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How to increase the activity of subscribers in Instagram

How to increase the activity of subscribers in Instagram

How to increase your audience's activity on Instagram

The active behavior of users on Instagram page allows the profile to flash more often in the "Recommendations" section, to be higher in the main feed, and to attract new subscribers faster. To increase activity, it is necessary to systematically use the recommendations tested by lots of bloggers. Even with a small subscriber audience, you can create good engagement in a week.

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Detailed posts to the photo and the question at the end

The profile should be beautiful, so that people liked it, but to increase the activity of subscribers it is necessary to give more space for communication. Usually the impetus for the review are captions to photos. 1-2 paragraphs of the text is enough, leave the question at the end.

The most active discussions take place when a controversial topic is raised. Also many comments collect records where people share their stories of life. For example, in a personal account, the owner of the page can tell about the most unsuccessful trip and ask subscribers to tell about their own.

Live stream

Subscribers love live streams of interesting bloggers. When carrying out, it is taken into account that their content must correspond to the main content of the channel. The developer can tell about what to consider when choosing an apartment, and the lifestyle blogger the secrets of organizing your day or about the best coffee houses in the city. In personal accounts, you can conduct live streams in the format of "question-answer", also collect requests for topics of future publications, if the author in addition to graphic content creates a full text. Such live streams should be always announced in advance, you can do this on a regular basis. This allows you to get closer to subscribers, to understand interesting topics for them, as well as ask more questions about the streams in their posts in the future and thereby increase activity.

Frequent Stories

Stories not only help to make a quick publication, which you do not want to keep in your profile all the time, but also contribute to the promotion of your blog. Here are just a few things you can do with them:

to inform about new publications;

remind about your account during the day and increase awareness;

communicate with subscribers by answering questions;

asking for tips and recommendations;

to organize competitions;

to remind of live streams, giveaway and like time.

With the help of Stories bloggers can also go for the next trick. After the publication of a new post , make Stories with a question to subscribers.

They are asked to respond not by direct message, but under the last photo. It is desirable that the issue be related to the publication. This simple trick helps increase activity and reach more users in the Recommendations section.

Like time

This method of increasing activity allows you to increase the number of likes and comments to the latest posts. This is done by means of a reward, usually cash, which is then played out among those who have fulfilled all the conditions. For example, the blogger reports that during the next five hours he spends "time", in which his subscribers can like the last 3 photos, and leave any comment on the topic of the post under the last one. After 5 hours, the account owner will randomly select one of the participants and send him 1000 rubles. Amounts and gifts can be different, but usually make transfers from 500 to 5000 rubles.


The competition begins with the choice of a gift. It must necessarily either correspond to the subject of the profile, or be as universal as possible. The competition can include a variety of requirements. The main conditions are as follows:

make a repost of the record with the conditions to his page;

note 1-3 friends in the comments, who may be interested in the contest;

put likes to the last 5 photos and leave comments;

subscribe to the profile of the company that provided the gift, etc.

The more serious and expensive the gift, the more requirements can be put forward. Usually such contests do not promote the profile very well, but the activity on the page increases dramatically. Periodically, you need to remind about the competition in Stories, increasing involvement.


Giveaway is a variant of Instagram lottery. They are usually carried out by promoted bloggers. The bottom line is that people who want to promote your account and get live users, throw off a certain amount of money and create a prize Fund. Most often, some gifts are bought on this money. Further, the process is as follows:

a separate page is created for giveaway, where all participants-sponsors are in subscriptions;

responsible for giveaway creates a post on his page that his subscribers can participate in this lottery;

subscribers are required to subscribe to all sponsors and do not unsubscribe before the end of the "promotion";

on the last day, a random number is used to select the subscriber who takes the prize (if there are many prizes, the choice is made several times).

Depending on who and how organized a giveaway, you can get up to 100 000 subscribers during its conduct. It should be noted that then many unsubscribe, so you can keep the user, including by increasing activity. For example, to make a parallel contest with the drawing of some valuable thing.

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Giveaway requires financial costs, usually the amount of the contribution starts from 5000 rubles. It is important to choose the author of giveaway correctly, as customers are sometimes disappointed. If you want to unwind page about cosmetology, and the author of giveaway is a travel blogger, it is better to look for something else. We can assume that the people who are unwinding in this way " buy " their subscribers, but this is a wrong statement. The blogger uses the drawing to attract new users, and they will remain only if there is interesting content for them.

Profile cleaning from bots

It happens that the user himself once tried to advance with the help of bots and acted as a buyer or he accumulated lifeless accounts over time. It may come out so that with 30 000 subscribers under the photos will be only 500 likes. It is better to remove inactive users to increase the attractiveness of your profile to other people. This can be done with the help of special services. For example, Spamguard itself analyzes users and unsubscribes those who, in the opinion of the program, has a dubious history and does not show activity. More information about how it works can be found on the official website ru.spamguardapp.com

So, to increase the activity it is necessary to make posts regularly, communicate with subscribers during live streams, ask questions at the end of the captions.

You should not be afraid to ask to like or answer personal questions in Stories. If you spend time on your account every day, over time, your audience engagement will continue to grow without serious intervention from the blogger.

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