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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

Instagram – as a means to promote the brand and increase sales.
At this time - Instagram is very popular, many people began to use it as a platform for sales. Your clients – the users of Instagram. Studies have shown that buyers often acquire what they liked visually. A well-chosen photo is the first step to success. And also you are do not impose the product to the buyer, he has a desire to buy it. The article describes some tips on the design and creation of a business account Instagram for a successful start of sales.

1. Tune up a business account.

At the first, the business account should not be your personal Instagram page.
Secondly, you are need to introduce the client to your brand, give a link to the main site. This can be entered in the column about personal information.

2. Support your brand.

You are have a name, a logo, a distinctive feature. Based on this, all resources should maintain recognition. It is desirable that the name in the Instagram account coincides with the name of your brand. Profile photo may have a picture of the logo. This is important because all your activities will be accompanied by a mini profile photo.

3. Use visual effects to increase sales.

Did you know that most people remember information with their eyes? This can be used in your business. Upload professional photos of your product. Thus, clients do not experience moral pressure. When choosing a product photo, it is desirable to have a creative approach. The more beautiful – the more attractive, and therefore more sales. Photos in Instagram have a size of 612 x 612 pixels, that is, the shape of a square. Photoshop will help to preserve the image quality. You are can also download specialized applications for Instagram photos, use them!

Your eyes and judgment will help determine how the image looks better. A little advice - Mayfair filter in Instagram tools will help to attract more customers.

Publish life photos. Add a scenario to your product. Then the buyer can imagine, for example, how gracefully this cardigan emphasizes the eyes of the model and he will want like this.

4. Create promotions, discounts and sales for your product.

Attract the client by the fact that if he follows your Instagram account, he will get a nice bonus. You are need to provide the information immediately to the photo, as well as in inscriptions.

5. Use hashtags.

Hashtags allow to increase your profile views. With the Iconosquare analytics app, you are can identify the most popular hashtag and sign your photos with it.

6. The original title of the post.

For attract attention, use a simple call to action or direct question. Thanks to this, your account will have an active conversation, customers will ask questions and share their opinions.

7. Arrange competitions and lotteries.

No one will refuse to try their luck in the competition. Specify simple terms, date, prize and enjoy the growth of your business account activity.

8. Communicate with clients.

Keep an active conversation, answer user questions, thank for tags and just express love to your potential buyers!

9. Continuously monitor your progress.

Analyze activity, support growth and attract new clients - all of this meaningfully! This is important because it keeps your business. If you are notice someone paying a lot of attention to your brand, don't stay away.

Keep in touch and reciprocate. It is important to have an understanding of user activity. Let's say your subscribers are mostly housewives, after 6 PM they can be busy. Therefore, posts should publish until 6 PM. For the convenience you are need to use planning applications. Applications such as Schedugram and Latergram allow you are to queue messages when you are have time, and then send them according to an optimized publishing timetable.

At the end you are can safely run your business account Instagram. Remember that as in any other business, you are need to have an accurate vision of what purposes you want to achieve, how much sales perform, strictly speaking, it is important to have a good strategy. Good luck!

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