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Instagram 2018 trends. How make a random visitor to follow?

Instagram 2018 trends. How make a random visitor to follow?

Rich colors

The color of design is very important. Bright shades are really dominating in the area of social networks in 2018. After researching of Pantone Company the report was made that explains the popularity of this trend in the world of fashion.

The best color combinations are:

Win-win combinations of colors are:

  • Yellow;
  • Orange;
  • Turquoise;
  • Dark red;
  • Olive green that is combined with purple.

These kinds of shades always attract attention to the content and it is strongly recommended to use them in templates, illustrations, etc.

The Mountain Dew Company uses green and red colors. Red one attracts attention to the logo, especially its center, and green one connects brand and nature.

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Visa (Payment System) has blue and yellow-orange colors in its trend. Blue one has association with trusting and peace, yellow-orange uses to make clients have a good mood.

The best templates are:

  • Pink Simple Flowers Collage Instagram Post;
  • Red Banner and Floral Dress Instagram Post.

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Color blocks

When you are thinking about posting, pay attention to:

  • How these posts will be shown in the news;
  • How these publications will look in the profile.

Some time ago, users made a publication that consisted of series of pictures and some posts turned to a single photo.

You can use elements of colors in the same way in 2018. In result, it can be really cool color blocks.

Adam from Cape Town, the photographer, make photos during almost all his journeys. He pays much attention to the color. He publishes his pictures by series and make his account look fantastic.

Only interesting profile can motivate people regularly visit your account and evaluate new publications.

Shaira Luna also uses alike technique. In her case, mostly light shades are used.

Mexican Canva likes to play with colors. Because of smooth transitions, effect of gradient can be easily achieved.

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Gradient and color. Experiments

Gradient is very useful thing in 2018: it can be either a central element of the design, or background one.

This situation is wide spread, for example in companies:

  • Sprite;
  • Apple;
  • Spotify.

Gradient often the central element of the brand even in Instagram.

But you should be careful when use this trend because it is necessary to choose good and right shades. Pay attention to the basic light theory and you will have no difficulties with searching some suitable variants.

Remember that gradients attract attention of visitors, so use them to emphasize parts you want. Also you can make gradients in the pictures themselves.

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If you do not want to select gradients yourself, you can use the following templates:

  • Blue Photo Stars Earth Hour Instagram Post;
  • White Text and Gradient Background Mother's Day Quote Greeting Instagram Post.

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Bold Fonts

Many designers prefer fonts like Sans-Serif in 2018. They can perfectly fit both for plain text and for headings.

The newest trend is bold typography that attracts attention. So it is recommended to select a contrasting background for the inscriptions.

Do you want to make the best impression? Then you need to combine the image and text.

Similar fonts on a dark background excellently stand out. For example, you can see it in the account of designer Danny Kurien. When the illustration is bright, you can add a background block with the fill. The online store Experience Life goes this way:

There is another interesting method and use the image to fill the text. An example is the design company from Hong Kong Petal by Alice:

Use a simple and interesting tool called Canva with many special templates in it:

  • Benefit Concert Instagram Post;
  • Chill Birthday Greetings Instagram Post.

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Add a picture to the photo

The photos themselves are highly effective. If you combine them with illustrations, you will get more attention.

Graphics are perfectly capable of smoothing contrasts. Through the images you can wake the emotions and transmit different messages.

Illustrator girl Naomi Dawson publishes what happened to her all day long. After she adds the thematic illustrations to the photos:

Lipika draws cool sketches. She learned how to combine her own photos and illustrations. It seems to be uncommonly:

You can just use Canva. It has free graphic elements. They are located in the "Illustrations" section.

As popular templates, we can recommend:

  • Colorful Illustrated Music Night Invitation Instagram Post;
  • Pink Floral Mother's Day.

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Vintage Flowers

Vintage style is an excellent source of inspiration for a modern designer. To make the work more attractive, you can add colors.

It is very important to carefully select the background for presentation.

The users in the subconscious are completely ignoring the advertising images. The way out is to take only natural photographs.

Standard templates are:

  • White Bordered Coffee Shop Instagram Post;
  • Cake Decoration Workshop iPhone Layout.

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The Stories

Instagram Stories easily can attract attention of users. Answer the questions, make a conversation with visitors.

Templates for you are:

  • Pink and Green Turtle Birthday Status Story;
  • White Sale Kid's Fashion Stuff Story.

Сreating Stories (Tools)

To make cool and high-quality stories, use special tools:

  • Hype Type;
  • Easil;
  • Quik;
  • Unfold;
  • Storeo;
  • Adobe Spark Post.

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Quality videos

The video is very popular format in social networks.

To ensure that the videos are of high quality, you do not even need professional equipment.

Personal trainer and blogger Chris Everingham lays out his own workouts in the social network. Videos are short, but rather informative.

Blogger and artist Josie Lewis draws unusual pictures. In his videos, he shows subscribers how these masterpieces are created:

Capture cool informative videos and insert colorful covers for them. You will interest a lot more viewers.


  • Canva Design Tutorial Social Media Graphic;
  • Dragon Sculpture Social Media Graphic.

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Questionnaire template

It is no wonder the new often called as a well-forgotten old. Digital questionnaire become more popular.

Users publish them in Stories. Everyone can make a screenshot, fill out a questionnaire and drop it into their own account.

Good templates are:

  • Cream Gold Blue This or That Instagram Story;
  • Red Royal Instagram Story.

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