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How to promote a photographer's profile on Instagram

How to promote a photographer's profile on Instagram

01 Aug 2018 Tutorial, Business, Other

How to promote a photographer's profile on Instagram

Instagram is a social network based on visual presentation of information, which has been successfully used to promote services. One of the most popular niches in the social network is photographers who are able to take beautiful pictures of others and delight their subscribers with a beautiful news feed.

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Account registration

Promotion of any page on Instagram begins with registration – without these basic steps, the page will not attract attention.


The nickname of the profile should display the name of the label or indicate the services that the page provides. Possible option:

  • The name of the photographer.
  • Prefix words "photo" or "photographer."
  • Prefix geographic location of the photographer (city or city, country).
  • The simpler the page name is, the more understandable it is to customers.


The top text design of the profile is similar to a business card – here important data about services are reflected as briefly as possible. What you can write:

  • Types of services provided.
  • Geographic reach.
  • Links to additional resources.
  • Contacts.

You can add graphic symbols or thematic emoji to the text – this way the information is better remembered.

Photo cover

An important part of the photographer's profile is the page face, which attracts the attention of the consumer. Cover ideas:

  • Portrait of a man made by a photographer.
  • Landscape or still life-the work of the master.
  • Portrait of the photographer.
  • Graphic symbol or sign – the emblem of the company.

The picture should be large and clear, easy to view, because it is visible only in a small format. It is also worth considering that the photo is cut-it is round on the cover.

Open page

The selling services page should always be open for subscriptions, likes and comments. Restriction on actions pushes subscribers to the psychological level.

In addition, Instagram users are not used to spend time on unnecessary actions and waiting for their application to be approved.

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Visual design

It is much easier to promote a professional photographer's page than other services: initially, there is already visual content. The main task is to properly formalize it in a structured news feed.

What design options are available?

Photo color scheme

One way is to design the page in the same color style.

All photos should be presented with a similar color palette or have one color accent.

Uploading style

You don't have to take all the photos in different colors. Especially if the photographer is engaged in diverse shooting.

The previous method can be replaced by uploading photos of different types in turn: alternating portraits and landscapes, close-up and long-distance images.

Photos can be uploaded in staggered order (next but one), next but 2, in a linear sequence (one under the other).

Recently, stylization of photos with general background is gaining popularity.

Each individual photo is framed in an additional frame, with a general view of which an integral background is formed.

Serial photo

Photos can be uploaded in lots - 1-2 rows of photos for one shot.

Another option is to publish a series of photos in 1 post. Suitable for those who do not like to show several photos in 1 day.

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Topics of posts

Only photos without a caption will create a beautiful picture, but will cause a lot of questions from subscribers, getting answers to which takes too much time both from them and from the photographer.

It is better to initially post all the important information about the services and useful tips related topics, breaking the content into several sections.

Only photos without a caption will create a beautiful picture, but will cause a lot of questions from subscribers, getting answers to which takes too much time both from them and from the photographer.

It is better to initially post all the important information about the services and useful tips related topics, breaking the content into several sections.

Types of services

The main category for the landing page. The more information will be presented here, the less questions the customer has when ordering services.

What to publish:

Types of shots (portrait, fashion, filming, holidays).

Retouching / photo processing.

Additional services in preparation for shooting (makeup/hairstyle/ costume rental).

You need to describe all the services offered by the photographer.

Useful information

Some users of the resource like to subscribe to a page with useful information. They don't necessarily want to order a shoot at the moment. But after a short reading and viewing of the works they turn into potential customers.

What topics may be of interest:

  • How to prepare for shooting.
  • What are the styles of photo shoots.
  • Successful poses for a portrait/full-length

In addition, this information will help future models in the photo shoot, making it easier for the photographer.


Announcements of the past photo shoots heat the interest of subscribers, increasing the number of views of the publication and the page as well.

Examples of enticing posts:

  • Backstage photos (pictures in progress).
  • Short video of the photo shoot process with beautiful music.
  • Photos, screenshots or video of the selection and processing of frames.
  • You can show a beautiful shooting location, the process of posing the model or part of her look.
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The working page should be not only a service catalog and an example of work. With its help, solvent subscribers make orders.

For the convenience of customers, you need to provide different ways to contact the photographer.


Quick questions Instagram users usually ask under the posts:

  • The cost of shooting.
  • The location in the photo.
  • Necessary props.

You need to clearly monitor the appearance of comments and respond to all without exception. This shows the relation of the performer to the client.

If you have long discussions, you can forward the conversation to Direct.

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Not so long ago, a tool for private messages appeared on Instagram, with the help of which you can discuss important issues with the client without prying eyes.

In personal messages it is easy to share photos, discussing examples of locations, poses, accessories, looks. Here you can agree on the cost, duration of the process, location.

Contact details

Additional contacts are needed in the case for those customers who are uncomfortable to communicate on Instagram. What information can be specified:

  • Nickname of an additional page on Instagram.
  • Phone numbers of different operators.
  • Link to a personal site.
  • Contacts in other social networks and messengers (Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Vkontakte).
  • Email address.

You can publish information for communication in the profile head or under some posts.

The main thing when ordering is the speed of response. Quick response to customer questions causes them to trust and respect for the performer.

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Attracting subscribers

Promotion of a page depends not only on its text and visual design. Regular updating and increase in the number of subscribers plays a big role – the more enthusiastic readers has the page, the more orders can have the photographer.

Various tools are created to draw attention to the page. The more actions with the account are performed (subscriptions, comments, likes, saves), the more posts you can see in the feed of subscribers. This placement algorithm has appeared in Instagram recently.


Comments allow you to find out the opinion of subscribers about the work of the photographer, their impressions of the shooting. The more comments below the posts, the more viewable the page.

Therefore, it is necessary to quickly respond to the replicas of subscribers, ask them the answer questions, provoking the continuation of the conversation.

In addition, you can interact with subscribers by leaving comments under their publications. Alone it is difficult to do – so as not to waste personal time, you can access additional resources, like Zen-promo.

After registering an account on the site, you must select "Settings".

In the special window, enter the template text of the comments or delete the existing ones.

The comment button should be moved to the green position.

In accordance with the search criteria, the service will select the desired pages and leave replicas under the posts.

Find subscribers

You don't need to interact with all accounts, but only with the target audience – social categories that are most interested in the services of the photographer. To select the desired pages, you must set the search criteria in Zen-promo:

  • Go to the Targeting window.
  • In the section "Work by cities", set the geography of the search - countries, regions, cities or areas in which you want to search. With the help of an updated search, you can set the criteria as locally as possible.
  • To work with hashtags, refer to the middle window. Set the slider to the green position and enter the desired hashtags for searching in the empty window.
  • Search on accounts will help to identify subscribers among readers of similar pages. Just enter the nicknames of these profiles and set the slider to green.
  • The specified search criteria work not only for comments - they apply to all modes of interaction. Interaction with the audience. The main ways to attract attention - subscriptions and likes of potential customers. These actions are displayed in their news feed, forcing you to go and view the page, and in case of expressed interest - to subscribe. To mark the target audience: Click "Set likes" so that the button lights up in green.
  • Choose the criteria for exhibiting likes: mark comments, like the answer, mark only your subscribers, etc.
  • You can select multiple criteria at the same time to mark.

Subscriptions are made the following way:

  • Click the “Subscribe” slider in the list of actions.
  • Set the necessary criteria for searching subscribers.
  • If the geography and hashtag criteria are not enough, you can additionally select the gender of subscribers in the "search Criteria" window – male or female.
  • To confirm the set parameters of the promotion, it is enough to press one button at the top of the screen - "Start".
  • After that, the service will begin its work, freeing the photographer's time to create professional shoots.

Promotion of a photographer's page on Instagram depends on a combination of factors: text and visual design of the profile, speed of processing requests from subscribers and potential audience, involvement of future customers in the activity. Successful implementation of all these points leads to an increase in the number of orders and the popularity of the service.

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