How to put GIF animation in Instagram post

How to put GIF animation in Instagram post

GIF is an image format that supports animation. We can say that the gif is a kind of symbiosis of video and pictures - the GIF does not need a video player, and it’s saved as a picture. But not every service supports them. And if there is an opportunity to attach a gif to the message on Twitter and Facebook, then on Instagram you have to come up with something.

If you try to upload a GIF image instead of a regular image, it will load, but it will be static. Simply put, you upload only one frame of the entire animation. And what if you want to publish exactly an animated image?

There are several ways to add a gif:

Via Giphy 

If you know that you want to attach as a gif, but you do not need something specific, then you can use the giphy service. Simply enter any keyword in the search by which you can find the desired result, select a GIF and click on the Instagram icon in the “share” section. You will be asked to register on this site, after which a letter with a gif in mp4 format will be sent to the mail specified during registration. After that, you can already use the standard Instagram application to publish it.

Your GIF

If your gif is not on this site, then you can convert it to mp4 yourself. You’ill need a format converter for your mobile device to do this. There are quite a lot of them on the Google Play and Appstore.

The principle is simple - upload a gif, turn it into a video, publish through a standard Instagram as in the first case.


There is a standard application-add-on to instagram - boomerang. You can find it both on Google Play and in the Appstore. Thanks to him, you can loop the video and make a gif yourself, which can not only be done as a separate post, but also inserted into the story. A great option for those who just want to revive a static picture.


Да, к сожалению Инстаграм пока что не поддерживает именно GIF-изображения, и приходится выкручиваться так, заливая их в формате видеороликов. Возможно, в будущем такая возможность и появится, и все эти шаги можно будет смело пропустить. Время покажет!

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