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Instagram limits and restrictions in 2018

Instagram limits and restrictions in 2018

24 Jul 2018

These limits relate primarily to third-party programs and services. Even Zengram has limitations that will help you avoid blocking and losing your account. So, what can you publish on Instagram and in what quantities? Let's understand!

Account limits on Instagram

First of all, it should be said that the restrictions for "newcomers" and "old men" are different. The Instagram's management very closely follows profiles that were created less than 6 months ago. That's why, if you just created a new profile, you don't need to include the mass-following and try to get as many followers as possible in a short time. Start by filling out the account and getting followers by standard freeways.

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For example, here is a profile with one publication and a small number of followers and subscriptions. It's useless to promote both through Zengram and through other sites.

What should the old men do? For them, the restrictions are not so tough, but they do exist. Write or memorize.

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Limits for old accounts:

  • Follows - no more than 1 for 28-38 seconds, no more than 200 per hour, no more than 1000 per day.
  • Unfollows - no more than 1 for 12-22 seconds, no more than 2000 per day.
  • Likes - no more than 1 for 28-36 seconds, no more than 1000 per day.
  • Comments - no more than 1 for 400 seconds, no more than 14 per hour, the maximum number of characters is 2000.
  • Mentions - no more than 5 nicknames per 1 message for 350-400 seconds.
  • Posts - no more than 12 per day.
  • Hashtags - don't put more than 6-7 hashtags under one post (although the rules say about 30 hashtags, it's better not to do it).

Above is one of the Instagram rules.

What are the limits for "beginners"? Here is the exact data that you need to remember and not violate if you don't want to be blocked.

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Limits for new profiles:

  • Posts - no more than 3 photos per day.
  • Follows, unfollows, and likes - no more than 1 time in 36-48 seconds and no more than 500 per day.

What are the conclusions? Better do nothing at all in the first 2-3 weeks after creating the account. Upload a couple of photos and forget about your account: don't get the Instagram management attention.

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I was banned on Instagram: what to do and who is to blame?

So, let's imagine that you didn't comply with the requirements and limits, as a result of which you received a ban from the Instagram or a block. How long does it last? From 1 hour to infinity. Yes, you can lose your account forever if you are a malicious intruder who doesn't follow the rules. For what you can get a ban:

  • exceeding the limits by the number of likes, followers, comments;
  • the same comments under different photos or a spam;
  • if your account has posts with a completely naked body;
  • posts of an extremist nature;
  • other people's photos without attribution or authorization;
  • signing in with two or three different devices.

As a rule, the first time the ban doesn't last long. But if you break the rules several times, you will most likely be blocked forever.

How to understand that you were banned? You will see the following message.

Will Instagram ban you for using Zengram service? If you use the right content and follow the rules, then there will be no block. During the functioning of our service, no one client who followed these rules wasn't blocked by Instagram.

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Getting a ban is possible in the following cases:

  • You are trying to actively promote a new account, registered a week ago; (Instagram doesn't like the sharply increased activity)
  • There are no photos in your profile; (Instagram considers you a bot)
  • you leave a large number of identical spam comments like "Come to my account and buy a miracle product for losing weight!" or something similar. (In this case, you may be complained about)

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Instagram limitations in 2018

The Instagram social network has a huge number of rules, and it's no secret that many users occasionally violate them. But do they all get a ban? Of course, not. In this case, the algorithm is "not caught - not a thief". It's very easy for the management to track down the cheating, but it's unlikely they have the resources to look for everyone who increases likes and followers. So, what is forbidden to do on Instagram and for what reason problems can arise?

  • You post someone else's photo. This important rule is very often violated by users. For abstract pictures from the Internet you will not be banned, but if you take a photo of any person and publish in your profile without mentioning the account - you may well encounter a negative reaction. A person has the right to complain about you, and the Instagram administration strongly dislikes such "thieves".
  • You cannot use the cheating services. Everyone knows or has the idea about this. In fact, you can use them, but carefully. Just follow the established limits, and the ban will bypass you. Zengram acts as a normal user, so there is no difference for Instagram, who gives likes - you or the service.
  • You can not transfer or sell your account. Does this make anybody? Certainly! You can do the same, but only at your own risk.
  • It's forbidden to maintain a profile on behalf of another person. Exceptions are companies that allow employees to maintain their account. Instagram admits this, but it's better to get permission. This also applies to profiles that manage parents instead of their children)
  • You cannot write the domain of your own site on behalf of the user. To do this, you need to get the permission from the Instagram administration.

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Please note that earlier it was forbidden to specify a contact phone number in the profile description. It was possible to get a ban for this. Now, Instagram doesn't punish you for such actions, but if there is no absolute need, it's better to use the phone instead of the link to the site or VK group, where more details describe your product or services. It's also not recommended to write prices in your profile. Do this under the photos.

If you are managing more than one Instagram page, we advise you not to use the same link to the site. For one Instagram account, there can be only one link to the site. On the other account, the link to the same site cannot be specified, it is better to place the link to your Facebook or VK profile. Instagram began to actively combat spammers and filters any signs of spam in the user profile. Be alert and check through the search for links to your site from other competitors' profiles.

The description for each photo should be unique. Don't write the same text under the same image. It's recommended to upload not more than 10 photos per hour to each account. These rules must comply with all commercial accounts. Before starting the promotion, we recommend that you completely fill out the description, post photos, and publish a vivid avatar. Bright avatars attract attention when you comment or like the user's photo.

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Limitations on hashtags

According to the rules, you can add no more than 30 hashtags under one post. However, such activity can be a problem. Especially if the hashtags are repeated. And don't put a lot of them after the publication, and then delete. Or, on the contrary, you first publish a photo, and when it is viewed by all your friends, add a bunch of hashtags. Such actions immediately cause suspicion. In this case, posts will be visible only to you, and the tags will be banned. Then you will see the following message.

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The action was blocked: what should I do?

You will be surprised, but the answer is unambiguous - nothing. Yes, you don't need to put likes or follow someone else, and also comment on other people's photos. And, especially, don't write to moderators. Just wait a couple of hours, if nothing changes - wait a few days. Most likely, your actions after that will already be unblocked. When you get a block from Instagram the service immediately pauses the action and resumes when the block disappears. At this time, you can do other things: if you are blocked, you can follow, put comments (they are not blocked), or run an unfollow.

User Behavior

Let's imagine a typical Instagram user. How does he behave in the app? Comes for 10-15 minutes and puts a few likes during this time. After that, he closes Instagram and does his own business. In an hour he will go back to the app and put a couple of likes, maybe he'll follow someone. This is a typical and natural behavior that doesn't cause suspicion.

Questions begin to appear when from the user account are placed a large number of likes or when he begins to follow many accounts. However, the user doesn't even open accounts by himself. It should be remembered that Instagram has not only hourly or daily, but also weekly restrictions.

It's also important how the user behaved before. For example, a couple of years he visits Instagram for 1 hour a day (in total), gives no more than 10 likes a day, follows 1-2 people a week. And now he begins to show big activity! Sharply increases the number of likes and followers and uses the app for almost a day. Of course, such behavior raises questions and suspicions. That's why third-party services should be used neatly.

Zengram Restrictions

The limits for likes, followers, unfollowers, and comments on Zengram are exactly the same as Instagram has. As for messages in Direct, there are such restrictions:

you need to write no more than 50 welcome messages during a day, otherwise, there is a risk of getting a ban;
You cannot write all the same messages, otherwise, they will be perceived as a spam. Think of 15-20 different options, and Zengram will send them in random order.

It should be pointed out that the behavior of the Instagram administration can't be always explained. Sometimes it's difficult to guess why they blocked a completely normal account and don't touch the profile with numerous violations. In most cases, after unblocking, you can find out the reason for the ban, but sometimes you have to wait for a long time.

When using the service it will be necessary to pass verification. You will see the following window.

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No matter how you want to quickly promote your account, don't make mistakes and clearly observe all restrictions and limits. The best third-party service for promoting the profile will be Zengram. It will help you not to break the rules and avoid the ban.

If you still have questions, our sensitive tech. support (support@zengram.ru) will help with advice and set up a personal cabinet.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for publications or cooperation, write to zengrampartners@mail.ru

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