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How to write a compelling text for a client in auto direct

How to write a compelling text for a client in auto direct

Direct mailing is considered not the most effective method of attracting customers since the network blocks the repeated sending of messages with the same text. Besides, due to the larger number of commercial accounts that advertise in this way, users have a definite dislike for such messages, which is why they are often not even read. But we know that Instagram sales can be raised with the help of correctly composed text. This will be discussed below.

Pros and cons of direct mailing

The following points can be highlighted among the advantages:

  • relatively low price: on average, services ask for a newsletter about 5-10 dollars per month;
  • the correctly written text will increase customer loyalty to your account;
  • using the newsletter, you can filter users by reaching the target audience;
  • in addition to text, it's not required to create additional content;
  • a welcome message will enable the client to quickly learn about promotions and prices, and, accordingly, to make a purchase faster.


  • bad text can nullify all your efforts to design and select an audience for distribution;
  • if the user sees the same message for a long time, he will immediately add it to spam;
  • you need to observe a very fine line between the unobtrusive appeal to make a purchase and the direct requirements of acquiring something. The latter will immediately scare away any customer.

Types of newsletters

Globally, mailing lists for customers can be divided into two groups:

  1. Messages for new users whose attention needs to be kept and fixed.
  2. Information texts for already interested customers, in which you can talk about goods and services, delivery conditions, returns, etc.

In order for you to receive orders more often, pay more attention to the first category of users, since they are often underestimated. You can create a short survey for this category, in which ask to tell about yourself, so that, after comparing the results, you can derive statistically significant characteristics of your target audience. In the future, this will help to more effectively and convincingly influence it, because, you see, the interests of wealthy men over 40 and teenagers are very different and the channels of contact with them are not the same.

It's advised to prepare detailed messages for interested customers with information about the products of interest to them. If this is not done, then the probability of the transaction will decrease by several times, since the client won't know what he is acquiring. Check your profile: is there information about the terms of delivery, is all the data on the goods indicated? The easier it is for a person to find the necessary information, the more actively he will contact.

Rules for writing text

In order to not frighten away a new client but also to attract his attention, you need to work out the header of the letter especially well, since this is the first thing that the user sees. The title should:

  • clearly reflect the subject of your message;
  • be concise and as short as possible (but not at the expense of understanding);
  • to attract attention, which can be achieved with the help of irony, humor, puns and other linguistic tricks.

Never directly ask what the user would like to buy in the body of the message. This will create the feeling that you only need the client’s money. Even if this is so, then don't show it — on the contrary, give respect for the person, thank him for his interest if he subscribed to your newsletter. If you were the initiator of the departure, we recommend that you briefly and interestingly talk about your services and products, notify of the latest promotions and bonuses, leave a price list in case the user is interested in the product.

It's especially important to consider the psychological portrait of the client, which can be compiled on the basis of data from the mailing survey. So you will understand what interests the customer in the first place, how much he is willing to spend money on the purchase and how best to influence him to make the deal.

So, a checklist of rules for compelling text:

  • A concise, simple but intriguing headline.
  • Respectful treatment.
  • Lack of goods imposition.
  • Providing maximum useful information that will help the client make a choice.
  • Honesty and openness.
  • Focus on the compiled psychological portrait of the average representative of your target audience.

What service to use for the mailing

In order to configure sending messages to direct, use Zen Promo. This feature is free for the entire period for which you are subscribed.

When mailing to new users, it’s worth remembering that there is a lot of spam now. In such circumstances, keep in mind that daily users can receive a large number of messages with offers of goods, services, discounts, and so on. It's much more profitable to contact your audience, and only then offer it services. Otherwise, you will lose already subscribed clients, or the messages will be constantly rejected.

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