  • Active users who constantly monitor new posts - here you can find your target audience;
  • Goods and services will be more recognizable - followers believe the opinion of the profile author;
  • Advertising will be native - it means that it will naturally be placed in posts, subconsciously increasing its credibility.

It can be difficult to find a common language with them because professionals often know the value of their actions. In addition, they often work only on prepayment. Deception cases are almost impossible, and if money was paid for the blocks, it will appear in any case. It's a matter of reputation. But on the other hand, if the relationship doesn't add up, the advertiser can find his brand is not in the form that he expected.

When working with a professional, you should discuss in detail all the nuances before the start of advertising posts placement, including your vision of the situation, the terms of posts publication, whether there will be contests, giveaways and so on.

The main points of cooperation can be called:

  • The monetary form of payment. Professionals are unlikely to agree to a barter since they often need considerable funds to maintain a profile;
  • The company's value is calculated only together with the blogger, since it's possible to change the price on his part, for example, if he doesn't like the goods;
  • Your vision of how this should look is taken into account. However, it's not necessary to impose professional your opinion for mandatory execution. He will use his style which is appreciated by his followers;
  • Advertising doesn't can be only positive. Give a blogger opportunity to express his opinion about your product, including its disadvantages. This will look natural and confidential, and the audience will interest the highlighted benefits.

How to identify the right audience on Instagram

Work with amateurs

Their main difference is that such a profile is a hobby. An interest to the author doesn't exist at the expense of unique content, but because of its own popularity. Many pages are characterized by good involvement, but on the other hand, there is no specific target audience, which causes some risks because not all followers can be interested in advertising. Here you should only hope that such people are idols and leaders of opinions and followers will copy them. In contrast to professionals, the campaign's value depends on the number of viewers.

Amateur advantages:

  • Low price among average bloggers;
  • The monetary form of payment is optional, barter or the services exchange is present;
  • The customer has a great influence on their form and content;
  • If the followers are more than 300,000, the result can be very worthy.

The disadvantages include the indifference to the visual design of posts that may seem quite implausible, so the advertiser should strictly monitor this and, if possible, manage the editorial staff. Also, the risk of failure such an expensive advertising is very high due to the lack of a target audience.

Features of working with amateurs:

  • If the profile isn't maintained regularly, the customer should discuss a moment when the posts are placed, in order to reach the greatest activity of users;
  • Posts visualization and their form may need to be edited by the advertiser. "Celebrities" are an exception. Stars may not go for the proposed conditions;
  • A "Celebrity" whims. They can refuse at the last moment.

The rules and features described in the article are general. They can be based on but all nuances are discussed directly with profile authors. Both types of bloggers have advantages and disadvantages, so the choice depends more on your funds and tasks availability.

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