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How to Create Beautiful Instagram Post and Feed to Get More Engagement?

How to Create Beautiful Instagram Post and Feed to Get More Engagement?

How to Create Beautiful Instagram Post and Feed to Get More Engagement?

Hiya! Can I have your instagram? 

You have probably heard this in pick-up lines and in other times as a question for a new friend. Well, it is expectable that Instagram has become a platform for people to promptly have a sense of who are you. Nowadays, Instagram might become the second impression apart from your real-life interactions so it is essential to manage your posts in style even when you use it as a private account. Management of posts would become more fundamental as an Instafamous or online business runner. First impression is built up solely online. Do you want to become an Instafamous? Or do you wish to start up a business on instagram? If so, take a seat and lemme pour you a cup of tips on how to make stunning posts and get more instagram engagement. 

1.What should be posted?

First thing first, the basic fundamental concept of economy, “supply and demand”. Before start posting on your blank instagram, figure out what people would like to see. Food? Beauty? Music? Art? And how these common themes related to your life and abilities? 

Food and Recipes

Side Dishes for Summer

Yummy Food Layout for Instagram

This is a universal topic. Who doesn’t eat? Those who haven’t wouldn’t have survived over three days. No matter what circumstances, we cannot quit eating as food is human’s basic needs. Ever heard of the term “food porn”? People film the cooking and eating process as oddly satisfying and meant to evoke something intrinsic within you. Food Channel is successful in triggering people’s appetite and that’s how it gets famous. Look at those scrumptious breakfast, alternative diet options and smoothie recipes all over Instagram! Oh, great now I am hungry.

Cute Animals

Golden Retriever Takes a Shower

White Cat Lost and Found

To be honest, this is something that I can’t help but share to my friends on instagram direct with a tag “Ooooooo look at this smart doggy who just one-take passed the invisible wall challenge” or something like “is this you in a cat body?” One couldn’t deny the cuteness of the animals when seeing them get into ridiculous situations and beg for our help by staring at the camera.

Music Videos

Best Hip-Hop Songs of All Time

Country Music Instagram Cover

Music is a global language and allows people to express who they are. As the extension of our identities, we share music as the way to share who we are. Take myself as an example, I share alternative rock and heavy metal music or artists on instagram, which means I do not follow the flow. Those who have the same music taste and most probably some similar traits would be drawn to this page and eventually form a community of metalhead. You can do the same! If you have a talent in singing, sing covers of your favourite songs and post it online. Someday you might become a star as well.


If you are good at drawing, Instagram is the best place for you to show off your paintings and obtain fervent supporters from all over the globe. My friend of mine once discovered Ic.commander when randomly scrolling down the page. Since then, she became obsessed with his paintings and has paid him a visit in another country to get her own portraiture drawn by the artist. Thus, Instagram works well for artist to earn fame and money.


Travel and Adventure

Wonderful Week in Australia This Winter

Fall Road Trip Tips

Most people would dream of distant places and have a sunbath on the Santa Monica Beach, but not everyone can travel to many places at a time. So, it is advisable for a backpacker to post the extraordinary pictures of the places you travel, like a camel ride in the Sahara Desert or the pink beach in Komodo in Indonesia. People would like to add those unordinary places to their travel bucket list and share it to people whom they want to visit the places with. 

Creative Work

Do you draw or sing well? Or do you travel a lot? Do you have a cute face or cute doggy? Even if you don’t possess such abilities and aesthetically pleasing items or body parts, try something new and creative will work. This creates a cultural niche for the people who like things other than the mainstream and build up a community as well. No matter how talented and creative you are, better stick to (preferably) one or two types of content in one instagram account. Why?

It’s simple. Strangers would follow you for one reason: you have provided value in your posts and they like to see it. Consistency of theme would suit your followers’ taste as they expect you to post things related to one theme. For instance, you are a latte artist so you should only post different style latte art and maybe a bit promotional posts also related to coffee. If you start to post your dog there, some non-dog lovers might unsubscribe to this account. Thus, stick to one or few related themes and make people want to come back for more.

Only latte art is posted on periperipeng.

2.How to make your posts attractive

Before people find you and click follow, they should have visited your instagram homepage as the “follow” button is right there. Not only aesthetics of one post but also the overview of the homepage plays an indispensable role in attracting followers. So what to do to beautify your homepage feed? 


Firstly, Choose a grid layout and here are some examples:



Check out Itsstellarose: The Human/words/products are presented in a diagonal layout



Remember to use the exact same border to remain consistent.

Have a look at how borders are used in ownsaviourshop.

Rainbow Feed


Pictures of sarah_peretz are presented in accordance with rainbow color。


@daniellow_hair has pre-made puzzles before posting every grid.


Never overlook the power of a well-planned feed. Think from the followers’ perspectives, would you prefer to follow an account with organised feed or another one with unorganised feed assuming that they have the exact same content? The answer is obvious. Now you know what to do with your Instagram homepage: turn it to be aesthetically pleasing and enhance willingness for people to follow your account.


Secondly, pick a theme. Speaking of theme here, you can see it as a vibe and mood that shows your visual personality. So what’s your choice of theme? Boho? Minimal? Vintage? Decide on one theme that is in line with the pictures to remain consistent.

Theme of _moonmilk is modern and it is all about a girl dancing on the modern architectures and get lost in them.



Thirdly, stick to one filter only. If you ever wonder how to start a theme, I can tell you that using the same filter is the easiest way. Where to find filters? There are many collection of filters available on fotor.com. Just click on one in the “Effect” column of “Edit a Photo” and adjust it’s intensity. Once you discover the best filter for your feed, always use it no matter what photo are you posting. This will enable you to create the same colour tone and be aesthetically pleasing.


Forth, rearrange the order of posts. Put the posts in order that every single picture looks nice next to, above and under each other. You may use Fotor collage to add edited images into the boxes and preview how will they look like as Instagram feed.


Have a clean background 

Every post should have a major subject and message, so make sure you can present it clearly with a clean background. A messy background would distract people from the main item.

Fetish.chan use only pure red and white background to put emphasis on her makeup and costume.



What means by color-minded here is to bear in mind of the color wheel and pick 2-3 matching colors that are oftenly used.


Kristenzellers has barely used colors other than white, blue and brown.

How to create instagram photos online?

Remember, instagram post size is a 1:1 square so you should pick this for every posts you create, unless you use borders to fill up the gaps. Fotor is an online photo editing and graphic design tool that you can create any social media posts or marketing content easily. If you want to create more attractive graphics, just have a try. 

Step1: Click on “Edit a Photo” on fotor.com

Step2: “Open” your desired file to edit

Various sources of photos can be retrieved, including your CP, Fotor Cloud, Dropbox and Facebook

Step3: Edit the photo with “Basic” feature

These are the basic tuning and cropping functions.

Step4: Choose a filter and adjust it’s intensity.

   As I mentioned above, once you pick a filter, always use the same one for other photos. Take the above picture as an example, you should memorize that this filter is named “WARM” under the category of “RETRO”. Every time you edit a photo, go to this filter directly.

Step 5(Optional): Beauty effects! (Only use when you have any body or facial structure show.

Step 6(Optional): Add Texts, Stickers and Frame

Make an Instagram Collage with Fotor

You may need it if you want a collection of your photo to appear on the same post. It works well for a post for restaurant recommendations that should include as much food pics as possible. 

Step1: Click on “Make a Collage” on the homepage

Step2: Pick the 1:1 size and start to be creative (same as 3.1 Step 6)

Design it yourself

Step1: Click on “Create a Design” on the homepage

Step2: Select “Instagram Post” under Social Media Post

This should be 1080px x 1080px.

Step3: Select a Background color

Step4: Add texts and change the fonts

Step5: Add stickers for decorations. You may also insert images from other resources to create your ideal post.

Final Step: Save as HIGH quality jpg. Or png.

For all the above steps, remember to press save in high quality when you’re done. You may think this tip is useless but it makes a huge difference to the number of likes you get. Certainly no one would like a blurry photo but would double tap for a sharp clear image.

After make your amazing Instagram post, you still need to do some analysis based on essential social media metrics you should be analyzing and adjust your posting regularly. Finding the secret about keeping your Instagram post attractive all the time will help you get more fans soon!


Can I post on Instagram right after editing using PC?

Of course Yes! Although Instagram is a mobile application, you can still upload photos on your desktop computer with a little hack. In this way, you no longer have to send the photo back to your phone in order to upload.

Step1: Use Google Chrome to open Instagram.com. This desktop version of Instagram has no upload function

Step2: Make sure you have logged into your account

Step3: Right click on the screen and select “Inspect”. A dialogue box of codes will show up on the right hand corner.

Step4: Click on the “Toggle Tool Bar” on the second left logo of the bar above the dialogue bar to toggle to your phone. The arrow would become a spot that represents your hand on the touchscreen.

Step5: Refresh the page and it will look exactly like the Instagram page on your mobile devices. It gives you the ability to upload photos on PC.

Step6: Click the + sign and open the file you want to edit

Step7: Now you are walking into the same process as if the one on your mobile device. Cropping>adding filter>adding caption and hashtags>hit share and you’re done!

Wrapping up

Up to now, do you have something in mind to post on your Instagram? Since you’ve made it this far, you should have understood how to create beautiful Instagram posts to get more views and supporters. If you have an urge to do something for your Instagram account, start it right now, or else tomorrow means never! Don’t hesitate to experiment with different style and find out the most suitable one for you. Instagram is competitive and ever-changing, so the only way is to get used to it and stay updated about the latest trends. Good Luck young folks! I am looking forward to your success in being an Instafamous or the owner of a famous page.

Author: Carol Lee

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