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How to communicate with buyers in Direct

How to communicate with buyers in Direct

31 Aug 2020 Business

Building customer feedback is a very important aspect of running a social media business. Do not forget that “the Internet forgives nothing,” and rudeness in dealing with customers will not go unnoticed. In order to avoid conflicts, you need to learn some fundamentally important points for communication on the network.

Features of Instagram

Instagram has a very convenient opportunity to contact a business account directly (through the corresponding button in the business account or direct), but you should get used to the fact that most of the messages will come to you through comments. Users tend to leave all complaints and questions in a visible place, so they are reluctant to go direct.

Establishing a dialogue with a client is necessary in order to:

  1. Strengthen relationships with old clients;
  2. Attract new ones.

And in fact, and in another case, there are nuances that must be taken into account. You cannot approach both old and new subscribers with the same set of phrases. A loyal client will enjoy an individual approach, and a newcomer will certainly need to put everything on the shelves - you can use a pre-written template that contains everything you need to know.

Correspondence with the customer in the directorate is a unique process in its own way, since no one will ever tell you how to act. Because of this, many inexperienced specialists respond either too businesslike, as in emails, or too familiarly.

How to communicate with clients

First you need to remember the golden rule - the client is always right. For the most part, defending one's position in disputes with a client does not lead to anything good, especially if the reason is objective. Almost any conflict can be ended with some nice bonus or an apology.


You need to answer with the most cool head. In a dialogue with a client, you should not give vent to grievances, especially when the client is not to blame for your bad mood.

Tips for maintaining a dialogue with a potential client


  1. Create templates

On Instagram, you can create templates - quick replies for messages of the same type. In order not to write the same thing every time, it is enough to save one detailed answer and send it at any necessary moment.

  1. Avoid ambiguity

Not all people take answers the same way you do. Try not to leave room for negativity, otherwise there will certainly be someone who finds your answer rude. Even if initially you didn't put any rudeness into this phrase.


  1. Ask questions

Clarify everything at once, so that later there will be no complaints against you. It is better to "get" the client a little at the initial stage than to listen to dissatisfaction that you did not read the mind later. To do this, you need to ask many leading questions.

Questions can also help you tilt the client's opinion in your favor. For example, a simple question "would you like ..?" will force him to give a concrete answer not only to himself, but also to you. If he is in doubt, leave your contact details or make a profitable offer. There is a chance that he will respond when he decides that he really needs it.


  1. Remember the timing

Try to respond to the client within an hour, even if his problem cannot be solved right here and now. Let him know that you are working on the problem and can solve it after a while, even if it is only two or three hours.


There is nothing difficult in communicating with clients - you just need to be able to enter their position and look at the situation from a different angle. Most often, conflicts arise from misunderstandings and unfair demands in relation to each other. Kindness and patience are the foundation of healthy communication and a good company reputation.

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