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Instagram design mistakes. Why have some beautiful pages, while others not?

Instagram design mistakes. Why have some beautiful pages, while others not?

Today, an Instagram account is one of the most powerful tools for promoting your name and even expanding a business. Through stylish and attractive photos and communication with the audience, the social network attracts new users from diverse backgrounds. However, when designing an Instagram profile, you can make various mistakes that will affect page perception. In this article, you will learn about the six most common mistakes made (most often) by beginner Instagrammers.

Besides, you will receive some useful tips on how to design a profile to improve engagement and attract new followers.

1. Incorrect camera settings

First of all, Instagram means beautiful and high-quality photos. Accordingly, the biggest mistake from your side is to upload imperfect pictures, which in most cases depends on the camera settings.

Here are some important tips.

Underexposure is better than overexposure

Many amateur photographers make one repetitive mistake of taking photos with brightness and exposure twisted to the maximum. However, many details and shades are simply lost in a too bright image. To create high-quality pics, learn how to adjust the exposure of your camera and take photos a little darker.

HDR doesn't help, but more interferes

When shooting, always turn off the High Dynamic Range mode, it makes the images overly “processed”.

The built-in flash can ruin your whole picture

The flash function on your smartphone may be useful, but it can dramatically spoil the overall quality of the picture. The flash displaces original lighting and gives the impression that it's a shot from a disposable camera.

2. Overuse of hashtags

Hashtags are important, because thanks to them, photos appear in the feed of a new audience and attract attention to your profile. However, adding too many hashtags is a mistake. It's desirable that the number of tags under your photo should not exceed 10 or 12, while each individual tag should be used wisely, describing the contents of the picture both factually and conceptually: showing your feelings and emotions associated with the photo.

Bad example: a screenshot of a post with a clear overabundance of hashtags.

3. Using one preset for all photos

Some believe that all images should be edited in the same style. To do this, use a variety of presets and templates. Real experience shows that editing images with a similar set of settings is a mistake and makes your account boring to visit. Of course, a good profile should have its style, uniting most of the photos, but this doesn't apply to all. Editing should be pointed and targeted, each photo should reflect a specific mood and give something to the visitor.

For comparison: on the left side of the photo is a beautiful and varied color scheme that is of interest; on the right — design for one preset, as a result of which the images look boring and monotonous.

4. Bad captions

One successful photo can cost thousands of words on Instagram, but you are very mistaken if think that the title of your photo doesn't matter. Use the space to add text wisely to attract new followers. It can be some interesting facts, communication with the audience. The mistake is to enter simple, boring descriptions instead of directly interacting with readers.

In the screenshot below: an example of a well-designed header. As you can see, the text is minimalistic, but it appeals to the reader and has a clear emotional coloring, which increases the level of involvement. The set of hashtags is also moderate and appropriate.

5. Ugly design of photos

When taking a picture from a smartphone camera, you can use the grid function. It allows you to center the selected object exactly in the middle of the frame. But the main thing is that the grid allows you to align the image so that all the pictures have an aesthetic and compositional sequence, which is the key to ideal posts on Instagram. If you don’t crop the images using the grid, then the appearance of your profile will be poor, no matter how perfect your content is from a compositional point of view.

In the screenshot below you can see the almost perfect “mosaic” of photos made using the grid. It enhances the overall impact and attracts new followers.

For comparison: unsuccessful design with a grid. It looks chaotic and inconsistent. You won’t be attracted to such new subscribers.

6. Lack of diversity

If you want to increase your level of activity on Instagram, first make sure that the audience receives from your feed everything that they want. No need to strive to publish a large number of new photos, instead focus on their quality. A big mistake of Instagram bloggers is to not understand what the audience wants: when a person visits your profile, he comes for high-quality content, and not for random photos in large quantities.

You must decide on the corporate identity, while not focusing on only one topic (this quickly bothers). The most popular Instagram posts are related to nature, adventure, fashion, beauty, parenting, pets, etc. The periodic transition from one topic to another enhances the level of involvement; the publication of a huge number of posts on the same topic — on the contrary, causes rejection.


Now that you know the key mistakes in designing your Instagram profile, you should have no problem creating a beautiful and engaging account. The tips presented in this article are very easy to implement. If everything is done correctly, the number of followers and the level of engagement can increase many times over.

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