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How To Really Promote Your Blog On Instagram

How To Really Promote Your Blog On Instagram

Nowadays Instagram is the top platform for promoting goods and sharing content. It contains the largest database of visual content. Besides it, specialists discovered that close to 70 % American businesses use this social network. So, it can be simply said, that Instagram is really fantastic variant for making business. But you should promote your content and blog in general. How to do this?

Instagram for promoting – smart ways

Present yourself

Your bio is necessary for this deal. It should be short but detailed and sweet. Users want to know, who are you, what are you doing and what can you offer. Add a link of your main web-site or blog if you have it.

Relevant content

Content is the most important thing ever in Instagram. It should be high-quality and right relevant. It is the face of your profile; think about posts that are strongly connected with your theme. Don’t be shy to improve photos with special instruments and effects.

Screen your posts from blog

If you posted something in your blog and want to share it, use your smartphone, or rather a screenshot. Add a short description and post it in Instagram. Don’t forget to duplicate a link to your blog to help people as soon as possible visit it.

Check other bloggers and follow them

Find more successful bloggers that are your competitors. Follow them to discover new audience for yourself. Check their content, you can easily find interesting posts. Add to them something interesting and relating to your ideas to make your content unique and attractive.

Share work behind the business

Do you want have loyalty from your subscribes? Do you want to make them trust you? Do you want to make your account and business more human? Don’t forget to share scenes that are in your behind-business life. It can be photo from your favorite gym or park, post about something you are working on or short video of your relax. Users will rate it and come closer to you.

Unique style

Some beautiful photos can really attract followers, because it is the best way to describe your goods and work. But be careful – success is based on uniqueness and brevity, so don’t make large multiple pictures. It is important to create images and style that will be symbol of you. Users should recognize you among others.

Only 1 minute!

Use video to promote blogs and brand. But these videos should be short, no longer than 60 seconds! Add some key points and attractive design. All information should be introduced briefly and clearly. Don’t get users tired, but show them the most important.


Posts and photos are designed for the long period. If you want to show something new and relevant and attract an attention – use Stories. They are videos where you can invite users, say something about new performances in your blog or make Ads. Stories live only for 24 hours, so duplicate the information by posts.

Don’t keep secrets

Followers should know, what is coming soon. Maybe you are working on new brand or goods, maybe you are preparing special offer to your best subscribes, maybe you want to keep a webinar or master-class. Don’t keep a secret and tell about it! For example, you can post an interesting photo that related to your news. Don’t tell them all the information, but make them wait for something new!

Consistency is our goal

You know, it is not necessary to post every hour or even every day. But you should be consistent and have a schedule for users. They should know, when new big posts are expected (we don’t say about Stories now) and don’t fool them in these expectations. The more users know about this schedule the more watch this content. It means more engagement, new followers and the promotion in general.

Value of your profile

Your content should be valued for the users. No matter what do you post – goods or your lunch, it should be interesting. Try to market your blog and content constantly but sometimes do it implicitly. Make people read your bio and go to your links.

Traffic audience by Ads

Promoting content by Ads in Instagram is not very expensive. The best thing is that you can choose where traffic should go – maybe to your blog, maybe to some posts. In addition, you can make your target audience by some options and be sure users will be interested.

Instagram Feed Pro

This application (plugin) allows you to add feeds from Instagram directly to your web-site. It really helps to increase the engagement and receive new followers and likes. This piece of advice is optional but rather effective.

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