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How to identify the right audience on Instagram

How to identify the right audience on Instagram

Ignoring such a stage in a promotion, as the definition of its TA, can be costly for an entrepreneur. Without this, the marketing campaign will be haphazard. Money and time will be lost.

What will the portrait of TA give you?

You can:

  • develop an optimal schedule for your account posts;
  • learn what format of content your followers prefer;
  • increase the activity of your account
  • understand which segment of the social network is closer to your customers.

The first steps towards TA determination

You should start by analyzing your business. It's very important what products and services it sells, as well as how to distribute the goods. Based on this, it's possible to develop criteria for your target audience. Criteria are the signs by which a person can be attributed to TA.

It can be:

  • age;
  • gender;
  • profession;
  • geographical position;
  • social status;
  • marital status.

However, marketers advise not to use all criteria at once. So you complicate your work by narrowing down the list of potential buyers. It doesn't matter whether you select them manually or with the help of special services - don't overdo it.

Having formed the criteria of your target audience, you determine only the primary attributes. In the future, you will have to work with their accounts to learn about the habits of those people.

The TA collection with the help of Instagram internal capabilities


Working with hashtags will help clarify the portrait of your TA. They are very important because now there are services that automatically attract followers who put in certain tags.

It's worth starting with creating a primary list of hashtags. They should belong to the sphere of your business. Don't select too many. It's enough of a few. Further search posts with such tags on Instagram.

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Pay attention not only to the accounts from which these posts are made but also to those who leave comments under them. Be careful: these can be commercial accounts, you don't have to spend time on them.


You can work with geotagging. Instagram users like to be marked in the places they visited. Especially love to tag in restaurants and cafes, as well as in prestigious shops.

Identify the places that your typical buyer can visit. Show imagination. If you are promoting a recording studio, it's logical that customers are sure to visit clubs and concerts. When promoting sports products, see who is tagged in gyms and fitness centers.

Geotagging is not needed for all companies. If a business can work without problems in a certain country, it's useless for it. But if it's a small online store that doesn't benefit from long delivery, it's vital to work with geolocation correctly.

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Competitor accounts

First, decide who your main competitors are. Find them on Instagram. All their customers can potentially become yours. Note that any untwisted profile has a lot of bots and followers inactivity. All that is bad for you.

Bots are easily discarded at once, they can be seen already by name. The second category is very difficult to determine, it's better to just focus on finding the most active users.

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You can do this in several steps:

  • build a database with all the followers of your competitors;
  • select those who have at least once shown activity in these profiles;
  • filter out those who have followed for a long time;
  • drop out bots of this list;
  • form the final list of live and active followers.

You will have to do a great job, but these people will be directly interested in your goods and services.

To promote an account, it's better to use automatic services. If the usual selection of TA and its attraction requires the efforts of several specialists at once, the program can be adjusted only by one marketer. Automatic services work around the clock, they don't need breaks.

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Collecting a TA using zen-promo

zen-promo service is very friendly to beginners in advertising. It has an understandable interface, and if something isn't clear, you can use hints. Setting up the platform involves at least a minimum knowledge of the promotion theory. But huge skills are not required, and the necessary information can be obtained from the developer's blog.

Settings are very flexible. For example, there is a unique feature for selecting followers based on gender. When one of the TA criteria is a gender, it cannot be done without it. In other services, you need to dodge by working on the appropriate tags. Here everything is done for the customers.

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It's good that you only need to confirm your account. After that, the service needs to be set up and paid. The promotion will go by itself and your participation isn't required. You can turn off the computer and go back in a few days.

For those who doubt zen-promo effectiveness is a test mode. Each newcomer is given 7 days of free promotion. This is enough to understand if the service is suitable for solving your marketing problems.

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The platform allows you to not only promote your account but also analyze the results. Algorithms are trained to give advice to a beginning SMM specialist. Therefore, even with a little erroneous configuration, the promotion will still be effective. Zen-promo will tell you what went wrong.

You can use a special parser to collect information about competitors. The assembled base will be very useful in the future promotion.

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