How to post to Instagram from PC

How to post to Instagram from PC

Instagram app is always trying to become better place for users. But it’s web-version is noticeably lacking: PC users was lived behind. You can’t even post photo from their site. 

And what about those who edit pictures in Photoshop or other programs? Sometimes a simple filter isn’t enough.

Yes, you can load photo to cloud storage, then download it to your device... But it’s long and uncomfortable process. There are more ways to do this faster and safer.

1. With browser extension

All browsers have their app store, and you can find something for Instagram literally everywhere. It’s probably the fastest and most effective way -- all you need is download it, and then Instagram site will become more like app. Find yourself that extension, that will be as comfortable as possible.

An obvious plus is that the interface will be adapted to the computer as much as the developer took care of it. Everything will be displayed locally.

2. With console

You don't want to search for extensions? There is an option where you can do it without them.

Log in to your Instagram with your username and password, then press F12. You’ll see the following picture:

See two gray buttons at the very top of the console? Click on the right and then reload the page by pressing F5.

After that, your page will be transformed to a mobile version with all its functionality. Attention: there was a treasured button in the middle, allowing you to upload an image. Unfortunately, you can only upload one photo this way, but it’s better than nothing.

You’ll have to do this every time you enter the site, and it doesn’t work on all browsers. Also, one of the minuses is curve interface, which is not adapted for such fraud. Therefore, extensions were in the top priority.

3. With Android emulator

Quite a long way, but still simple. Suitable for those who use Android emulators for any purpose other than Instagram.

Emulators are special programs that allow you to use applications designed for other systems. So, for example, you can open any game designed for the phone on the PC; not the fact that it will work the way you want, but it will open for sure. In the same way, you can open Instagram, and it will be displayed in the same way as the application.

Perhaps you’ll have to install new programs on the computer, so the method is definitely not fast. But in good emulators, applications reveal all their functionality, so if you need all features of instagram, it makes sense to look at this option.

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