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How to remove foreign followers from Instagram account

How to remove foreign followers from Instagram account

How to remove foreign followers from Instagram account

The number of subscribers often measures the success of an Instagram profile nowadays. Owners of the most popular social network pages can boast hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. Many novice bloggers are eager to attract as many subscribers as possible. However, in pursuit of quantity, you should not forget about quality. From inactive subscribers who do not take part in the life of the profile, the owner of the page gets more harm than good. A large number of the "unwanted" readers are usually foreigners. What disadvantages can such subscribers bring?

  1. Foreign users often do not put likes and comments on posts, usually they do not even understand the meaning of publications because of language barriers.
  2. Single comments are usually just spam and only prevent communication with interested people.
  3. Due to the large number of foreign subscribers and “empty” comments, real and active readers can unsubscribe from the page.
  4. “Smart” feed reduces the coverage of profiles with a large number of inactive users, placing such pages in the category of “uninteresting”.
  5. Foreign subscribers often interfere with tracking statistics and dynamics of a real audience.

The logical question immediately appears in your head about how to prevent and fix it. All of the above factors spoil the statistics, push away real subscribers, prevent the development of your account and do not attract advertisers. It might be quite long and difficult to get rid of unnecessary subscriptions all by yourself. For pages with hundreds of thousands of followers, the cleaning process may seem almost unrealistic at all. Luckily for you, special services such as Spamguard come to the rescue. The program will help you quickly and easily remove unnecessary subscribers and protect from spam in the future. Just in a few minutes, you can significantly improve the statistics of the page without spending a lot of efforts and nerves on it.

How to remove foreign subscribers using Spamguard

Let's take a closer look at the stages of removing foreign subscribers in Instagram using the Spamgard service. First of all it is necessary to complete registration. Enter your e-mail address and write your password to access the site. After confirming the specified data by clicking on the link sent in the letter you can immediately use all the functions of the service.

To start the cleaning of your profile from unwanted subscribers, add an Instagram account in which "general cleaning" will take place. Click on the green plus button at the top of the screen. It is allowed to attach several profiles at once, limits are not set. But analysis and cleaning process can only be done in one account at a time. The cost of the work increases in proportion to the number of pages.

To attach a page you will need to enter your nickname and password from the profile. You should not worry about the security of your information. The service does not allow its distribution, does not store it in an open form and uses it only for access to the Instagram API. Before adding a profile, you must log out of your account in other applications and disable two-phase authentication, if it has already been turned on.

Instagram will ask you to confirm the actions and allow access through a third-party service using the security code sent to the phone number. Do not worry, after entering the specified combination of numbers, the profile will again be available for entry.

Select the type of analysis. Service Spamguard offers new customers the opportunity to use the test version. In this case, 30% of subscribers and subscriptions will be processed (but not more than 1000 users). You can perform a full analysis right away by choosing a convenient service package (prices start at $4,84) and payment method. Please note that you cannot enable automatic account protection using the test version.

Then you need to confirm your profile in the service Spamguard itself. To do this, a new confirmation code will be sent to your phone, which you need to enter in a special entry on the screen. Be patient. The profile verification process can take several minutes.

Once the previous step has been successfully completed, the user is prompted to select the necessary settings on the screen for successful analysis. The service at the same time analyzes the profile for the presence of "extra" subscriptions and subscribers, the speed depends on their number. After you have finished working with the parameters, you should press the button to start the cleaning process.

Users are offered a choice of working with several categories of subscribers at once. We are interested in foreign followers, so the choice is made in favor of the last item.

Service Spamguard works with subscribers very carefully and accurately. The user of the program can delete or keep accounts based on their language group. This feature is useful for customers who want to keep readers from specific geographic regions. You can also keep any profile among your subscribers by putting it in your exception list.

Automated operation of the service does not exclude the possibility of making some adjustments manually if necessary.

At the end of the process, it is necessary to determine the way to clean the account, the speed of the process depends on it. There are several options:

  • standard cleaning with the default limit;
  • daily unsubscription of the number of subscribers specified by the client (a specific number is indicated in a special window);
  • removal of a certain percentage of followers from subscribers (the algorithm calculates the necessary number based on the percentage specified by the user).

The above options allow you to rid your account of "unnecessary" subscribers without losing coverage due to sudden unsubscribing of users.

Once again, be patient. Profile cleaning will take some time, especially for owners of popular accounts. After the end of the service, the user receives the corresponding letter to the previously specified email address. For cases when the client suddenly changed his mind about analyzing and cleaning the profile or wanted to change the settings in any way, there is a button to stop the process. Click on the button, make the necessary adjustments and start cleaning again.

The Spamguard service can also automatically clean the profile without the need for user participation. To take advantage of this useful feature, click on the protection button. The option is available only after analyzing the account.

Spamguard is a useful tool for profile development in Instagram, its effective cleaning and protection from unwanted subscriptions and subscribers. The service allows you to get rid of commercial and inactive accounts, bots among followers, to remove unnecessary comments and significantly improve statistics. Particularly relevant is the proposal for profiles with a large number of subscribers and subscriptions, because cleaning from multiple accounts manually can be a real problem. Spamguard will help you quickly bring the profile in order (and keep it up to date), while saving time and effort. Your account will again become a live, active and interesting for advertisers, and spam in comments will no longer prevent communication with real subscribers.

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