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How to promote a store with goods delivery in your city

How to promote a store with goods delivery in your city

Why home delivery is so popular?

Do you know what is the most important non-renewable resource in the modern life of large cities?

Right, it's time.

Therefore, residents of megacities increasingly resort to a delivery service of goods (for example, food, flowers, clothes, etc.). Nowadays making an order for a house delivery is a sign of a modern lifestyle.

According to studies, the demand of these services on some days and hours exceeds the supply. That's why home and office delivery service continues gain popularity.

What is necessary for the organization of goods delivery services?

You are an owner of a store, and you have an idea to organize additional delivery services.

A good idea needs to have a clear plan:

  • Start by creating a small business plan for yourself.
  • Post recruitment announcements and start interviewing the delivery staff.
  • Train employees, think over job descriptions, starting from the application receipt to the delivery to the customer itself.
  • Make an agreement with the printing company about the production of leaflets.
  • Buy the necessary equipment.
  • Consider a customer search scheme.
  • Inform potential customers about your new service.

This list can be continued depending on the situation and the subject of delivery.

In order for your project to bring good income, it's necessary to organize a system for attracting customers properly.

Let's talk about it in more detail.

Sales on Instagram

Instagram is becoming a place of active sales.

Instagram is convenient in that it helps to promote any business. It creates a target audience. Many brands have risen from Instagram.

Where to begin?

Create your checklist where you will analyse the attractiveness of the appearance of your profile and its content. In other words, check your account.

  • A successful profile name indicates that you are ready to receive client applications.
  • Place contact information favorably and colorfully, price and delivery conditions.
  • If necessary, use the taplink - link aggregator for Instagram.
  • Remember, avatar is your face.
  • Posts. Try to make them as attractive as possible to the visitors of your profile and update them on a regular manner.
  • Use Instagram tools actively: "Stories" and "Actual".

These tools will help you to increase the number of followers and increase sales.

  • Now you can run your account.

No matter how presentable your Instagram account is, in order for it to bring money, you need to take an active part in it: subscribe to people who may be interested in your information, leave comments and likes. Doing this manually takes a long time. The most profitable way is to use a honest promotion assistant. Recently appeared such a service - Zen-promo.

Why Zen-promo?

Zen-promo abilities:

  • Liking posts of your subscribers.
  • Writing greetings to direct.
  • Following you on people who may be your target audience.
  • mass story viewing of dozens of stories. As a result, users will show a sincere interest in you as to a viewer and also view your profile.

It's very simple. For 7 days you can use Zen-promo for free and then you can pay for the service. For registration on site you only need an email address and Instagram account.

Start of work. Customization.

Some automatic settings in Zen-promo are set by default.

But in the "Actions" section, you can configure likes, subscriptions, comments.

For example, you can configure it to periodical liking your subscribers' publications in order to remind about yourself.

How to find the target audience.

Don't forget about your main task - to find such followers that can become your customers. That means, the target audience.

Zen-promo provides you with the opportunity to select people by geographical principle, hashtags or competitors.

  • You untwist the delivery service, so you can limit the circle - the city or region.

  • If you specify a list of hashtags, then Zen-promo will only subscribe to those who use such hashtags. They are more likely to become your customers.

  • Convenient sampling can be done using the "Competitors" function. The service will subscribe you to the audience of your competitors. They will surely be interested in your offer.

If you have already organized the delivery of goods, Zen-promo will help you to find target customers quickly.

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