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How Zen-promo parser works

How Zen-promo parser works

How parser works

Parser gives the user ready bases of accounts, with which he will interact for profile promotion afterwards. Profile owners on instagram found own target audience manually by their criteria. Now these methods are in the past. Parsers work automatically with help of filter systems.

Functional features of parser may vary depending on platform. Program from Zen-promogram carries out two tasks:

  • collects account data on instagram;
  • provides information as text file to the users.

Work with filters

Test results of profiles on instagram depends from correct work with filters. Audience has folowing criteria:

  • gender;
  • hashtags;

  • geolocation;

  • subscriptions and subscribers;
  • specific subscriptions.

Set of these criteria allows to search target audience of user of parser. Parsers are using by different types of profiles on instagram. This service required as commercial so personal accounts. Fan group pages use it also for quick and speedy increase in number of participants.

How to work with the database

After user receives database he will go to action. It very important at this moment to choose effective tactics of impact on audience. There are some effective ways to make yourself known to potential subscribers.

  • Direct mailing, mailing and calling by phone. The text of mass mailing goes to hundreds and thousands accounts simultaneously. If the target audience lives in different countries, we should take into account language barrier.
  • subscriptions, likes and comments. Signs of attention to profiles may be automatic. For this you need to configure Zen-promo or any similar programme and to filter accounts.
  • masslooking stories. Masslooking stories witn help of Zen-promo is one of new ways to capture to the attention of users. It should be borne in mind that this method should be applied sparingly. This is an semi-illegal way for instagram. However, like massliking.

  • prize draws. The audience should be interested in a prize, then contest will be successful. Parser will select interested users and you can create interest contest to attract them.
  • target advertising. Format of target advertising created to increase sales on instagram. It is customizable based on characteristics of target audience: gender, age, interests, geolocation. All this data can be obtained with help of parser to exact tune advertising. You can also send ads by mail or by phone numbers.

  • collection of information about subscriptions and subscribers. Bases of accounts are needed not only for subscription but also for analytics of target audience. This is very valuable information. This is allows you to monitor last trends and statistics.

Ways to work with the audience on Zen-promo

Platform Zen-promo helps not only to collect bases of accounts but also interact with them.

With help of masslooking user scans a huge amount of stories in automatic mode. Owners of accounts see new profiles, show interest and go to his page. This option is free for customers of Zen-promo and included in subscription price.

Auto messages or Direct automessages are mass maling to their subscribers. The user follows these ruls to avoid spam bloking:

  • selects recipients for various aspects (language, number of posts and subscribers)
  • makes up several patterns (up to 20 pieces)
  • complies with the limits for sending messages (up to 200 messages)

How to use parses from Zen-promo

It need to register before work on Zen-promo. To do this, user enters email and creates a password and then binds account on instagram. User goes through several stages: selection of criteria by wich the selection takes place - competitors, hashtags or geolocation ( specific hashtags, which parser will take into account with searching, download competitor profiles: loginsare entered in the format of @user_name, geolocation + keywordsearch); complection of settings and waiting for results for several minutes; filtering the collected database according the required parameters and downloading the final data file. Filtration is carried out by open and closed accounts, gender, number of subscriptions and subscribers.

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