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Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips

Any entrepreneur understands that social networks have long since become not only a place to communicate. They also can be used to promote a brand or to sell products. Why do some businessmen miss such opportunities? We will tell you below how to make profit on Instagram.

What is profitable to sell?

You can effectively promote your services and products on Instagram. Here are popular:

  • entertainment programs;
  • webinars;
  • interesting courses;
  • original things, etc.

When preparing an advertising campaign, different categories of products require their unique approach to promotion. For example, sometimes the correct description of the service is required. In some other cases a beautiful picture may be important.

The most selling products on Instagram:

  • cosmetics;
  • handmade;
  • unique accessories;
  • offers from the shopping mall;
  • promotions from cafes and restaurants;
  • food delivery;
  • medical services.

These trading positions are considered the most popular. In fact, you can build up almost everything here. But it is important to do it wisely.

Let's look at social media promotion alternatives:

  1. Don't lose your heart if you don't have any tangible goods. On Instagram you can sell the services of an editor, stylist, tutor, etc. Subscribers need to be told what you will be useful for. The person will know to whom he will address in case of need. The element of reliability and trust works in this case.
  2. Instagram space is open for any endeavor. There is something you have to surprise your audience with? Then show it!
  3. Writing diplomas and course works is another popular service. It is easier for a student to contact the person he or she is monitoring.
  4. Used goods are also popular. The profit will be obtained by creating an online store. You can even sell household chemicals.

The main rules of successful marketing on Instagram

Now we will tell you what to do to sale effectively.

1. Create illustrations that attract customers.

Images on Instagram are considered the main content. When selecting an image:

  • create original pictures;
  • think of the best way to sell the product. Create a good visualization for your services and products;
  • be sure to consider all the possibilities;
  • make interesting and emotional posts. No one will read boring publications.

2. Set priorities.

Distribute your finances as follows: spend more on sales and less on marketing.

3. Use health promotion trend.

Promote healthy brands. For example, you can remove a harmful component from your product and tell your subscribers about it.

4. Promote product collections.

Let's say you make candy by hand. You can come up with special delicious sets for certain days: for example, for the New Year or a birthday.

5. Take a closer look at the competitors' experience.

The most successful ones provide a lot of useful information.

There are many options. Remember: nobody says that you will succeed at once. At first there will be few orders. It is important to keep it up and strive to develop.

Effective Instagram sales tips

  1. Be patient. Instant profit can be achieved only in fairy tales. Experience, however, has shown that sweeping orders do not start until months later.
  2. Your proposal should immediately attract customers’ interest.
  3. The uniqueness of social platforms – word of mouth. A simple example: a famous person has liked your post - he recommends your service or products to his subscribers.
  4. Create an interesting and emotional description. Thanks to this you can successfully promote the brand. Smart Instagram feed prefers to show posts with the most lively comment section.
  5. We're all about communication. Try to get to know people more often and keep in touch with them. Do everything you can to motivate people to comment on your every publication.
  6. No need to add personal photos when promoting the brand. It is best to tell interesting information about the company and its services. Don't forget to make a mobile landing page as well. It is created specifically for Instagram users.
  7. Use photo filters.
  8. Use themed hashtags before posting. You can also make exclusive tags for your headings. Your brand will be recognizable due to this. It is recommended to add no more than 10 tags to one post. It is best to choose the most popular ones.
  9. Your account shouldn’t be private so that everyone can see your posts.
  10. Expand your targeted audience regularly.
  11. Do not save on advertising.
  12. Create various convenient payment methods for your goods and services.
  13. Nobody likes endless spam. Therefore, it is best to make no more than two posts a day.
  14. Materials should be published at the "hectic" time.
  15. Create the effect of a deficit sometimes. Tell people that "the amount of products is limited" or "the sales contest will end in 10 hours".


We can make a reasonable conclusion from the above: to effectively promote services on Instagram it is necessary to have an original idea and desire. Then you will be able to implement your own ideas in due course.

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