How to create promotions for Black Friday on Instagram

How to create promotions for Black Friday on Instagram

19 Nov 2019

Stocks for Black Friday

While designing a discount system for Black Friday, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Both large and emerging brands use similar stock creation checklists for increasing Instagram sales:

  • from 25% off. During the sales period, customers expect to see huge discounts, so keeping their attention with "consessions" on 3-5% will not work. In addition, price reductions often motivate people to buy goods that were not popular;
  • discounts on sets. Black Friday is the right moment to get rid of product sets. As a rule, kits operate as part of cosmetics and personal care products. But they can be implemented both in the food sector and in the service sector (for example, for taking courses or spa services);
  • quest. Sale can be carried out in an interactive manner. In order to do this, tasks and prizes have to be invented. For example, the list of winners (3, 5 or 10 people) who receive a smartphone with a 50% discount is called.This option is suitable for those companies that can not afford discounts on the entire range. More simple solution is increasing the discount for repost.

Conducting quests can be easily combined with user-generated content. For example, the condition of the promotion can be creating a topical photo or video which helps in brand promotion. The creativity of the followers who applied for participation is published on the company’s page after summing up the draw.

Advertising Campaign Tips

In addition to the content of the advertisement, its presentation is important. There are several recommendations for posting thematic posts on Instagram:

  • create video content. Stories continue successful competition with photographs - that's a fact. Therefore, many brands announce upcoming promotions in the format of stories. In addition to the stories, a video sequence for the news feed is launched;
  • distribute discounts evenly. On Black Friday, stocks should cover most of the products presented. Prices are decreasing for both expensive and budget items. This move allows you to interest new customers who previously considered the brand unavailable;
  • publish stock news in advance. Users need time to plan their purchases on Black Friday. The offers that they meet in the tape and in stories help to persuade potential customers to a specific solution. You should public thematic posts at least 5-7 days before the cherished date.
  • focus on tight deadlines and constraints. It's necessary to indicate a type of campaign in advertising posts and stories. The customer takes decision faster if he realizes that he has very little time left for reflection.

Post design

Posts on Black Friday have several design principles:

  • black colour of background + (brand elements);
  • the inscription "Black Friday";
  • brief conditions of the promotion (discount details, terms, conditions);
  • the text of the post repeats the content of the image supplements it.

Black Friday doesn't oblige brands to use clear “markings”. But the use of a certain style will help instagram users to guess the meaning of the post even before acquaintance with the content. Layouts of such posts are ordered from professional designers. If the company’s budget is limited, you may use ready-made design options. They are provided by services such as Canva or Themeforest.

When publishing a post, check your profile for hashtags. They are registered in several ways: #blackfriday, #black#friday, #black Friday, etc.

Attracting audience attention

To carry out successful actions on Instagram, it is necessary to form a target audience. This task is dedicated to specialized services that analyze platform users and beat off potential customers. One of such services is Zengram - it offers the users two effective tools for increasing the audience:

  1. Story viewing.
  2. Auto Direct.

The task of story viewing is to view thousands of Instagram users' stories in order to attract their attention. Since stories are created only by alive subscribers, this method eliminates the influx of bots. Configurations of story viewing are based on geolocations, hashtags and other useful filters.

Auto Direct makes it easier to work with new followers and sends them messages automatically. A Zengram user will be required to formulate several message options (up to 20) and configure filters by which the program will select recipients. The selection is based on the number of subscriptions, subscribers, posts and language.

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