How to make Instagram profile description simple and tasteful

How to make Instagram profile description simple and tasteful

Have you ever wondered how the profile description affects the first impression of a new potential subscriber? What does he look at before deciding that you are the one he needs? For a business account, it is very important to be able to attract attention for just a couple of seconds - you need a catchy hat and a catchy avatar, then photos, and then posts.

What is a profile header

The Instagram header is a small block above the main profile. It includes a nickname, avatar, bio and pinned stories. You can also leave a link to your site. The maximum number of characters in a bio is 150.

How to make a hat beautiful

Profile avatars should be minimalistic. In fact, there should be a logo, not a photograph, and quite eloquent. But if you don’t have your mark yet, then try to make the picture as minimal as possible. Even in a small miniature, it should be visible what is painted there. The important part of the picture should be centered and contrasted with the background.



An avatar, however, is not the biggest problem - it is intuitively easy to make it understandable and decent. But many have difficulties with the description, for it is rather difficult to write something from scratch - it is empty in the head. Let's establish what your customers need to know first of all:

  1. What do you do. What you sell, what services you provide. Briefly, without a list of all possible items, literally in a nutshell.
  2. Where you are, your address. For online stores, you need to indicate where you are delivering.
  3. Weekends, if relevant.
  4. Everything else. Your slogan, achievements, goals and objectives. Even some joke relevant to you will be appropriate. Sometimes even serious companies allow themselves a little informality, and this is completely normal.



When writing bio, always keep in mind the fact that the number of characters you have is limited. Of course, for many this seems like a minus, but if you think logically, then such restrictions will only benefit you. 150 characters - the volume that a person can capture with his eyes immediately, see the whole, choosing at the same time useful and interesting information for him. You have no way to confuse it and scare it off with text. He can find all the more detailed information he needs in the highlights of your assigned stories. They can also be beautifully designed.



Do not forget to dilute the emoji cap or any graphic element in the style of your design! Unless, of course, you consider it appropriate. Emoticons are a good way to divide information into paragraphs, they will dilute the text and embellish it.


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