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Instagram for developers and realtors

Instagram for developers and realtors

28 Sep 2020 Business

Sales on Instagram are associated with some small businesses that do not have their own website, and sometimes are not registered at all. Serious business deals are not possible here, how so? One entry is a photo of a friend from Sochi, and the next one is the results of a very large transaction, investments, real estate sales ...

Those who were interested in the issue before already know how agency managers and realtors find their unique promotion schemes on Instagram.

For realtors, all the same steps are available that are involved in any other business, and in their case, the standard method of promotion on the Internet is applicable.

Profile decoration

Before you start promoting, you need to prepare your profile. The checklist is minimal.

— It is important for a large company to trust its audience, so it is necessary to leave contact information that will not change every six months, and for which someone will answer.

— The logo is also important. Make sure it is clear and legible in the miniature. Of course, the logo is the whole avatar of the Instagram page, by which users recognize you even before visiting the profile.

— USP. Why should customers choose you? What are your advantages? Very briefly fix in the profile biography.

— Optional: pinned stories. If you have mandatory information that doesn't fit into the bio, then this is a good place for it. And it looks beautiful, complementing the picture.

Target audience selection

Each realtor has its own target audience. The only thing that can be in common is that they target people over 25 who already have the means and the ability to make such a large purchase. For the rest, you should build on your prices, location, preferences. Something sells houses in a new fashionable residential complex, made according to all the rules of modern urbanism, and someone is ready to provide a very budget option - for those who are still studying, for example.

Development of a content plan

Real estate needs to be displayed correctly, like any other product. But, alas, the apartment is not hand-made earrings.

Don't post photos in a whole pile! Two or three of the most aesthetic pieces will be enough for the post. The rest are optional in direct - indicate this in the description. So the client will have more time in his intention, and it will save you time.

If you do not have enough content in the form of your own names, then you can dilute the wall with text posts, answers to frequently asked questions, recommendations for repair. In general, everything that is useful to the target audience. Again, you don't need to put all your knowledge on the table and write a huge essay on the topic “how to choose an apartment”. Portions, post by post, to make it easy to read, there was enough content for a long time, and the audience's interest was consistently high.

And don't forget how important customers are. Established communication with them should be a priority over all other tasks.

As you can see, even such a serious matter can be transferred to social networks and get profit from them. We must act decisively, because there is already enough competition!

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