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How to use subscribing for hashtags in Instagram.

How to use subscribing for hashtags in Instagram.

P.S. Do not rush to be active to display the posts in the top hashtag.

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How to subscribe to hashtags in Instagram.

December 12, 2017 in Instagram blog introduced new features - subscribe to hashtags. We have prepared a complete guide for you. Now you can subscribe to, not only on the profiles, but also to follow the publications about specific topics. You can subscribe to absolutely any hashtag. List hashtags, which signed the user is in the "Subscriptions" and available to all users.


But you yourself can tell the function to its subscribers, as many missing notification.

Then, to sign up for Instagram hashtag in need:

  1. Find the right hashtag through the search or go to the hashtag from any post.
  2. On the page with the publications with the selected hashtag need to click subscribe.

Everything from that point the user will see other users posts with this hashtag in the tape and Stories section.

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We purposely did not write about the new product immediately, because the algorithm hit posts in the custom tape was not clear, but it is important.

In Instagram blog says that you have subscribed to the hashtag user will see the best posts on it and some recent history. In fact theoretically *

Test subscription for different hashtags during the week allows us to say the following:

The Stories selection of hashtags really get a story that a few hours or even minutes. Depending on the popularity of the hashtag. In the stamp collection Stories of hashtags and user selection can be quite different stories.

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The tape does not fall into the most popular posts. Each check is not received success. we also understand that it is not recent publications. There is an assumption here that the ER is involved again, but then why not in the top positions? Well, okay, not all ... But at least a few, eh? A single post from top in the film, we did not see, you see a post that is not more than a day with a lot of likes and comments. Tested 10 popular hashtag, maybe other things are different.

Instagram promised real high performance of your algorithm, to show in the film only positions marked relevant hashtag. Language and location may play a role. We tested the hashtags #cats and #love, publications and Stories quite common positions of Russian profiles. Coincidence? Maybe, but not likely.

What does this mean for the business and how to use it?

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All the prophecies of the death of hashtags canceled. Now just to collect all the relevant costs of your topics and hashtags finally start using them. This feature - yet another way to display content outside subscribers. Unique / branded hashtags, hashtags, hashtags rubricists and with reference to geolocation - it is now masthev. Users can subscribe to individual columns and follow you.

To Index was always in sight, use the Highlights Stories, on which you can read here, also make announcements in conventional Stories with a proposal to sign up for your hashtags. A new function can be used to attract new subscribers and to keep attention / communicate with a captive audience. If your post gets to User tape hashtag, he also sees the name of the account can go into it and subscribe. This is an incentive to do high-quality content and to write interesting texts. Profile still need to be opened. If you for some reason, still keep a closed profile, then this would have to give up in order to benefit from the upgrade. This is due to the fact that the news feed and a selection of stories can not get popular publication with the hashtag if private account.


Do not cheat, do not spam, do not use hashtags from the bulldozer. If the user's belt was a post which does not correspond to the hashtag, it may complain about it, either to announce that the post does not correspond to the subject, or report spam. Instagram also promised to remove non-thematic posts and block spam accounts. This is an additional way to explore subscribers. It is not clear how many people subscribe to the hashtag, but we can expect that in the near future. As long as there is no software that can collect the accounts database to subscribe to a specific hashtag, but it's not far off. But now you can explore profiles of the most active subscribers. If you put together a high quality audience, the sample will be more representative of reality. Posters are also worth exploring, precisely because they are most likely faster than the others began to use the new feature. Not a fact, of course, but most likely.


The analytics Zen-promo you can see the most active subscribers, collect them in a list, and then manually go through the accounts and hashtags record on which they are signed and then split the information into thematic headings. You can thus see whether it is your CA uses this function and whether it is being given a lot of time. Not all at once run to use the new features, it's true. Although the Instagram attracts users to the new fich as you can. For example, the most notice about a new feature, as well as the recommendation of popular hashtags that match the user's interests. A more accurate targeted advertising. Subscription hashtags - is another way to analyze the interests of the user, so the Target with great probability will be even more precise. And you've protest new features? If so, share your results =)

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And do not forget that there Zen-promo subscribers hashtag search function. And now there is a reason to pay more attention to it.

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