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Instagram earning: how to sell customer bases received using Zen-promo Parser

Instagram earning: how to sell customer bases received using Zen-promo Parser

There are several different strategies for earning on Instagram starting from the fastest when using your account it can be possible to earn the first money in a few hours...

And ending with a rather long and long-term method, thanks to which many stars receive 500-700 thousand dollars per post. But we'll take into account one effective and unusual way to earn money on Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm works very trickily. It means that the more you receive likes and comments, the higher your post is in the feed not only of your friends but also of other followers.

That is why many people and companies are willing to pay for it. Again! There are accounts that are ready to pay for the fact that you like them on publications, write a comment on it or simply follow. It's good news.

The bad news for people is that you won’t earn much on likes and subscriptions. Are there other ways to earn money? Let's talk about Zen-promo Parser and its very useful feature of gathering an audience!

A popular service can be used to generate a stable income. Commercial Instagram accounts are interested in expanding their audience. You can provide the owners of such pages with customer bases selected on a professional site. Income depends on the activity and entrepreneurship.

Zen-promo Parser Features

The resource increases Instagram sales with the help of a competent target audience selection. You can load databases to quickly promote various accounts. Many Instagram users don't know how to promote their pages. You can offer them an up-to-date base and earn on the services of an intermediary. The selection of profiles should be carried out taking into account all the features of a business page.

Service Advantages:

  • searching by geolocation and hashtags;

  • analysis of competitors' audience;

  • convenient filtering by gender and other criteria;
  • only live pages are added to the database.

You can register in the system, select the appropriate tariff and test the work of a popular service. You must specify Instagram profile data on Zen-promo Parser.


Activate a regular page on the service that you won't promote. This condition must be met for the system to work correctly. Check if you have connected two-factor authentication. It shouldn't be. Subject to the indicated rules, you can configure the service for the formation of databases.

How to begin

After successful registration, test the functionality of the system. Try to set up different filters and look at the results. Check your profile for the correct data filling. After that, it will be possible to offer your services to potential customers. Prepare the advertising text and follow these steps:

  • arrange email newsletters
  • place ads on specialized sites;
  • place your text in public, social networks.

You can send a proposal for cooperation in direct to the owners of various accounts. Look for customers not only on Instagram - use additional services. You can browse the websites of companies and offer them your services. Many entrepreneurs want to increase their sales level, but they don't have time to constantly develop an account on Instagram. Your suggestion may seem interesting to them.


Don't make too much extra charge at the initial stage. Add a certain percentage to the value of the base, and then increase it as you find new customers.

Carefully monitor all applications that come in response to your offer. Check for new messages and letters daily. Keep customers happy with your work. If you cannot determine the parameters for the base selection, ask customers clarifying questions.

You can colorfully design a profile on Instagram by advertising your services. Add images with promotional text and the corresponding hashtags every day (#Instagrampromotion, #buyadatabaseforInstagram). Over time, you will have a large flow of customers with whom you can collaborate temporarily or on an ongoing basis.

Zen-promo Parser features

The resource provides many useful options for promoting profiles. With the help of massive looking, you can get automatic views. This move will draw the attention of users to the submitted content. The service can be applied to your page and it can be offered to customers who are interested in developing an Instagram profile.

Use the checklist to verify the results. Carefully analyze all the criteria that are necessary for a successful promotion. You can configure the service to distribute advertising messages to new followers through direct.

Selling ready-made bases can bring you good income. Small investments that will be required to pay for access to the service can be quickly paid back. Offer services not only to business account holders but also to those who simply want to publicize their profile. Good luck!

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