Instagram live streaming ideas

Instagram live streaming ideas

30 Jun 2020 Business

Live streaming is a great way to upgrade your brand and connect with your customers. But not all companies manage to conduct them competently, for the benefit of themselves and subscribers.

Why business account Instagram live

Let's start with the obvious: live broadcasts make you the first in the tape while you drive it! And this is a very advantageous position. Also, your subscribers receive notifications that you are broadcasting live - another reminder that supports the interest of the audience.



Now your face and your words affect the business. Therefore, live broadcasts will be a great way to show yourself from the best side - by polite and delicate communication with subscribers, you can easily gain a positive reputation. Be natural, but at the same time courteous and tolerant - these qualities are now very much appreciated.

Last but not least, the reason for the broadcast is an analysis of the needs of your target audience. Direct conversation is the easiest way to achieve this: you ask your customers what they want to see, and immediately get an answer. Perhaps he will not be as deliberate and systematic as in the detailed reviews, but you can also work with this information.

What to shoot in live broadcasts

Specialist help

Spend answers to questions live, read a lecture, tell something interesting ... if you know something that may be useful to subscribers, and at the same time can convey information in a simple and understandable language - use it!



Loyal fans will always be there for this kind of activity. And those who have nothing to do, will also not mind listening to you in the background. Share news, successes, plans for the future. It is advisable to submit all this in an interesting form so that the nose does not turn from the monologue from bubbling.


Regular customers will be very pleased if you, for example, wish them a happy birthday. You can stream a game only if you have the right target audience. Or cook something on the “order” of subscribers! Ask, be interested in their hobbies, in order to later maintain their attention to you with such live broadcasts.


If you are fortunate enough to conduct an interview with a person who is significant to your target audience, it will be wise to share this in a live broadcast. Or at least make an announcement if the interview is large and you will post it on another site.


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