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How to get into the hashtags top

How to get into the hashtags top

28 Jun 2020 Business

Instagram algorithms are constantly changing, updated and supplemented. Developers are trying to improve their application so that it is easier for the user to navigate in space and find an interesting profile for him. But it turned out, for better or for worse, that there is already too much content on Instagram, enough to complicate this task. To get lost in this social network is as simple as possible, but somehow you need to break through to the treasured subscriber.

Fortunately, hashtags are already available on many social networks to sort content by topic. Hashtags are keywords that a user can use to characterize their content. Thanks to them, other users, potential subscribers, can easily find the record they need and the person they are interested in.

How to get to the top by hashtag

To get to the top by tags, you must be able to choose them correctly. Using an unpopular or too popular tag will not bring you the desired result, so you should look for the “golden mean” when selecting.

There are several frequencies:

  • high (from 100 thousand publications)
  • average (from 10 thousand to 100 thousand publications)
  • low (from 500 to 10 thousand publications)
  • rare (up to 500 publications)

As you can already understand, the most extreme categories for promotion by tags are not suitable. It is rational to use medium and low frequencies, as they stay longer in the tape and have a greater chance of being seen.

And although thanks to the instagram algorithms themselves it is impossible to see the number of publications in a certain time, you can see how many posts were made in general. Also, the application throws you similar in value tags, which may turn out to be more popular or, conversely, free from any spam.

The best option is several content tags and one geotag (if you do not have an online store). Both of these categories are aimed at finding the target audience - the first by interests, the second by location. If you are a large and well-known brand, at least in a narrow circle, you can launch your own brand tag and use it for flash mobs, challenges and contests.

There is no clear framework for the number of tags, but experts recommend using 10-15 tags, no more and no less. The location also does not matter - you can put them in the description, you can hide in replays.

DON'T do it

Do not try to push the tag off-topic. If you think that the most popular hashtag on instagram will bring you treasured views and subscriptions, then you are deeply mistaken. Firstly, popular tags have a too active recording gain, and all of them are lost in the general stream - the chance that someone will see your record in principle tends to zero.

How not to do:

And secondly, putting left hashtags is basically useless - it is unlikely that a person will stop on your profile. He will leave when he sees that you will not give him what he would like to see.

Good tagging options:

Note the differences between the two hashtag collections. The first one disappears in tags that collect over a million entries - short generalized words do not attract many ideas, and let the entry hang in the top of the hashtag, it collects a little feedback on the result. The second selection has a clear focus, the tags are more complex here - respectively, more people see the record. Although in fact their focus is more or less the same things.

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